16 January 2012
Bondage Blowjob in Boots on the Steps!
HD VIDEO: Natasha's landlord warned her she'd have to give him a bondage blowjob if she was late again with the rent. Natasha didn't believe him of course -- until he came to collect! He tiies her wrists to the bannister, plays with her tits, then makes Nataha give him head! 9:55 min.
8 January 2012
Force Fucked Before Her Shower!
HD VIDEO: Chloe is getting ready to take a shower when a home invader holds her up with a gun. He grabs her, pins her elbows, then ties her wrists together. A wash cloth is stuffed between her lips to muffle her cries, then the intruder grabs some of Chloe's clothes to tie the wash cloth around her head. Chloe's tits are fondled, then she's pushed down to the floor and bent over. Her panties are ripped off and the home invader ties her thighs frogtie style, leaving her bare feet exposed. The assailant sticks his fingers in Chloe's pussy before stripping and fucking her nice and HARD from behind! He really lets her have a good pounding before shooting his load inside of her. The bound and gagged Chloe is left helpless on the floor as the assailant grabs his clothes and gun, then takes off. 13:00 min.
2 January 2012
Robber Forces Naked Natalie to Ride on Top!
HD VIDEO: Natalie is getting ready for bed when a robber holds her up with a gun. She's forced to strip at gunpoint, then is bound, gagged and attached to the bed canopy. The robber then gets underneath Natalie and forces her to ride him! 16:00 min.
26 December 2011
Loren Bound and Fucked with Strap-On for Selling Bad Drugs!
HD VIDEO: Loren Chance is in her robe on the chaise when Natasha barges in with a gun. Apparently, Loren gave Natasha a bag full of baking soda for Mother Fucker Larry and now Mother Fucker is pissed off. Luckily for Natasha, he has the hots for Loren and also enjoys steamy lesbian porn, so he says he'll forget the whole thing if Natasha ties Loren up (Mother Fucker Larry is kinky, too) and fucks her with a nice, big strap-on. Natasha soon has Loren bound spread, gagged with a stuffer and scarf, and naked. She fondles her tits briefly before going at her with the huge dong. Natasha gets into it, too, taking off her own shirt and staring into the camera a few times as she asks Mother Fucker if he's liking the show! Natasha rides Loren hard and tells her she'd better cum 16:00 min.
18 December 2011
Natasha Bound, Gagged and Fucked when Husband Catches Her Smoking!
HD VIDEO: Natasha is in the bedroom in her red sweater dress, stockings and heels when her husband catches her smoking after she promised to quit! He ties her up so she can't smoke anymore, then decides to stuff a gag in her mouth and wrap her head with an ace bandage to really make sure she doesn't get to those cigarettes! However, once he has her bound and gagged, Isaac finds himself turned on, so he ties Natasha to the floor and fucks her! 8:50 min.
13 December 2011
Ntasha Naked, Ass-Up and Fucked with a Dildo!
VIDEO: Natasha is naked and ass-up on the bed. She's been bound to the bed, then is double gagged with a stuffer and cleave, then a thick, over-the-mouth scarf. Isaac spanks her hot ass a bit before he forces Natasha to take it from behind with a nice, fat dildo! 6:00 min.
4 December 2011
Chloe Forced into Bondage Sex Porn after Hubby Loses Job
HD VIDEO: Sergio missed his job interview because Chloe was out shopping and didn't get the car back home in time! Sergio says she's going to have to do bondage porn so they can pay the rent. When Chloe refuses, Sergio holds her up with a gun and forces her onto the floor. Chloe is bound, gagged and fucked while Sergio films the whole thing for the internet! 8:45 min.
27 November 2011
Natasha Forced to Give Head While Hogtied!
HD VIDEO: Nataha just got home from a party. She's been hogtied on the dining room table in her black cocktail dress, black stockings and high heels. Her husband is pissed off as he heard she was hitting on other men at the party. Natasha pleads and begs and tries to tell Isaac it's not true, but he doesn't listen. Instead, he gropes her titties and handgags her, then unzips his pants and shoves his hard cock into her mouth. "Suck this!" he yells at her and poor, helpless Natasha has no choice but to suck Isaac's hard dick. She sucks it good, too, until he shoots his load in her mouth, then clasps his hand over her lips so she has to swallow his cum! 10:00 minutes.
20 November 2011
Chloe Forced to Pay Off Drug Debt with Bondage and Fucking!
HD VIDEO: Chloe hasn't paid for her drugs in months. Sergio agrees to let her work it off by engaging in some bondage play. But once he has Chloe bound and gagged, he decides he wants more than just some bondage -- he wants some hard fucking from behind, too! 15:00 min.
14 November 2011
Forced to Play with Her Tits, then Fucked Ass-Up!
HD VIDEO: Natalie is sleeping on the bed in a miniskirt and barefoot when she's held up by a masked invader. He forces her to strip, duct tapes her pretty much shut, then makes her play with her tits at gunpoint before he ties her spread eagle and ass up. (The tying up is shown!) Natalie gets fucked hard from behind until the intruder shoots his load on her! 15:00 min.
6 November 2011
Forced to Strip and Gag Herself, then Fucked on Floor!
HD VIDEO: Natasha is in her silk nightie and barefoot when a home invader holds her up. She's forced to strip at gunpoint, then gag herself with a stuffer and wool scarf! the intruder fucks Natasha while she's tied spread to the bedposts, then shoots his huge load of cum all over her naked belly! 9:40 min.
30 October 2011
Natalie Forced to Suck Cock by Stalker "Fan" from the Bar!
HD VIDEO: Natalie has just gotten home from the bar. She falls asleep on the sofa, still wearing her pantyhose, dress and high heels. The fan breaks in and ties Natalie up at gunpoint, including her elbows. Once she's thoroughly bound, Natalie is stripped topless and her boobs fondeled. She's then forced to suck the stalker's big, hard cock! 15:45 min.
23 October 2011
Fucked by Lesbian Stalker!
HD VIDEO: Natasha is reading in bed in her silk nightie when a crazy lesbian stalker barges in with a gun! She forces Natasha to strip naked, then double cleave gags her and ties her bent over, ass-up, to the bed. Natasha's ankles are spread and tied to the bedposts, leaving her bare feet in plain view. Natasha is fucked hard from behind with a strap-on!15:45 min.
23 October 2011
PHOTOS: Natalie Fucked Ass-Up, then Forced to Give Blowjob!
16 October 2011
Natasha Forced to Suck Cock for Not Cleaning the House
HD VIDEO: Natasha Flade is in the bedroom in her tight sweater and jeans when Isaac found her. He's outraged that, once again, he's come home to a filthy house, so he tied her up to teach her a lesson. Natasha has been bound at the wrists, elbows, thighs and ankles, her cute bare feet hanging out. Her bound elbows are attached to the bedpost. Isaac pulls her top up and plays with and sucks on her tits, getting in some handgagging as he does so. Then he pulls out his hard cock and tells her to suck him off! Natasha cries but has no choice since she's all bound and gagged. She sucks Isaac's cock until he cums in her mouth. Natasha thought he'd let her go and pleads with him, but Isaac just laughs and pulls out a silk, knotted scarf, which he shoves between Natasha's pretty lips and ties around her head. Natasha is left barefoot and tied to the post while Isaac goes off of amuse himself. 11:30 min.
9 October 2011
Natalie Bound & Fucked by Office Thief
HD VIDEO: Natalie Minx is super sexy in her tight blouse, short skirt, pantyhose and high heels. She is just getting home from the office when a masked man with a gun holds her up. Her throws a briefcase onto the floor beside her, complaining that she failed to leave the discs in it from her office that she was supposed to leave from him. Natalie is scared; she tells the masked man that she was terrified of losing her job and that's why she didn't leave the correct discs. The masked man isn't buying it! He says he's going to teach her a lesson and if the bag isn't full with the correct discs the next day, she'll be in for worse! He ties Natalie's wrists together, then pulls her to the floor and binds her wrists to the sofa leg. Natalie starts to protest and cry and is quickly gagged with a knotted cleave. The intruder pulls her top us and fondles her huge tits, then ties her ankles and thighs. Natalie's pantyhose are cut from her pussy, which the assailant fingers before fucking her nice and hard! After ramming his rod inside her for several minutes, he blows his MASSIVE load of cum all over her stomach and tits!14:00 min.
2 October 2011
Chloe Bound and Fucked to Keep Her Job!
HD VIDEO: Chloe's boss, Sergio, comes over after Chloe called in sick -- again. He finds Chloe on the phone making plans to go out! He fires her, but Chloe pleads that she'll do anything to keep her job! Sergoi says he won't fire her if she agrees to some bondage play, but then he pulls out his hard cock! Chloe screams and is promptly gagged; then Sergio rams her hard from behind and cums on her ass! 16:00 min.
25 September 2011
Natasha Carried in, Tied Spread and Fucked Until He Cums All Over Her!
HD VIDEO: Natasha was getting ready to go out when she was attacked by a home invader. She's carried into the bedroom, bound and gagged in her garter belt, stockings and bra. The assailant ties her to the bed, then strips off her panties. He sucks on her tits for a bit, then fucks her with his hard cock until he finally shoots his load all over her stomach! 12:25 min.
18 September 2011
Natalie Forced to Fuck by Robber with a Gun! Part 2
HD VIDEO: Natalie was held up and tied down in part 1. Now, her leg is tied high to the bedpost for easy access! The robber rubs his hard cock on Natalie's tits, then hops on top and pumps his hard cock deep inside Natalie's pussy until he finally explodes inside her! 11:24 min.
18 September 2011
Natalie Forced to Fuck by Robber with a Gun: Part 1
HD VIDEO: Natalie is in her bedroom in her office attire (skirt, blouse, stockings, garter belt and heels) when a maked robber with a gun holds her up! He forces her onto the bed and ties her spread. Her panties are ripped from her body and shoved into her mouth! Duct tape keeps the panties firmly packed inside of Natalie's mouth. The robber finger fucks her briefly while he prepares to enjoy a good ride! 12:15 min.
10 September 2011
Lazy Wife Forced to Suck Cock
VIDEO: When Isaac complains to his wife Natasha Flade that she's been skipping the chores around the house, she sneers. So, she ends up bound strappado, hands hauled up to the top of a bedpost, dressed in slacks and heels. She struggles and complains through her cleave gag, then Isaac returns and forces his dick into her mouth!. 10:50 min.
4 September 2011
Solving Financial Troubles with Anal Bondage Sex!
VIDEO: Continued from Part 1, where Natalie's husband convinces her to do some bondage to cure their financial situation, she gets roped up and then a man enters and starts fucking her in the ass. We come in here mid-fuck, Natalie still enduring both the bondage and a dick in her ass. After a bit, the masked man suggests a change of position, and Isaac obliges by roping her thighs to the front posts of the bed, forcing her up some more. The ass-fucking resumes, and the masked man cums all over her back for the finale. 12:30 min.
31 August 2011
Two Hardcore Scenes With Alice
27 August 2011
Solving Financial Troubles with Anal Bondage Sex!
VIDEO: Natalie and Isaac are about to lose their house, so Isaac comes up with the idea of making some bondage videos to bring in some much needed dough. Natalie reluctantly relents, and strips her clothes off. As planned, Isaac ropes her to the bed. But then Isaac invites a masked guy in -- a professional porn dick to fuck her in the ass to REALLY make the video sell! Natalie resists, but she's already tied up. Isaac gags hr with cloth packing and let;s the porn dick ram it into her back door! 15:15 min.
20 August 2011
Don't Piss Off the Contractor!
VIDEO: When Natasha criticizes her kitchen contractor's work and says that she won't pay, he gets really ticked off at the rich bitch and ropes her to a chair! She apologizes and begs for release, but now he says she owes him a blowjob for his trouble. With no choice in the matter, she takes his cock in her mouth and sucks him off! 13:15 min.
14 August 2011
Robber Gets More Than He Came For!
VIDEO: Alice was reading in her skirt and heels when a masked man enteres with a gun! He throws her to the floor and ropes her to the legs of the table. He stuffs her mouth with cloth and places about 7 layers of duct tape over that. He then ties her legs spread and up in the air. He fingers her pussy for a bit before diving right in! He fucks her silly and leaves! 12:20 min.
7 August 2011
Fired and Rehired! Bent Over and Screwed in Pantyhose!
VIDEO: Natasha is in the living room in her skirt, pantyhose and heels when her boss comes in, angry. He has security tapes of her stealing from the till at work! At first Natasha tried to plead innocence, then she takes another approach: she'll do anything to get her job back! The boss agrees, but says he's kinky and she has to agree to some bondage sex. He thend ties her to the sofa, bent over, stuffs a knotted cleave into her mouth and starts to screw her from behind. After he cums on her back, he notifies Natasha that she is still fired and, in fact, he's going to rob her right now and see how she likes being stolen from! 15:30 min.
31 July 2011
Chloe Is Robbed and Taken by a Hooded Man with a Gun!
VIDEO: Chloe is in her bedroom, wearing jeans, a tight t-shirt and barefoot. A hooded robber barges in and holds Chloe up at gunpoint! He makes her give him the necklace around her neck, then demands all her money. Chloe says she lost her job and doesn't have any money! The robber is annoyed, but decides he's not leaving empty handed! He ties Chloe's wrists together behind her back, then gags her with a knotted cleave. Chloe is bent over and her ankles are bound. Then her jeans are pulled down and the robbed plays with her pussy before screwing her from behind nice and hard! He finally shoots his load all over her back! 10:30 min.
24 July 2011
Alice Gets Bent and Banged for Dating Him for just His Money and Not Putting Out!
VIDEO: Alice has been dating Sergio for his car and money, but she hasn't given him any sex the entire time. When Sergio finds out she's been screwing other guys the whole time, he's furious. He ties Alice's wrists behind her back, gags her, then gropes her tits. Alice's legs are bound to the dining room table legs and she's bent over and screwed HARD as only "thundercok" can! Sergio shoots his load all over Alice's back after he pounds the heck out of her! 15:00 min.
17 July 2011
HD VIDE0: Neighbor Forces Her into Bondage Blowjob for Having Loud Parties!
VIDEO: Natasha opens the door for her neighbor. She's ready to have another party and is dressed up in her tight, pink dress, pantyhose and heels. The neighbor complains, once again, that Natasha makes way too much noise during her parties and he's sick and tired of it! Natasha tells him that's too bad and starts to walk away when he pulls a gun on her! He forces her to sit on a chair, then ties her to it! When he had Natasha bound nice and tight, he pulls out his cock and demands a blowjob, telling her THAT will shut her up once and for all! 13:00 min.
3 July 2011
4 Photosets with Chloe & Natalie
3 July 2011
HD VIDE0: Chloroformed, then Bound and Forced to Suck Cock!
Natalie is relaxing at home on the chaise in her dress and high heels when a masked home invader sneaks up behind her with a rag full of chloroform! He renders the poor girl unconscious, then sets to tying her up at the wrists, ankles, thigh and even an elbow tie! Natalie wakes up and is horrified to find herself all tied up. She's even more horrified when the assailant tells her she has to suck his cock if she ever wants to get free again! She does as he says and sucks his hard cock until he blows his wad! 15 min.
26 June 2011
HD VIDE0: Flirt Taken by Force in Nightie!
Natasha is in her nightie when a guy she met from the bar suddenly shows up. When she demands to know why he's in her bedroom, he says she was flirting with him all night at the bar and he knows she wants him. Natasha tries to protest, but he graps and binds her. She makes a dash for the window to try to escape, but he catches her, pushes her to the floor, rips off her panties and attaches her bound ankles to the bedpost above her head. Then he strips her, takes her by force and cums on her thighs! 13 min.
19 June 2011
HD VIDE0: Strappado Bondage Blowjob in Heels!
Natasha's husband has gotten her into trouble big time! Now the revenge is being taken out on her. She'd led in wearing a skirt, top and heels, with her writsts bound, then tied strappado and forced to give a bondage blowjob. Another camera has been positioned upstairs to make a video of the whole thing so the evil-doer can give a copy to her husband! 10:10 min.
12 June 2011
HD VIDE0: Creepy Neighbor Climbs Through Window to Get Some!
Chloe's neighbor is constantly annoying her with his uninvited presence. When he climbs through her bedroom window, Chloe demands that he leave, but Sergio grabs and handgags Chloe, then ties her to the bedpost on the floor, gags her with a thick cleave, cuts off her pantyhose and has his way with her! 15:00 min.
5 June 2011
HD VIDE0: Hooded Invader Takes Her by Force in the Middle of the Night!
Natasha is in bed sleeping when a hooded invader handgags her, then ropes her to the bed. She's gagged with a knotted cleave, then taken by force! The masked invader pumps his hard cock inside her, then shoots his load all over her belly! 15:00 min.
30 May 2011
HD VIDEO: She Left Her Husband, but He Found Her!
VIDEO: Natasha's husband threatened to kill her if she left him, but she took off anyway! He finds her at her new place in her jean shorts and barefoot. He has to teach her a lesson for running off on him! He ropes her ankles and wrists, stuffs her mouth, then gags her with thick scarf. Natasha is bent over on the floor, her shorts and panties ripped down so her vengeful husband can take her from behind! 13:30 min.
22 May 2011
HD VIDE0: Kidnapped for a Bondage Blowjob on the Weighbench!
Natasha is led into a garage by her captor. She is wearing a sundress and strappy sandals, no pantyhose. The kidnapped woman is tied with her arms strappado to a weightbench, then ungagged and forced to give her kidnapper a bondage blowjob! The captor pulls down her dress and plays with her tits, too. 10 min.
15 May 2011
Chloroformed and Taken with a Strap-On for Leading Her On!
Natasha is wearing a dress, thigh high tights and heels while talking with Chloe in the bedroom. They just back from a night out on the town. Apparently, Chloe got the impression that Natasha was into chix and tries to kiss Natasha, who pushes Chloe away, explaining she has the wrong idea here! Chloe storms off, only to return with chloroform, lots of rope, a ballgag and a strap-on! Natasha is knocked unconscious and soon tied spread wide with her legs in the air. When she awakens, Chloe quickly handgags her, then stuffs a ballgag into her mouth to shut her up. Chloe then takes Natasha with the strap-on, ignoring Natasha's pleas and cries to stop! Chloe even whips out her OWN tits and plays with them while screwing Natasha! 13:00 min.
7 May 2011
Natalie Bound and Spread So His Friend Can Do Her!
VIDEO: N atalie agrees to let her boyfriend (Isaac) tie her up, but then he reveals that he followed her last night and saw her hanging on some other guy. Turns out that it turned him on, so now he has her all tied-up so his masked friend can take her while Isaac watches! 16:00 min.
2 May 2011
Barefoot Babysitter Chair-Tied and Gets a Cock in Her Mouth
VIDEO: Natasha's boyfriend finds her chair-tied by 2 boys while wearing a jean miniskirt and barefoot. Isaac takes the boys to a ballgame, then comes back and takes advantage of the situation and getting a reluctant bondage blowjob! 15:00 min.
24 April 2011
PHOTOS: ANAL Bondage Sex with Natalie Minx! Plus Chloe Gets Roped and R*ped! THREE Sets!
PHOTOS: Two sets with Natalie Minx and another with Chloe Night
17 April 2011
Natalie Minx Robbed, Roped, Taken from Behind!
VIDEO: Natalie is in her nightgown and barefoot when a masked home invader makes her strip at gunpoint. He gags and binds her, then bends her over the sofa so he can take her from behind until he cums all over her ass! 13:40 min.
10 April 2011
Masked Robber Takes Her Against Her Will!
VIDEO: Chloe is held-up, tied, tape gagged and taken by force by a masked robber who can't find any jewelry to steal! 14:25 min.
3 April 2011
A Robber Tied Her Up, but He Thought it Was a Bondage Game for His Pleasure!
VIDEO: Natasha was tied-up by a robber. Her husband finds her, but thinks she had a friend tie her up for a bondage game! She tries to protest, but her husband thinks she's just playacting and proceeds to take full advantage of the "game!" 13 min.
27 March 2011
A Cock in Her Mouth for Wrecking the Car!
VIDEO: Natasha wrecked the car-- again -- and Isaac has had it with her! He says he's going to teach her a lesson this time. Outraged, Natasha starts yelling and making quite a fuss. Isaac decides to stuff his hard cock in her mouth to stop her whining and complaining! He makes her suck his cock until he cums in her mouth! 8:00 min.
23 March 2011
Revenge on the Secretary for Not Going through with the Heist!
VIDEO: Natasha is in her office attire. She was supposed to leave the offices open last night so her partners could rob the place, but she chickened out! Now her parter has come to exact revenge until he figures out what his next move will be! 12:00 min.
19 March 2011
The Date is NOT Over Yet!
VIDEO: Sergio was expecting some lovin after his first date with Chloe. She just wanted to sleep before her early work day tomorrow. Sergio whips out some rope, binds her hands behind her, bends her over for a really good fucking! 11:40 min.
13 March 2011
She Found Her Tied Up and Decided to Take Advantage!
VIDEO: Natasha was tied-up by robbers in her office attire. Chloe comes home and finds her, but instead of helping her get loose, Chloe ties Natasha up even more, then strips her and takes her with a strap-on as revenge for not paying her half of the rent since she's lived there! 16:00 min.
5 March 2011
THREE Photo Sets!
PHOTOS: Two different chix in bondage sex! Natasha Flade & Chloe Night!
27 February 2011
He Forces Her into Bondage Blowjob Videos to Pay Her Bills!
VIDEO: Natasha is really racking up the bills! Her husband has tied on the bed and tells he's going to sell bondage blowjob videos on the internet to pay off her debts! Natasha is horrified, but what can she do? Nothing! 8:40 min.
20 February 2011
Birthday Surprise Bondage Turns Out to Be a Surpise on HER!
VIDEO: Chloe agrees to let her boyfriend, Isaac, tie her up for his birthday. But after she's bound, gagged and spread, Sergio comes in. It turns out it's all been a scam to get Chloe all trussed up for Sergio's pleasure! He pounds her hard, then cums on her belly! . 13:20 min.
13 February 2011
Boss Teaches Her a Lesson for Being Late Again!
VIDEO: Natasha is caught sneaking in late from lunch once again! Her boss grabs her and ties her to the desk, bends her over and starts to have his way with her. When Natasha protests, he says its either this or lose her job! 15:00 min.
6 February 2011
Natalie Minx Forced to Strip and Give Head!
VIDEO: Natalie is held up by an intruder, forced to strip, and chair-tied. The assailant forces her to give him a blowjob while she's bound, then gags her after her cums on her tits! 16:00 min.
29 January 2011
He Collects the Debt from his Wife!
VIDEO: Natasha's husband owes a debt. When the debtor can't collect, he decides to take payment from Natasha! 10:25 min
23 January 2011
The Restraining Order Did Her No Good!
VIDEO: Chloe has a restraining order on her ex, but he shows up anyway and pulls a gun on her, then binds her wrists and gags her, demanding to talk. When she refuses, he bends her over the coffee table and takes her by force! 13:05 min.
16 January 2011
Two Hardcore Photosets!
PHOTOS: Natalie Minx bent over and taken! Natasha Flade forced to have an orgasm!
9 January 2011
Creeper Enters Chloe's Bedroom and Takes her by Force!
VIDEO: Chloe is sleeping in her silk nightie when a hooded robber holds her up at gunpoint and ties her to the bed. She's gagged and taken by force! 8:45 min!
2 January 2011
Natasha Tied Down and Forced to Have an Orgasm!
VIDEO: Natasha arrives at Isaac's in her sexy dress, thigh highs and heels. She's ready to leave for the party, but finds the dining room table covered with rope. He wants to try something new before they leave. Natasha ends up spread eagle and getting her pussy licked! It turns out she's shy of orgasms, but Isaac won't let her go until she cums! 13:25 min.


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