31 March 2015
CLASSIC VIDEO: The Breakup and the Big, Black Cock Part 2
Classic VIDEO from 2008! Natasha Flade, tied up and spread out on the bedin her dress, heels and pantyhose because she tried breaking up with Chloe, is in quite the pickle. Chloe not gets scissors and cuts a hole in Natasha's pantyhose crotch, making her pussy accesible to that big black cock she's wearing! Natasha starts screaming so Chloe gets a big white cloth and holds it in and over her mouth as she plunges that cock inside helpless Natasha repeatedly. Chloe evenmakes Natasha say (through that gag) that she stil loves her and wants her back!
22 March 2015
CLASSIC VIDEO: The Breakup and the Big, Black Cock Part 1
Classic VIDEO from 2008! Natasha Flade tells her live-ingirlfriend Chloe Night that she's breaking up with her. Well, Chloe does not react well to this news. She leaves the room and returns with rope and tackles Natasha, forcing her hands together and starts tying her up! She ties one of Natasha's legs up in the air and the other down. Natasha is screaming to be released the whole time. Chloe returns with a big black rubber cock and shoves it repeatedly into Natasha's mouth. But that's just the beginning. Wait for part 2!
16 March 2015
CLASSIC VIDEO: Reporter Fucked in Bondage Doggy-Style
Classic VIDEO from 2008! Natasha Flade is kidnapped reporter! She ends up all tied on a bed, on her elbows and knees, only wearing a bra and boots. She;s gagged with a thick cleave and blindfolded. Her captor feels her up, spanks her and then plunges his hard cock into her! He keeps at it unti he finally cums.
9 March 2015
CLASSIC VIDEO: Forced Bondage Sex with Frogtie
Classic VIDEO from 2007! Natasha Flade is frogtied with ehr hands together and attached to the headboard of the bed. She's cleave-gaged and Isaac W. hops atop of the helpless lass and starts fucking her. Halfway through her gets into a sitting position for a different angle. Natasha struggles hard and resists as best she can. She's nude and barefoot except for her open nightshirt.
1 March 2015
CLASSIC VIDEO: The Friendly Neighbor Gets Some
Classic bondage sex VIDEO from 2006! Isaac comes over to lend Natasha a set of DVDs and finds her in her nightie and panries on her bed. She flirts with him, and the subject of tying her up surfaces, and Isaac begins to give Natasha a demonstration by tying her hands in front of her. He then ties the ends of that long rope to the headboard of the bed. Natasha is still going along, but she's getting nervous. After he had one of her bare legs bound to the foot of the bed, she begins to protest seriously, and that's when Isaac stuffs her mouth with cloth to keep her quiet, telling her that she's always wanted this. He pulls off her panties before tying her other leg down so she's totally exposed and spread. Her top is pulled up and he plays with her tits. He undresses and mounts the helpless Natasha, ramming her with his cock as she squirms and pulls against the bonds, screaming through her gag. He cums in her, and promises to visit her more often, now that their such great friends.
23 February 2015
CLASSIC VIDEO: Bondage Sex on the Floor
Classic VIDEO from 2007! Natasha Flade is naked on the hardwood floor, hands bound to a bedpost, cleave-gagged. She's being pounded by Isaac W. in this strictly fucking + bondage video.
16 February 2015
CLASSIC VIDEO: Forced Bondage Sex on Top
Classic VIDEO from 2006! Natasha has her hans tied together and secured to the top of the bed canopy. Her thighs are bound to her calves, frog-style, and she's nude, straddling Isaac W. Her lips are sealed with duct tape. She's forced to bounce up and down on his cock. Isaac extracts pleasure from his bondage doll, making her do all the work while he squeezes her ass and tits.
8 February 2015
CLASSIC VIDEO: Real Estate Agent Punished for Not Selling Enough
Classic VIDEO from 2008! We begin with Natasha Flade standing, bound strappado to the top of the tall, sturdy bedpost. She's dresses in blouse, skirt, dark stockings and heels. She complains that these measures aren't necessary, but husband Isaac chides her for not selling enough real estate to keep them in enough money. He blindfolds her and strips her topless, then sticks his throbbing cock into her mouth and demands a blowjob -- a GOOD blowjob. She has no choice but to get her lips and toung to work. Afer Isaac has a good orgasm, he stuffs her mouth with cloth and ties it there with a red scarf and leaves her like than until he feels like she's truly learned her lesson.

3 February 2015
CLASSIC VIDEO: Naked, Ball-Frog-Tied
VIDEO: Classic VIDEO from 2008! Natasha Flade is in a ball/frog-tie on a chair, nude. She gets two wraps of a cleave gag from Isaac before he gets behind her and shoves his hard cock inside her. This was a deal of theirs, so she endures, but not happily. Happy, though, is Isaac as he gets to cum inside a bound and gagged and naked Natasha!

25 January 2015
CLASSIC VIDEO: The Return of the Ex
VIDEO: Classic from 2008! Natasha is reading in bed when her ex-boyfriend shows up. He wants to get back together, but Natasha tells him she's engaged to someone else and to get lost! The ex gets angry, grabs rope from his pocket, and tells her he's going to show her how good it used to be! Natasha's wrists are bound and attached to the bedpost, then she's cleave gagged. Her jammies are stripped from her lovely body and then her ex mounts her for some good loving! Natasha tries to kick him off, but it doesn't work and he comes hard inside of her. Instead of letting her go, he tells her that after a few more times, she'll remember how it used to be! Natasha is horrified, but what can she do?

20 January 2015
CLASSIC VIDEO: Bondage Blowjob on the Toilet
VIDEO: Classic from 2008! Isaac had caught his wife Natasha Flade giving another man a blowjob in a bar bathroom the previous night. Now comes perfect revenge. She's tied to the toilet in her nightie. He forces her to open her lips and suck on his cock. He's telling her he deserves his cock sucked, more than that stranger who got his dick licked last night. With her hands bound behind and her bare feet tied spread, she repentantly yet very reluctantly does her duty until he cums. Isaac chides her even after he's finished, groping her tits and handgagging her when she tries to argue.

12 January 2015
NEW VIDEO: Loren Chance Getting Revenge Fucked
NEW BONDAGE SEX VIDEO: Part1. Loren Chance has totally pissed off Natasha Flade by getting her sister to do hardcore porn. Now Natasha's sister needs therapy, so she rolls on over to Loren's house with a gun! Natasha handgags her, forces her to the floor, binds her hands spread to to the table legs. She's then cleave-gagged and stripped of her pants and panties. Part 2. The HARDCORE parts! Loren Chance, bound with her arms roped to the table legs and cleave gagged (in part 1!) is stripped of her pants and panties by the vicously vengeful Natasha Flade. Natasha dons her humongous strap-on and gets aboard Loren, plunging it repeatedly into the gag-screaminjg Loren! Revenge bondage fucking at its finest.

29 December 2014
CLASSIC VIDEO: Cheating Wife Forced to Give Bondage Blowjob
VIDEO: Classic from 2007! Isaac W. finds out that his wife Natasha Flade gave his friend Paul a blowjob! Enraged, especially since he hasn't been getting anything at home, he forces her down and ties her hands behind her back. He even strictly binds her elbows and then her thighs and ankles. She's still complaining, so he handgags her while he fishes out his hard cock and crams THAT into her pretty, whiny mouth. She's forced to suck him off from her state of tight bondage. Whe he cums into her mouth, he makes her swallow by handgagging her again. He gags her with two wraps of a long cleave and gropes her titties some more before leaving her like that: tied up and gagged.

23 December 2014
CLASSIC VIDEO: The Devil Dildo
VIDEO: Classic from 2007! Natasha Flade is bound spread on the bed, totally nude and her bare feet suspended in the air. Isaac W. comes in and begins to lick her pussy, and Natasha refuses to act like she's getting any pleasure whatsoever from the act. Seeing that just the oral sex isn't quite working with his captive, out comes the vibrator shaped like the devil. Isaac toys with his beautiful plaything with his tongue and the devil dildo simultaneously! At the very end, frustrated beyond all limits, he inserts a handgun into Natasha!

16 December 2014
NEW VIDEO: Revenge Years Later! with Danielle Trixie!
VIDEO: Danielle Trixie stars as an old high school friend of Natasha Flades. When Danielle returns to town, they get together for drinks. Back at Natasha's place, she attacks poor Danielle and ties her hands behind her, claiming that all thise years ago Danielle took the man Natasha was meant to marry. She things Danielle ruined her whole life and now she's out for revenge. Natasha tapes Danielle's mouth shut, then ties her legs spred standing at the end of the sofa. Natasha puts on a strapon with a huge dong and threatens Danielle with it. And these threats are not empty! She starts fukingh helpless Danielle from behind and Danielle squirms, writhes and bucks to no consequence as Natasha is free to keep going until she feels that long-ago debt has been paid.

8 December 2014
CLASSIC VIDEO: After the Fetish Ball!
VIDEO: Classic from 2007! Loren Chance and Natasha Flade just got back from a fetish ball, in fishnets, heels and other black fetish finery. Natasha invited Loren back to her place and was showing her the weight room, where Natasha works out to keep in such great shape. But Loren gets the wrong idea and tries to kiss Natasha. When Natasha resists and asks Loren to leave, Loren is furious. She grabs Natasha and forces her down to the weightbench, then handcuffs her wrists together beneath the bench. Natasha won't stop yelling, so Loren stuff her pretty mouth full with a ballgag before grabbing her legs and tying them spread up in the air to the barbell. Loren takes a pair of scissors to Natasha's fishnet stockings and cuts the crotch right out of them. Then Loren leaves--and returns wearing a strap-on with a super huge dong! Natasha cries out, begging Loren to stop! Loren doea not stop, but enters the writhing and resisting Natasha through the hole she made. With Natasha's legs up in the air like that, that dong goes in good and deep. Natasha squirms and pleads for Loren to stop, but Loren only laughs as she continues to have her way with Natasha's sweet, shaved pussy!

2 December 2014
CLASSIC VIDEO: Natasha Forced to Give Head from Weight Bench
VIDEO: Classic from 2006! Natasha Flade is on the weight bench on her belly, firmly attached with ropes. She's ungagged, and Isaac begins feeling her up and making her both topless and bottmomless, handgagging her when she gets a bit to screamy. When he's done groping and sucking on her tits and spanking that sweet, naked ass, he whips our his cock for her to suck on. And suck his hard wang she indeed does. Great closeups and dick-in-mouth bondage action! Natasha is barefoot and in shorts for this video.

25 November 2014
CLASSIC VIDEO: Plumber Gets Revenge on Bitchy (and very hot) Client
VIDEO: Classic from 2005! Isaac W. was working on Natasha Flade's garbage disposal. When Natasha steps over him to use the sink, he can see up her skirt -- and she's ain't wearin' no underwear and her pussy is in clear view. Naturally, he takes this as a deliberate show so he takes advantage and feels up her stockinged leg. Natasha kicks him -- hard, in response. Now angered, Isaac is determined to take what was clearly offered to him. He grabs her by her legs, upending her and he drags her across the floor. She ends up bound beneath a table, her legs spread and suspended in in the air. She's fingered and her pussy is licked before he shucks his pants and dives in with his cock. One of the great bondage sex dramas of the past!

17 November 2014
CLASSIC VIDEO: Natasha the Personal Trainer Gets What's Coming
VIDEO: Classic from 2005! Isaac has Natasha Flade as his personal trainer. She's pushing and berating him until he has had enough! He jumps up and grabs her, handgagging her and wrestling her down. We cut to her tied up and nude on the bed. She's cleave gagged and Isaac is atop her, hard cock in hand. He spears her wiht his ready member and doesn't stop with the thrusting -- and Natasha can do nothing but feebly protest through her gag and writhe around helplessly! Outtakes included!

10 November 2014
CLASSIC VIDEO: Natasha Gets Panty-Gagged & Fucked
VIDEO: Natasha Flade was sleeping in her skimpy nightie when an intruder crept into her bedroom. She's awoken rudely by an attacker straddling her with his hand over her mouth. He binds her wrists and attaches them over her head to the headboard. He gleefully strips her of her panties and then sticks them into her screaming mouth, wrapping the fragrant underthings tightly into her mouth with a thick scarf. One leg is tied down. the other up in the air. She's roughly fucked in this asymmetrical bondage position. Natasha is barefoot, topless and nude for this video.

2 November 2014
NEW VIDEO: Don't Flirt with Natasha's Husband
Isaac W. brings in Danielle Trixie, hands bound behind her and cleave-gagged, to his wife Natasha. Danielle was the girl at the bar a few weeks ago that made the mistake of flirting with Isaac -- and Natasha saw it. To make amends, Isaac found the girl and brought her as a peace offering. Natasha tells Danielle how much fun she's going to have with her. We cut to Daneille now naked, bound on the floor, her legs suspended and she's still cleave-gagged. Natasha enters with a rather large strap-on. She teases Danielle before getting atop her and forcing that huge fake cock inside her. Danielle if forced to endure this indignity and this big rubber dick being repeatedly thrust into her. Her muffled pleas for release are met with laughing scorn as Natasha exacts her revenge in the bondage sex way.

27 October 2014
CLASSIC VIDEO:Sleeping Natasha Fucked by Stalker Woman!
VIDEO: Loren Chance sneaks in on Natasha Flade as she slumbers in her bedroom. She pounces on her handgagging her and pinning her down. Loren claims that Natasha was being a tease and she's here to take what was offered at the club earlier that night. Loren then ties Natasha's hands behind her, then gags her with a thick cleave. Loren then proceeds to take off Natasha's shorts and panties, then ropes her into a ball tie! Now exposed and helpless, Loren puts on a huge strap-on and fucks Natasshe with it! When she's finished with her from this end, she goes around to Natasha's mouth. Alas, the video concludes there.

22 October 2014
CLASSIC VIDEO:Natasha Fucked Naked Bent Over a Chair
VIDEO: Natasha Flade is bound bet over a chair, all four lims secured to a separate leg of the chair. He captor, Nick Mandingo, stuffs her mouth and secures it in for a nice, tight, packing gag. Isaac W. comes in and the two discuss her fate. Isaac ends up groping the helpless girl before disrobing and sticking it to her, as she's bound and gagged on the chair. He does her while he sometimes feels her up and handgags her. She's pounded from behind until Isaac cums.

16 October 2014
CLASSIC VIDEO: Natasha Bent Over & Fucked
VIDEO: Natasha acused a co-worker of sexual harassment at the office. Furious, he breaks into her home to show her what real sexual harassment is! The video opens with her gagged and being led into the room. He then forces her over the coffee table, where he ties her to it bent over. Then, he pulls out her tits and rips her skirt up and her pantyshose down, gropes her ass and fingers her pussy! She's then fucked from behind as she's helplessly bound bent over the table and cleave gagged. Natasha is wearing a skirt, stockings and heels in this video.

13 October 2014
CLASSIC VIDEO: Forcing Oral on Natasha
VIDEO: Classic video from 2005! Natasha Flade is carried into the room, fireman-style, hands tied behind her back, cleave-gagged and bare legs kicking wildly. She's then bound on-screen with her legs spread wide seated on the chaise. She's fondled all over, her tits groped, her pussy penetrated by Isaac's fingers. Isaac then goes down on Natasha, as she resists as best she can. She's bound, gagged, pleasured!

29 September 2014
NEW VIDEO: The Ransom Blowjob
VIDEO: Natasha Flade is led into the room, bound with her hands in front and gagged with a thick a colorful cleave. She's in a tiny nightie and panties. She's thrown on the bed, wrists tied to the headboard and her top is pulled up for some molesting of the titties. Her panties are removed, then her bare feet are bound spread apart. Then, Isaac climbs aboard his helpless damsel for some great bondage sex fucking.

22 September 2014
CLASSIC VIDEO: Connie Sims Bent Over & Fucked with a Dildo!
VIDEO: Classic video from 2005! Connie Sims is totally naked and tied bent over a chair in the bathroom and cleave-gagged! Natasha Flade is weilding a dildo and wastes no time sticking it up Connie's pussy. The whole time she's being violated we get shots of her pert ass, adorable bare feet and her beautiful gagged face!

15 September 2014
CLASSIC VIDEO: Loren Takes Natasha
VIDEO: Classic video from 2006! Loren Chance has Natasha Flade bound spread on the bed in her nightie and packing-gagged! Loren has a huge strap-on and screws Natasha hard with it, pausing to suck and bite helpless Natasha's tits.

8 September 2014
NEW VIDEO: The Ransom Blowjob
VIDEO: Natasha Flade is bound to a chair in a tight camisole and denim short-shorts and she's barefoot. She's scared, and keeps quiet, even though she's not gagged. Her captor comes in, says her husband isn't paying her ransom. His idea is to make a video of her sucking his cock as a little incentive. He gets her topless, plays with her tits and handgags her. Then her forces her to take his cock into her mouth. After he cums, he talks into the camera for her husband's benefit and plays with her tits some more,

31 August 2014
NEW VIDEO: She Needed the Money
VIDEO: Natasha needed some money, a friend told her about this guy that loans out cash to girls that let him tie them up. So Natasha ends up kneeling on his floor, bound at the wrists, elbows, kneees and ankles. She's in a T-shirt and jeans, barefoot. He pulls up her top for some gropes of her tits, and she resisit. Then she gets the news that to get loose and get the money she has to suck his cock. Left with no choice, she puts her lips to his dick.

24 August 2014
CLASSIC VIDEO: THE ORIGINAL Bondage Sex Video from 2000!
VIDEO: This is the one that started it all, way back then. When this was shot, it was just meant for fun. Isaac and Natasha set up the tripod, set the camera rolling and went to role-playing. Natasha is bound spread-eagle on the bed in her nightie and Isaac is menacing as he crawls atop her. She resists and screams, and gets rewarded with a handgag. He mouth is then stuffed full with a white cloth, then taped into place with layers of duct tape. Isaac fondles the helpless, naked lass for a bit, then strips himself down and plows into her, as she squirms and mmphs helplessly. The video concludes with a cum shot. Note: this video is a single shot, static point-of-view from a tripod. This one is a piece of history!

17 August 2014
NEW VIDEO: Natasha Flade Sucking Cock Tied to a Handrail
VIDEO: The video begins with Natasha in a dress, pantyhose and heels, bound on the floor with her back to a hand railing. She's very angry. Isaac comes in and gets her topless and plays with her tits, as Natasha furiously resists as much as she can. Isaac then demands that she accept his cock in her mouth. She agrees only on the condition that he let her so. So, really with no option, she begins giving Isaac some really gooh head until he cums.

11 August 2014
NEW VIDEO: Bent Over the Dinner Table & Fucked
VIDEO: The video begins with Natasha in office attire -- heels and a red dress -- bent over a dining room table, legs apart and hands behind her. She's gagged with a thick cleave. In comes her captor, telling her that his friends did this to her as a birthday present to him. He take out her tits and plays with them, raises her skirt and gropes her fine, naked ass. He then whips out his hard cock and sticks it in her, fucking her for the remainder of the video unti he shoots his load.

4 August 2014
CLASSIC VIDEO! Natasha Flade Chloroformed, Tied, Stripped, Fucked -- 14 minutee!
August 4, 2014: NEW CLASSIC BONDAGE SEX VIDEO -- 14 minutes!
In Part 1, Natasha Flade is reading a book on the sofa when a stranger breaks in, sneaks up behind her and chloroforms her into unconsciousness! When Natasha is knocked out, the man drags her onto the floor, then ties her wrists and attaches them to furniture. He duct tapes her face, then strips her shorts and panties from her body before tying her ankle and attaching it to the sofa. Poor Natasha is unconscious the entire time!

Natasha was chloroformed and tied up in part 1. Now she awakens to find herself being ravished and molested! The man eats her pussy, then screws her against her will! Explicit penetration!
Coun14 min.

28 July 2014
VIDEO: Look What I Found! (7:00 min)
VIDEO: Natasha Flade is tied to a chair in the kitchen, ungagged, struggling angrily to get loose. She hears a door open and calls for help. It's the maintenance guy that's come to fix the oven. She's glad he came by and begs to be untied. The guy thinks for a bit then decides that this is good revenge, since she's been such an insufferable bitch to him over the years. He handgags her and explains that she's going to suck his cock to make up for all that bitchiness. She finally agrees and he pops his hard member into those lovely lips of hers. She sucks him off as he plays with her tirs. Natasha is in a dress, pantyhose, heels and topless for this video.

27 July 2014
CLASSIC PHOTOS! Natasha Flade Getting it in the Ass!
VIDEO: Natasha Flade getting the anal business from 2006!
20 July 2014
NEW CLASSIC VIDEO! Connie Sims Nude, Spread, Dildoed, 5 min
VIDEO: Connie Sims is really getting the works this time! The clip starts out with the buxom, blonde Connie tied nude and spread on the floor. Natasha is having quite a time with the helpless captive, running her hands along her entire body. She pauses to suck on Connie's erect nipples, then licks the top of her pussy! Natasha's hands are everywhere on Connie's hot body! Connie moans and mews, but she is helpless to stop Natasha from molesting her. Poor Connie can barely stand all this attention. Can you stand it? 5 min.

15 July 2014
NEW CLASSIC VIDEO! Natasha Attacked by Home Painter! Grabbing, Tying, Screwing and Anal Act
VIDEO: Natasha Flade hired a painter to paint the dining room and he's doing a terrible job! Natasha complains and tells the painter he's worthless. Fed up with her bitching, the painter grabs Natasha and whirls her around! Her handgags her and tells her he's not taking her crap anymore! Then he proceeds to tie her to the paint stool! Once the painter has Natasha securely tied, he stuffs her mouth full with a paint cloth, then duct tapes it shut! Then he rips her pants and undies down and starts molesting her bottom with a paint brush handle. Yes, he anally penetrates with that paintbrush! But he's not through with poor, helpless Natasha. The painter unzips his own pants and screws Natasha from behind while she's bound and gagged! Natasha is helpless to stop him.
6 July 2014
NEW CLASSIC VIDEO! Connie Sims Bent Nude Over Coffee Table and
Dildoed by Natasha!
VIDEO: Connie Sims is nude once again and ballgagged. Her lovely body tied strictly to the coffee table. Natasha pulls her own tits out and rubs them all over Connie's body, playing with her tits and ass. Then Natasha dildos Connie, forcing her to take it all in! 4:45 min RE-EDITED IN HD
29 June 2014
NEW VIDEO! Chloe Takes a Strap-on for Fucking Natasha's Sister
VIDEO: Natasha invades Chloe Night's home with a gun! She accuses Chloe of taking advantage of her sister, of FUCKING her, and Natasha is here for vengeance. Chloe keeps lipping off so Natasha handgags her, then whips out the ropes to tie her up with her legs airborne and feet barefoot. Chloe also gets a cleave-gag. Natasha then struts back in with a huge strap-on and gives it to Chloe hard until her desire for revenge is fulfilled.13 min
22 June 2014
CLASSIC VIDEO! Secretary Chair-Tied & Forced to Suck Cock!
VIDEO: Natasha Flade was working in her office in her skirt, hose and heels when a man comes up behind her with a gun! He handgags her and orders her to keep quiet. He toroughly rops her to the chair: wrists to chair arms and ankles together plus a lap rope. He feele up her tits and then orders the helpless secretary to suck his cock with those pretty lips of hers. Natasha does as ordered, gatting him to cum in her mouth. Her assailant then stuffs her mouth with cloth and gags her, leaving her in her office, used and alone.10 min
15 June 2014
NEW VIDEO! Natasha Flade Bedspread & Fucked!
VIDEO: Natasha Flade is naked on the bed except for her black high-heels. She's spread out in an X and she's cleave-gagged. She truggles alone for a bit, then her captor enters, naked with a boner. He jumps atop her and slips his cock inside her as she tries in vain to wriggle out of the way. Natasha is rode hard for the rest of the video as she screams through her gag and resists. 6+ min
9 June 2014
NEW VIDEO! Natasha Flade Forced to Kneel and Give Head!
VIDEO: Natasha Flade withes on the floor, bound at the ankles and wrists, elbows and knees. She's gagged with a thick cleave. After a bit, her captor comes in, angry. He smothers her with a pillow, telling her he should have gagged her better. He then handgags her and lectures her before sitting Natasha up in a kneeling position and putting his cock in her mouth. He demands a good blowjob. Fearful, Natasha does her best to suck the dick well in her restrained position. He pulls her titas out and her shorts down, so we can look at that perfect, naked ass. Natasha manages to bring him to orgasm. 9+ min
1 June 2014
NEW VIDEOS! Revenge Fuck Parts 1 & 2!
VIDEO: Natasha Flade comes home in her dress, stockings and heels, only to be jumped by beautiful Star and Isaac W. They hand gag her and hold on tight and carry the kicking Natasha to the bed where they tie her hands (Star handgagging her the whole time) and cleave-gag her. She's bound to one of the posts, her heels tied together and hauled up in the air, secured to the top of the same post. Isaac leaves to shake down the rest of the house while Star has the helpless Natasha alone, and says she's here for revenge. Part 2: Now, Star strips herself down to her bra and panties and has a strap-on with a huge cock, coming right at helpless Natasha! Star pulls away Natasha's panties and slams home that huge silicone cock! She fucks Natasha hard, even taking time to slap her pussy with it and take an acrobatic approach by hanging from the bed canopy! Star certainly gets her revenge! the Isaac comes in and wants a turn just as we fade to black.11+ min
26 May 2014
NEW VIDEO! Chloroformed for Bondage Sex
VIDEO: Natasha Flade get chloroformed in the opening minute if this video. As she slumbers helpless in her sundress and pantyhose, her hands are bound in front, then we cut to her totally bound on her belly, legs spread, gagged with a cleave. Isaac gets atop her, cuts off her pantyhose and panties with scissors, then mounts her for a furious round of bondage sex! 11+ min
18 May 2014
CLASSIC VIDEO! Upright Bondage Sex in ONE Shot
VIDEO: Natasha Flade is bound seated and spread, upright on the edge on the bed, totally nude. Her chest is connected to the canopy, holding her up, he knees are tied to the posts, spread way apart. Isaa fucks her from a standing position -- no cuts here! This is alll one continuous shot from 2008! 6+ min.
12 May 2014
NEW VIDEO! Strappado Blowjob!
VIDEO: Natasha Flade is walked into the room, hands bound behind her and cleave-gagged. She's forced to a spot below the stair railing where her captor ties another rope about her wrists and then hauls her arms high up behind her. He comes back down, ropes her ankles, ungags her, and demands that she suck his cock. With no other options, she puts those beautiful, red-lipsticked lips to his throbbing knob and gets to work. When she finishes him off, he re-gags her and exits. Natasha is in a hot pink dress and heels for this video. 6+ min.
11 May 2014
CLASSIC PHOTOS! Natasha Flade Giving Head
VIDEO: Natasha Flade giving a blindfolded blowjob to Isaac in 2004!
4 May 2014
NEW VIDEO! Neighbor Walks in for Bondage Sex
VIDEO: Natasha's neighbor Isaac walks into her house without knocking, saying she was flirting with him outside and he's come in for some sexy time. Natasha tells him to get the hell out, but Isaac then goes off the deep end, yelling at her that she's a prick tease and that he's taking what she was selling out there in the yard. He handgags her, ties her wrists in front, cleave gags her with a knotted cloth, then hauls her bound wrists high to the top of the bed canopy. We cut to Natasha bound with each leg up in the air spread and tied to different bedposts. She's totally naked and Isaac plunges his hard cock inside her for some fun. Natasha struggles had against her bonds and screams into her gag, but Isaac keeps fucking her hard. 10+ min.
27 April 2014
NEW VIDEO! Chloe Gets Oral from Natasha!
VIDEO: Natasha Flade applied for a Dominatrix job. She has no experience, so Chloe Night is teaching her the ropes. She deomstrates some ropework on Natasha, binding her wrists, elbows, thighs and ankles. Then suddenly, Chloe spreads her legs and forces Natasha to lick her pussy. The poor tied-up Natasha has no choice but to go along as she's forced to suck Chloe's snatch and kiss and lick her tits. 10+ min.
21 April 2014
NEW VIDEO! Natasha Ropes and Fucks Loren
VIDEO: Natasha Flade has allowed Loren Chance to live with her for the past month out of the goodness of her heart. Or has she? When Natasha makes some sexual advances and Loren isn't too keen on the idea...Natasha pounces on her with rope. She binds Loren's hands in front of her, cleave-gags her, then hikes her high-heeled feet in the air. Once secure, Natasha puts on a huge strap-on cock, pulls up Loren's pantyhose and pounds her unwilling pussy with it. 13+ min.
20 April 2014
NEW PHOTOS! Star Fucks Natasha Flade
VIDEO: Natasha Flade getting the strap-on business from sexy Star!
13 April 2014
CLASSIC VIDEO! Binding & Fucking Bob's Wife!
VIDEO: Epic 20 minute video from 2007! Natasha's husband, Bob, isn't home right now, but his friend, Larry, is visiting. Larry gets a phone call from Bob saying he won't be home for a couple hours. Larry gets an idea to play a trick on Bob: he asks Natasha to let him tie her up, so Bob thinks Natasha is the victim of a robbery. Natasha agrees and lets Larry tie her up and gag her. All the tying and gagging is on-screen, of course! Once Larry gets Natasha bound and gagged, he shows her Bob's real message -- that he isn't coming back until the next day! The whole thing has been a trick to get Natasha trussed up and helpless! Larry starts to fondle and molest Natasha. He strips her naked and plays with her ass and tits. The clip cuts to Natasha totally naked except for her heels. Larry has retied her and starts to fuck her hard from behind. Then he flips her over and fucks her with her heels high up in the air by his shoulders. There is 9 minutes of hardcore action on this clip! 20+ min.
6 April 2014
NEW VIDEO! Star Fucks Natasha Flade for Man-Stealing
VIDEO: Natasha Flade came home from the club, in a hot red dress and stockings. Now enters Star, angrilly telling Natasha that she stole the man she had her eye on in the club. Natasha denies such shenanagans, saying she's home alone. Star is having none of that: She grabs Natasha, wrestles her to the end of the sofa and binds her hands behind her. Natasha is then gagged with a thick cleave. Star continues to berate the gagged Natasha as she ties her feet apart to the legs of the sofa. Natasha's retorts are muffled by the gag. Now Star strips down and re-enters the room sporting a large strap-on. Natasha is horrified. Star pulls down Natasha's pantyhose and rams that rubber cock into Natasha's pussy, all the while telling Natasha that she must like being rammed by strange cocks. After some serious fucking with Natasha screaming and bucking the whole way, Star finally finishes, with some choice last words for her captive. 10+ min.
30 March 2014
NEW VIDEO! Bondage Blowjob
VIDEO: Isaac has been letting his beautiful friend crash at his place for the last couple months. She's never contributed to rent or food or anything. Isaac brings this up and says that if she will let him tie her up, she can forget some of that money. She agrees and crosses her hands behind her back. He ties her wrists, her elbows, has her kneel and ties her feet. Isaas sits on a chair in front of her and demands she suck his cock. Natasha is aghast and refuses, but Isaac handgags her threatens to gag her and throw her in the trunk of his car and leave her in the woods. Faced with this choice, Natasha places her lips to his dick and gets to work. 10+ min.
23 March 2014
NEW VIDEO! Tied Up in the Wrong Warehouse!
VIDEO: Isaac W. walks into his warehouse to discover some beautiful woman (Natasha Flade) bound to a chair and gagged! He has a hunch as to what's going on, so he calls his friend Lonnie. Sure enough, he was the culprit, and Isaac's mad he didn't warn him or even ask for permission! Isaac says to get her out of here and then turns to the poor bound and gagged captive. He tells her that he'll set her free if she can suck his cock and make him cum before Lonnie arrives. She reluctantly agrees. So Natasha is ungagged and begins work on her new captor's dick. Will she make him cum in time? 9+ min.
16 March 2014
NEW VIDEO! Natasha Fucked by Chloe!
VIDEO: We begin with Natasha Flade on the phone, bragging how she got Chloe Night last week. Then, Chloe shows up in the living room, rope in hand and bent on vengeance. She ropes Natasha's hands in front of her and secures her hands to the chaise, laying her on her back. Chloe goes to Natasha's kicking bare feet. Chloe gets out a large strap-on and hops on Natasha, who is now tied spread and gagged with a thick, silencing cleave-gag. Chloe fucks her hard fow awhile, then gets on the phone to invite her friend over for a ride. He comes in strips and teabags the helpless Natasha as Choe continues to fuck her. 11+ min.
10 March 2014
NEW VIDEO! Chloe Fucked by Natasha!
VIDEO: Natasha Flade accuses Chloe Night of stealing her jewlery she allowed her to borrow. Chlow says she gave it back to her. Natasha was prepared for this...she grabs Chloe and ropes her wrists together in front of her, bends her over the dininroom table and secures her bound hands to the far side. Natasha spreads Chloe's legs and secures them to the table legs. Chloe is then gagged with a really thick cleave gag. Now Natasha puts on a strap-on. Chloe begins to panis and really fight her ropes, but she's fucked. She gets really fucked as Natasha plunges that huge rubber cock into her helpless pussy. Chloe writhes around ans screams into her thick gag as Natasha continues to pound her hard. Chloe is in boots and dress fot this video, and topless. 12+ min.
2 March 2014
CLASSIC VIDEO! The Evil Bondage Photographer
VIDEO: Natasha Flade was hired to do a bondage shoot for a photographer she doesn't know. All is going well with Natasha totally nude and frog-tied, when the photographer suddenly puts down his camera and starts to strip. Perplexed, Natasha asks him is he's getting hot or something. The photographer tells Natasha that he is getting VERY hot -- for her, that is! He proceeds to strip while Natasha grows frantic with fear. The photographer gets on top of nude Natasha and starts to play with her titties and suck on them, too. Natasha cries out from behind her gag, so the photographer wraps another scarf around her mouth to quiet her up. He then continues to fondle her! Then, to Natasha's horror, the photographer starts to undo his pants! Natasha is terror-stricken as she realizes she is about to be taken against her will! The photographer has jumped on top of her and is fucking her against her will while Natasha is bound nude in the frogtie position! He even lists her bound legs into the air and fucks her that way, too! Explicit penetration with closeup. 13+ min.
23 February 2014
NEW VIDEO! Wife Out Too Late
VIDEO: Isaac is waiting for his wife Natasha Flade to return from a night "out with the girls." It's already dawn and she comes strolling in. He accuses her of seeing another man, she denies it. Isaac is adamant and furious. He whips out a length of rope and binds her hands behind her, then even ropes her elbows close together. She's forced down to kneel and he demands that she suck his cock in pennance. She does until he cums in her mouth. Natasha is in boots and skirt in this video. 8+ min.
16 February 2014
NEW VIDEO! First a Robber, Then the Lusty Neighbor
VIDEO: The video begins with Natasha Flade bound to the bed in her skirt and top, barefoot and cleave-gagged. A burglar had invaded her house and had left. A neighbor comes by (Isaac W.) to give her husband back the drill he had borrowed. He finds the door open and noise coming from the bedroom. He finds natasha there, all tied up. Natasha -- his neighbor's wife he has been dreaming about fucking ever since he moved in. This is too good of a chance to miss. He re-tied Natasha's legs so they are in the air, pull her skirt off, and fucks the helpless housewife, and has a great time doing it. 9+ min.
9 February 2014
NEW VIDEO! Dick Tease Hogtied and Forced to Suck Cock
VIDEO: Isaac pops over to Natasha's house to say hi. They've been dating for over a week and Isaac has yet to get some. Natasha Flade is dressed in little shorts and is braless beneath that tank top. Isaac makes some moves and is yet again rebuffed. He whips out some rope and hogties the beautiful Natasha right there on the chaise. He makes her suck his throbbing knob until he comes. Natasha is barefoot and topless for this bondage sex video. 10+ min.
2 February 2014
NEW VIDEO! POV Bondage Sex!
VIDEO: The first half of this video is done with a POV cam -- you are doing the action! You spy Natasha Flade coming in through the door as you peek around the corner. You creep up behind her as she's taking off her heels and grab her and handgag her. You cross her wrists behind her and rope them together, spin her around and double-cleave-gag her. You march her up the stairs. At the sofa you pull up her dress and fondle her breasts. You then bend her over the sofa, pull her panties down and fumble with your zipper...Now the video switches to a regular 2-shot of the scene with Isaac and Natasha. She's taken hard from behind for the rest of the video, bent over that sofa bound and gagged. 11+ min.
26 January 2014
NEW VIDEO! Missed Car Payments
VIDEO: Natasha Flade got a car from friend Isaac W., and he allowed her to make payments directly to him. Now, she's behind two months and she's trying to plead with Isaac to not take the car back. Isaac has an idea to forgive the last two months. He wants to tie her up. Natasha is taken aback, but she trusts Isaac and allows him to bind her wrists, ankles and thighs. Once she's all bound up, Isaac says she must suck his cock! She's placed on her knees and forced to give him a blowjob! Natasha is in a dress and heels for this video. 11+ min.
19 January 2014
VIDEO: Natasha was taking a cab ride home in her sexy office outfit complete with garters and stockings. But the cabbie had other plans and now Natasha is bound, gagged and being carried into the cabbie's dirty garage! Natasha kicks and screams, but there is nothing she can do. The cabbie puts her down on the floor, then stretches her arms out and attaches them to shelving. He does the same thing with her bound ankles, pulling them up REALLY high and attaching them so Natasha can't possibly get away. Then the cabbie strips Natasha's panties off, exposing her shaved pussy. He then strips himself and hops on top of poor Natasha, threatening her to be quiet or else. He rides her nice and hard while Natasha lays there pitifully, moaning quietly. She knows better than to struggle too much because he has a gun! Eventually he shoots his load inside of poor Natasha, then leaves her there, telling her he'll be coming back for more! 11+ min.
12 January 2014
NEW VIDEO! Office Trouble
VIDEO: Natasha Flade told the bosses at work some lies about Loren Chance. Loren found out, and damn, is she pissed! Loren comes into Natasha's office and confronts her, then stands her up and ropes her hands behind her back. Loren gags her, then bends her over the desk and pulls up her skirt and yanks down her pantyhose and feels that awesome naked ass of Natasha's. Loren goes all out -- she puts on a strap-on and fucks Natasha silly! Great office action with the girls in heels and hose and dresses. Outtake included! 10+ min.
5 January 2014
VIDEO: Natasha Flade's boyfriend owes a serious debt, so what does he do? He tells his loan shark that he can collect at Natasha's house -- by collecting HER for an afternoon of fucking. Well, Natasha's not very cooperative, so Isaac has to sneak up on the scantily-clad sexy giry and wrestle her, rope her up and gag her before any fucking is to be done. She's in her little nightie, stripped naked and barefoot in this video. 8+ min.
29 December 2013
NEW VIDEO! The Vengeance of Loren Chance Part 2
VIDEO: Loren Chance continues to fuck Natasha Flade from behind while topless and laughing, reveling in her humiliation of her former boss. Loren's comrade Isaac returns from scoping the house for sellable goods to find this incredible scene of Loren fucking her beautiful boss! He decides to join in! He removes Natasha's gag and his pants and his hard cock goes into her unwilling mouth! Natasha is being taken in BOTH ENDS! This video is one for the ages, folks, enjoy! 7+ min.
21 December 2013
NEW VIDEO! The Vengeance of Loren Chance Part 1
VIDEO: Natasha Flade comes home from a long day at the office in her hose, skirt and heels. She removes her shoes, about to relax on the bed, when Loren Chance and Isaac W. burst in. Isaac handgags Natasha as Loren binds her hands in front of her. Loren is pissed because Natasha fired her that day, and she's getting her revenge (and severance pay) by roping up and robbing her boss. They gag her with a thick cleave, and Isaac leavs Loren alone to finish off the tying as he inspects the house for valuables. Once she's all tied up, Loren looks about the room for something to steal and discovers a huge strap-on in the nightstand. Loren decides to humiliate natasha even further, by fucking her former boss with the huge rubber cock! Part 2 to come soon as Isaac W. joins in! 9+ min.
15 December 2013
NEW VIDEO! Bound & Fucked for Spending Too Much!
VIDEO: Natasha is showing off her expensive fur coat to her husband, who gets unhinged at her irreaponsible spending! He ropes her hands behind her, pulls her onto the bed and ties her wriggling high heels together, then gags her with a knotted cleave. She's stripped down and he rubs his cock on her naked thighs. Next, we cut to that same cock being thrust mercelessly into her while she's bent over and ass up, hands still bound behind her, etc. Does she really lear her lesson? Will she change her spending habits? 11 min.
9 December 2013
Blonde Bank Teller Hotied & Sucking Cock!
VIDEO: Natasha Flade is a blonde bank teller who is followed home by a customer who felt his check should not have been put on hold. He wrestles her down, binds her wrists and connects them to her pretty bare feet -- what a lovely hogtie! He doesn't find enough money in her house to cover his check, so now he's demanding a blowjob! After cumming in her mouth, he makes her swallow, then gags her and leaves her to struggle and hope that someone finds her. 10+ min.
3 December 2013
NEW VIDEO! Tied Spread and Cum All Over!
VIDEO: Natasha Flade is spread out and nude on the bed, gagged with a thick cleave. Isaac enters and plays with her for a bit before stripping down to nothing and ramming inside her with his cock. She struggles fiercely until he cums all over her belly! Great cumshot! 10 min.
24 November 2013
Upside-Down Forced Blowjob
VIDEO:Classic 2006 clip! Natasha has been held hostage for ransom. But her husband only pays half the money! The kidnapper is furious. He unties her from the chair, then reties her hands in front and carries her to the dining room table. Natasha is then tied face-up on the table, her feet attached to the end, her hands attached to her feet! A chestrope keeps her in place. The kidnapper sets up a video camera so he can make a ransom tape to show Natasha's husband. This time, he decides to make a tape showing Natasha being molested in the hopes that this will get the rest of the money. Natasha is terrified as the kidapper undoes his pants and tells her it's time for a blowjob on video! He thrusts his hard cock up and down inside her mouth and throat. He plays with her tits at the same time, talking into the video camera, asking her husband how he likes watching his wife suck his cock! Finally, the kidnapper comes inside Natasha's mouth and then he stuffs her mouth with a wadded rag.14+ min.
17 November 2013
Blonde Dildoed in TWo Scenes!
VIDEO: Beautiful Connie Sims stars as the tied-up-and-gagged-and-molested victim twice in this video. First, she's spread out on a sofa, ballgagged, as Natasha Flade undresses her and then takes a dildo to her. Next scene, she's roped arms overhead to a towel rack in the bathroom and Natasha again takes a dildo to her tender pussy.6+ min.
10 November 2013
NEW VIDEO! Natasha Sucking Cock Tabletop!
VIDEO: Natasha Flade is all tied up on top of a dining room table! Isaac is furious with her for running her mouth, so he crams his dick in it! She's forced to give him head until he's satisfied! She's in a skirt, tanktop, and barefoot but during the course of the video is made topless and bottomless -- naked! 8+ min.
27 October 2013
NEW VIDEO! Natasha Sucking Cock Tied to Chair!
VIDEO:Natasha Flade is in her red dress and black heels and all tied to a chair in the kitchen! Isaac forced her to suck him off before shoving a large wad of cloth into her mouth for a good gagging and leaving her there. 7 min.
20 October 2013
NEW VIDEO! Natasha Fucked Bent Over!
VIDEO: Natasha Flade Is bound with her legs spread, standing, and he hands bound to the far end of the bed, bending her over. She's gagged on-screen with a thick, knotted cleave. Then her ass is groped as Isaac warms up for dipping his wick in her! She's pounded for the remainder of the video. 7+ min.
13 October 2013
NEW VIDEO! Natasha Taken Hard on the Floor!
VIDEO: Natasha Flade is laying on the floor, her hands bound to opposite posts of the bed, her mouth stuffed with a packing gag of cloth. Isaac grabs one of her legs and ties it high. He pulls open Natasha's robe and fondles her naked body for awhile before taking off his own clothes and plunging his cock into her waiting pussy! He rides helpless Natasha for the rest of the video!! 10+ min.
6 October 2013
Connie Naked & Dildo-Violated TWICE!
VIDE0: 2 scenes with the gorgeous blonde Connie Sims! First, she's bound nude & spread-eagle on a dining room table. Natasha Flade molests her then screws her with a dildo. Next, Connie is bent over the same table, still fully naked, and nurse Natasha fondles her tits before plunging a dildo into her! 7+ min.
29 September 2013
NEW Video! Demanding Mistress Forced to Give Head
HD VIDE0: Natasha Flade is Isaac's mistress, and she wants him to buy her a new car or she's going to tell his wife! Isaac can't have that, so he ropes her hands behind her, then flips her into a hogtie. She still won't shut up, so he crams his cock into her yap! Natasha is in shorts and barefoot for this bondage blowjob scene!
9+ min. bondage sex blowjob video
22 September 2013
NEW Video! The Birthday Gift Gone Wrong!
HD VIDEO: Natasha Flade told Isaac that she will allow him to tie her up for his birthday. She strips down to be totally nude and Isaac crosses her wrists behind her back and binds them. He then takes a cloth and cleave-gags her with it, getting two wraps between her lips. Her feet are bound next, and Natasha is bent over -- ready for a fucking. But Isaac leaves the room and returns with buxom Chloe Night -- who's wearing a huge strap-on! Natasha panics and resists, but Chloe fucks Natasha while Isaac watches. This is what he REALLY wanted for his birthday! 12 min. bondage sex video
15 September 2013
NEW Video! Gangster Molests Her & Crams Cock in Her Mouth!
HD VIDE0: Natasha Flade is dragged into a bedroom, wrists and elbows already bound. Her arms are hoisted up behind her and she's now tied in a rather severe strappado. Her captor handgags her as her feels her tits. Her panties are pulled down so we can see her sweet ass -- which also gets a few spanks. The ganster tells her that she'd better close her business, or things will get even worse, and that this trreatment is just a warning! He forces his throbbing cock into her mouth and makes her service him until he comes! 10+ min. bondage sex blowjob video
7 September 2013
Classic Video! Natasha Forced to Give Coach a Blowjob!
HD VIDE0: Natasha Flade was working out with her instructor, when he changes the routine a bit. He ties her hands down, ropes her feet to the weight bench, and sticks his cock in her mouth! When he comes, he gags her with a thick cleave gag and leaves! 9+ min. bondage sex blowjob video
2 September 2013
Classic Video! Connie Sims Fucked with Dildoes!
HD VIDE0: Connie Sims, with her runway-model looks and body is tied up spread in two scenes and dildoed by Natasha Flade! First, the totally naked Connie is tied in a standing X. Next, she's roped spread on the bed with her bare feet dangling in the sir! Natasha takes a dildo to Connie's pussy in each scene! 9 min. bondage sex video
25 August 2013
Natasha Taken Hard with a Strap-On!
HD VIDE0: Natasha Flade had a party and her friend' Chloe's 1/2 oz of blow went missing. Chloe came in and roped and gagged Natasha, saying she's gonna fuck her, then leave her for her drug suppliers to fuck next! Isaac comes in for his share at the end. 12+ min. bondage sex video
18 August 2013
Fucked Bent Over the Bed!
HD VIDE0: Natasha Flade, with her hands already bound behind her, is pushed down onto the bed and cleave-gagged with two wraps of a scarf. Her panties are pulled down and legs are tied down spread. Now securely bound, bent over the bed, she's fucked hard from behind. 7+ min. bondage sex video
11 August 2013
Forced Kneeling Blowjob
HD VIDEO: Natasha Flade is carried in, bound hand and foot! She's forced to keen at the bedpost, where she's securely tied. Isaac strips her naked, fondles her, then makes her give him a blowjob. 10:30 min. bondage sex blowjob video
4 August 2013
Fucked on the Floor!
HD VIDEO: Natasha Flade is totally nude and spread on the floor, tied to the furniture in the room and cleave-gagged. Isaac toys with her for a bit before climbing aboard and ramming her with his cock. Lots of POV shots -- you see Natasha as if YOU are the one fucking her! 6:30 min. bondage sex video
28 July 2013
The Robber Does More Than Rob
HD VIDEO: Natasha Flade get tied to the bed, face down. Her assailant blindfolds her then takes off his ski mask and starts to fuck her from behind, hard.
10:00 min.
bondage sex video
22 July 2013
Secretary Bound and Fucked by her Boss
HD VIDE0: Natasha Flade the secretary has greatly displeased her boss. He chastises her for a poorly done project, then makes her stand up and cross her hands behind her. He ties her up as she tries to resist, but she knows she really needs this job. Her mouth get stuffed with a nice-sized gag. She's bent over a credenze, stripped so her naked ass is out, then seriously fucked. 10:45 min. bondage sex video
10 July 2013
We're Back! Blowjob on a Motorcycle!
HD VIDE0: Natasha gets roped up in the nude in a garage. She's forced to suck the cock of Isaac W., who is seated on a motorcycle 7 min. bondage sex video
7 Sept2012
Bondage Shoot Gone Wrong!
HD VIDE0: Natasha has been hired to do a bondage shoot. She strips on the bed for the naked and barefoot spread eagle. She's gagged with a stuffer and an ace bandage wrapped around her head. But once he has her all tied up, the photographer starts groping and molesting her! It's all been a trick to fuck the helpless Natasha!
12:25 min.
bondage sex video
30 August 2012
Forced Blowjob While Barefoot
HD VIDE0: Natasha is barefoot and wearing only a tight pink tanktop and pink panties. She's handgagged, titties sucked and fondled, then forced to give head to her assailant! 7:15 min. bondage sex video
21 August 2012
PHOTOS: Natalie & Chloe Each Fucked Two Ways!
PHOTOS: Chloe and Natalie are tied and fucked against their will two different ways each!
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14 August 2012
Fucked in Sweater Dress & Heels by Stalker
HD VIDEO: Chloe's ex is stalking her -- again. He comes up behind her with a knife, holding it to her throat and forcing her to the ground, where he gags Chloe with a thick scarf and ties her wrists to the dining room table. Chloe is fucked her with her high heels in the air, ankles attached to the table legs. Lots of angles show all the great fucking action by Sergio! 8:15 min. bondage sex video
7 August 2012
Ransom Blowjob in Heels and Jeans!
HD VIDEO: Natasha has been taken hostage. The kidnapper is making a video to present to her husband. He laughs into the camera, shows off the bound and gagged Natasha while he plays with her tits. Natasha pleads into the camera for her husband to just pay the money! But the kidnapper makes her give him a blowjob, anyway, all on camera, of course, to send off to her husband as "incentive" to pay up or else! 9:00 min. bondage sex blowjob video
31 July 2012
Chloe Carried, Fucked in Jeans!
HD VIDEO: Chloe is carried in bound and gagged in her jeans and strappy heels. Sergio ties her wrists to the railing, pulls off her jeans, plays with her tits and pussy, then fucks her until he shoots his load! 8:12 min. bondage sex video
25 July 2012
Panty Gagged and Fucked Spread Eagle!
VIDEO: Natasha has been tied to the bedpost in her dress and heels. The attacker rips her panties off and stuffs them into her mouth, then keeps them in a place with a silk scarf. Natasha's tits and pussy are licked before the assailant hops aboard for a good fuck with his captive tied up spread eagle on the bed.
6:25 min. bondage sex video
18 July 2012
PHOTOS: Chloe Fucked TWO Ways!
PHOTOS: Chloe is bent over and fucked in her boots. Later, she's tied to the bed and fucked with her bare feet in the air!
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11 July 2012
Naked, Spread Eagle and Forced to Suck Cock AND Get Fucked!
HD VIDEO: Natasha is naked and tied spread eagle on the bed. Her assailant straddles her and forces Natasha to suck his cock. But he's got more ideas! He pulls Natasha up, gags her mouth with a stuffer and cleave, reties her wrists to the headboard and fucks the helpless damsel!
9:40 min. bondage sex video
3 July 2012
Natalie Forced into Upside Down Bondage Blowjob in Dress and Stockings
HD VIDEO: Natalie is in the kitchen wearing a dress and thigh stockings. He is held up by a masked man with a knife. He forces her to strip topless, binds her wrists, then attached her to the tabletop. Natalie is forced to endure a blowjob and then the intruder shoots his huge load all over her face!
12:50 min. bondage sex blowjob video
27 June 2012
Natasha Bound to Chair in Shorts & Forced to Give a BJ!
HD VIDEO: Natasha is barefoot and chair-bound in shorts and a t-shirt. The assailant forces her to give him a blowjob if she wants to be set free!
9:00 min. bondage sex blowjob video
19 June 2012
PHOTOS: 3 Hot Sets, 2 Hot Chixx!
PHOTOS: Chloe is carjacked, then fucked spread on the bed. Natalie is grabbed while getting ready for a shower, tied up bent over and fucked from behind. Later Natalie is forced to give an upside down table top blowjob! bondage sex photos
11 June 2012
Frogtied in Nightie and Fucked! 15:50 minutes.
HD VIDEO: Natalie is getting ready for bed. She's barefoot and wearing a purple, silk nightie. A masked robber holds her up and orders her to the floor. Natalie's wrists are bound to the bedposts. Her mouth is stuffed and then covered with duct tape. The robber rips off her panties and ties her legs froggie style. He then fucks her hard until he cums, and shoots his load all over her! 15:50 min. bondage sex video
4 June 2012
Natasha the Bridesmaid Bent Over and Fucked. Flashback from 2005!
VIDEO: This 2005 vintage video has been remastered for full-screen viewing. Natasha is in her bridesmaid dress, pantyhose and heels. She was getting ready for the wedding when an assailant broke in and tied her up. Now she finds herself tied up, gagged and bent over the sofa. Her abductor enters, pulls up her dress and sticks his fingers in her pussy before giving her a good fucking from behind! 7:05 min. bondage sex video
29 May 2012
Natasha Naked, Bent, Fucked from Behind!
HD VIDEO: Natasha is gagged and bound at the wrists. Her captor leads her into a bedroom and forces her onto the bed, then rips off her panties and ties her legs spread to the bedposts with her bare feet in good sight. Natasha's naked body is fondled, then the abductor fucks her from behind! 9:35 min. bondage sex video
21 May 2012
Masked Man Ties her Spread with Boots in Air, Fucks Her Hard!
HD VIDEO: Chloe is in the bedroom setting out some clothes when a masked man with a gun holds her up. He plays with her tits, gags her, then forces Chloe to the floor. She is tied wide to the bed posts with her boots in the air. He cuts a hole in her tights with scissors, then sticks his fingers in her pussy before fucking her
nice and hard! 16:30 min. bondage sex video
13 May 2012
Kneeling Barefoot in Shorts and Forced to Suck Cock
HD VIDEO: Natasha is barefoot and wearning jean short shorts. She's been tied as the ankles, thighs, wrists and elbows. The attacker finishes the knot on her elbow ropes, then pulls down Natasha's jeans to play with her ass. He pulls up her t-shirt and sucks on her tits, then makes her suck his cock!
10:30 min.
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8 May 2012
Revenge of the Ex-Husband with Natalie Minx!
HD VIDEO: Natalie is held up by a masked robber -- or so she thinks! She quickly realizes it's her ex who's come back for some revenge! He ties her wrists, gags her with a stuffer and handerchief, then ties her spread on the floor in her red hot dress, thigh high stockings and high heels. Natalie's dress is lifted up over her huge tits for some feelies, then Jakes fucks her hard for a good "lesson" on why she shouldn't have left him! 12:45 min. bondage sex video
30 April 2012
Natasha Chair-Tied in Robe, Forced to Suck Cock!
HD VIDEO: Natasha has been chair tied in her robe. She is naked underneath and barefoot. The abductor plays with her tits, then forces her to suck his cock until he cums in her mouth. Natasha is hand gagged afterward for a few seconds, then left to plead for help...but no one comes. 6:20 min. bondage sex video
23 April 2012
Chloe Bound in Backseat of Car, Carried and Fucked!
HD VIDEO: Chloe has been kidnapped! She's bound at the wrist, thighs and ankles in her skirt and thigh high tights. Her mouth is firmly gagged with lots of duct tape. The car rolls down the road and into the driveway with shots of Chloe struggling in the backseat. The car pulls up to a house and the assailant carries Chloe into the house and throws her onto a bed. Chloe is re-tied to the bed and then fucked silly until the assailant shoots his load on her. But she is not let go; the abductor tells her he plans to keep Chloe as his playtoy! 15:00 min. bondage sex video
16 April 2012
Natalie Fucked Before Her Shower by Masked Robber!
HD VIDEO: Natalie is about to take a shower when a masked robber holds her up and forces her to lose the towel and reveal her naked boked and super large boobs. She's tied bent over, and double gagged. The masked man takens her from behind! 13:00 min. bondage sex video
09 April 2012
Natasha Tied Spread-Eagle & FUCKED
HD VIDEO: Natasha is totally nude and spread put on the bed. She's packing gagged with a tight ace bandage wrap holding all that stuffing in. She struggles for a bit before her captor comes in to toy with her. He then gives her the hard cock for the rest of the video! 11:30 min bondage sex video
2 April 2012
Natasha Kidnapped, Hogtied, Forced to Suck Cock!
HD VIDEO: Natasha has been kidnapped in her pajamas. The abductor carries her, bound and gagged, into the bedroom and tosses her onto the bed. He ropes her into a hogtie, then plays with her tits and pussy before pulling out his cock and telling her to suck it good! Natasha is upset, but she has no choice! She sucks the assilant's hard cock until he tells her to stop -- that he has other plans in mind -- a good fucking! 9:05 min. bondage sex blowjob video
25 March 2012
PHOTOS: 3 Chix Fucked by Force; 5 Hot Sets!
PHOTOS: Chloe is fucked bent over and then with her feet above her head. Natasha is forced to give a strappado blowjob in heels, then taken by Loren with a huge red dong. Loren gets fucked by Natasha for a forced-bondage-porn video. bondage sex photos
18 March 2012
She Fucked Her Boyfriend, Now She's Getting Fucked!
HD VIDEO: Chloe finds out Natasha's going on a date with Chloe's boyfriend that evening. She holds her up at gunpoint while Natasha is getting ready in her garter belt, stockings and lacy bra. Chloe ties Natasha's wrists behind her back, then gags her with a fuzzy cleave. Natasha is bent over the sofa arm and spread wide by attaching one ankle to the coffee table. Chloe tells Natasha that if she wants to get fucked so badly, Chloe can gladly do the job for her! She fucks her hard with a big, red dildo, making the poor, helpless Natasha cry and beg for mercy! 14:30 min. bondage sex video
11 March 2012
Mother Fucker Larry Fucks Naked and Bound Natasha on the Floor!
HD VIDEO: The Mother Fucker Larry saga continues! After Natasha fucked over Loren, Loren got her revenge by fucking Natasha with a strap-on, then leaving her bound, gagged and naked on the floor so Mother Fucker Larry could have his turn at the helpless Natasha as well! Natasha is mewing in vain, her bare feet hoisted high in the air, when Larry comes in to have his way with Natasha, too. He fucks her with his big, hard cock while Natasha cries on the floor! 11:05 min.
4 March 2012
Robber Wants a Strappado Style Bondage Blowjob!
HD VIDEO: Natasha is in her bedroom in a white sundress and high heels. She has been tied up by a hooded robber, who is now hoisting her bound wrists up to the top of the bedpost - strappado style. He pulls down the top of her dress and play with her tits while handgagging her, then informs her she'll be giving him a blowjob before he ransacks her house! Natasha has no choice but to obey. She sucks the robber's hard cock until he cums in her mouth. He then plays with her tits again before leaving her there, tied and helpless, while he robs her blind! 8:25 min.
28 February 2012
Babysitter in for Bondage Sex Surprise!
HD VIDEO: Chloe is babysitting for the night. She's curled up in bed, barefoot and in her silk night shirt. The kid decides he wants to play cops and robbers before going to bed, so Chloe indulges him and finds herself bound at the wrists and gagged with an over the mouth handkerchief. She pretends to be alarmed and squirms around for him. Then he wants to tie her up some more. Chloe agrees, but says it's bedtime after that. Only he never comes back! Luckily (or so she thinks), the kid's dad comes home. Chloe mumbles for him to help her out. He laughs and takes her wrists -- but starts adding more rope! Chloe demands to know what is going on as he starts to tie her wrists to the headboard, but she's silenced by the OTM gag being stuffed between her teeth! Then to her horror, the kid's dad pulls down her panties, plays with her tits, and then fucks her until he shoots 12:15 min.
19 February 2012
Bondage in Exchange for a Car Loan Goes Bad!
HD VIDEO: Chloe is wearing a sweater dress, pantyhose and boots. She tells Isaac, an old boyfriend, that she'll let him tie her up one last time in exchange for the money she really needs so she can buy a car. Issac agrees and soon has Chloe tied to a chair and gagged. He says he needs to text a friend that he's going to be late, but minutes later, his friend, Sergio, actually shows up. Isaac reveals that he doesn't have the grand Chloe needs for a car, but his friend Sergio is more than happy to give her the dough -- in exchange for a fuck! Chloe starts to yell through her gag, but the two men quickly take her down to the floor and hoist her ass up into the air. Sergio pulls down Chloe's pantyhose and fucks her hard from behind! 14:00 min.
12 February 2012
Ransomed Wife Chair-Tied, Forced to Suck Cock!
HD VIDEO: Natasha has been kidnapped for ransom. She's chair-tied barefoot in her pink nightgown and cleave gagged with a thick scarf. The captor comes in, angry. Apparently, Natasha's husband has failed to produce the ransom! The kidnappor is not going to leave empty handed, so he ungags Natasha and tells her she's going to have to suck his cock if she expects to be let free. Natasha begs for him to wait for the ransom money, but the kidnapper ignores her and shoves his hard cock into Natasha's pretty mouth. She is forced to suck his cock until he shoots his load in her mouth. But instead of letting Natasha go, he puts the gag back between her pretty
13:30 min.
5 February 2012
Bondage Weight Training Technique Goes Wrong!
HD VIDEO: Chloe's personal trainer has some great, new resistance training techniques he wants her to try out that just happen to involve the use of rope. Chloe goes along and lets trainer Sergio tie her to the weighbench while he explains how this technique goes back to the Roman empire! But when Sergio pulls down Chloe's pants and start fingering her pussy, she starts to scream and struggle. The trainer explains this is all just part of this special weight training technique, but Chloe isn't buying it! Sergio handgags her, then ties his shirt around her mouth to muffle Chloe's cries. He then fucks her hard until he shoots his load! 14:25 min.
30 January 2012
Natasha Fucked in Office Attire for Blowing $500 at Male Strip Club!
HD VIDEO: Natasha spent $500 on male strippers at a bachelorette party -- and it looks like she's about to head out to the club again! Furious, Isaac binds her wrists and gags her -- telling her this will keep her at home. Still outraged at his wife's behavior, and pissed that she was at a strip club in the first place, he ties her spread on the floor, rips off her panties, then gives her a good fucking! (Heels/stockings.) 13:00 min.
22 January 2012
Loren Seeks Strap-On Revenge after Forced into Lesbian Porn!
HD VIDEO: In part one, Natasha forced Loren into lesbian porn to pay back Mother Fucker Larry. Now the tables have turned! Loren sneeks up on Natasha in the dining room and forces her to strip out of her robe. Then Natasha is gagged, bound on the floor and fucked nice and hard by Loren with her huge, red strap-on cock! 16:00 min.


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