12 October 2017
Natasha Flade the Bridesmaid Tied-Up, Bent Over & Fucked!

CLASSIC BONDAGE SEX VIDEO from 2005! Bridesmaid Natasha Flade misses the wedding when she's stripped to her garters and heels by a home invader looking for some tied up fucking. This classic Centaur Celluloid footage makes a great addition to any bondage sex video collection! Poor damsel in distress Natasha Flade has been tied bent over the back of a sofa while wearing her bridesmaid dress, thigh high stockings, garter belt, and high heels. She was getting ready for a wedding when an assailant broke in. He tied her bent over with ropes; her bound wrists are attached to the bottom of the sofa to keep her nicely secured in place. Her stocking clad legs are tied spread and wide apart. A stuffer was shoved into her pretty mouth, held in place with a thin, red scarf. Now that our helpless damsel is tied and cleave gagged, the captor returns to get some action! He grabs Natasha's long bridesmaid dress and pulls it up, exposing her bare ass, thong panties and her sexy thigh-high stockings and garter belt. Natasha's bare ass is a nice sight to see, but it's not enough for this home invader! He rips down her thong panties, but leaves the garter belt attached to her stockings. Then he rubs her naked ass and starts finger fucking her pussy from behind.! Great close-ups of the finger fucking action before this evil home invader whips out his hard cock and starts fucking the bound and gagged Natasha Flade from behind. He thrusts his big cock back and forth hard while Natasha cries out, horrified over this terrible bondage predicament. But our bridesmaid, all bound and gagged, is helpless to stop the assailant from fucking her! He finally shoots his load with a loud scream. Now that he's got what he wanted, will he let Natasha go? God, I hope not!

4 October 2017
Natasha Flade Fucked with Legs Suspended in the Air!

CLASSIC BONDAGE SEX VIDEO from 2010! Wife Natasha Flade is fucked by her husband when he comes home and finds her tied spread eagle by some robbers in this bondage sex video! Husband Isaac W. returns home to find that his wife Natasha Flade is all bound and gagged in their bedroom! Some robbers grabbed her and tied her up spread eagle on the bed. She's in a dress and high heels with her legs tied with rope and suspended up high to the bedposts. Her hands are tied up, too, each one attached to opposite bedposts. Those robbers left her exposed and in quite a predicament! They even gagged her pretty mouth with a really large stuffer, packed firmly into her mouth and held in place with a scarf tied around her head. Natasha's dress has been hiked up, so her cute bikini panties are in full view. Her black high heels are literally dangling in the air, tied and suspended as they are. Her husband, Isaac, makes sure his wife is okay. Turn out the burglars had indeed left her unharmed - just creatively tied up. And he has to admit she looks quite appealing in this helpless bound and gagged position. Once satisfied his wife hasn't been harmed (except for being terrified!), he casually mentions that he hasn't been able to get her to fuck him in quite a very long time. Natasha Flade is pleading with her husband to please just untie her, but Isaac ignores her pleas and begging and instead he gets some scissors from the nightstand drawer -- and cuts her panties right off with them! Isaac says he's taking advantage of this situation, that seeing the robbers left him a nice present - a wife tied up spread eagle, gagged, and helpless -- and in such an inviting position for fucking! With those panties ripped off of her and Natasha's pussy there for the taking, Isaac slips his cock inside her for a ride, fucking her hard and sucking and groping her tits, too. Natasha is alarmed that he's doing this to her after she just got tied up by some robbers! But hey, this is what every sex-starved husband wants to come home to! In fact, Isaac thinks he'll look those robbers up to thank them. You'll thank them, too, if you buy this video and watch all the steamy bondage sex action with Natasha spread eagle with her heels tied up in the air!

29 September 2017
Natalie Minx Nude, Chairtied for a Forced Blowjob

CLASSIC BONDAGE SEX VIDEO from 2010! Buxom brunette N alie Minx is in her bedroom, wearing jeans and a t-shirt, when a masked robber comes barging in with a gun and holds her up! He orders the scared and helpless Natalie to start stripping. With the gun aimed right at her, Natalie has no choice but to obey. She strips down to her bra and panties, then stands there, humiliated and embarrassed, trying to cover herself and her really big tits. But the gun is waved at her again and the robber tells her to get a move on. So Natalie reluctantly removes her bra and panties until she's standing there totally naked. But the robber isn't finished! He forces nude Natalie onto a chair and proceeds to rope her to it. First, her hands are tied together behind her back, then her ankles are tied spread - one to each chair leg. Lap ropes are added to complete the job, so now this masked robber has Natalie Minx naked and chairtied tightly. Perfect for what he has in mind! He grabs the terrified brunette's head and forces her to give him a bondage blowjob. Unable to stop him in this perilous situation, Natalie sucks the robber's big, hard cock until he finally explodes with a great cumshot all over Natalie's huge tits! This robber can really shoot a HUGE load and this is one of the most excellent cumshots to watch! But the masked villain doesn't let poor Natalie go. He doesn't want her screaming for help, so he decides a gagging is in order. A knotted scarf is forced into Natalie's pretty mouth and tied at the nape of her neck. Now that he has his victim chair tied and cleave gagged, the robber can get onto the business of looting her place! Our damsel in distress is left struggling, naked chair tied and knotted cleave gagged, tons of cum drizzling all over her huge tits!

21 September 2017
Natasha Flade Spread Out and Forced to Orgasm With Oral Stimulation!

CLASSIC BONDAGE SEX VIDEO from 2010!Natasha Flade is tied ispread eagle in heels and thigh highs on the table top in this damsel in distress style pussy licking and forced orgasms bondage sex video! The video starts out with Natasha Flade all dressed up for a party in her slinky, crimson dress, lacy thigh high stockings and black high heels. She comes out into the dining room where Isaac has ropes all ready and set out at the corners of the dining room table. He tells her that he wants to get her "warmed up" for the party. This, as you can gather, is not your average wine and cheese type of party! Natasha agrees and does as instructed, climbing atop the table laying down on her back. Isacc takes his ropes and starts tying Natasha to the table -- first her wrists are tied tightly and then her pantyhose clad ankles until she's tied tightly spread eagle style. Then Isaac hikes up her fancy dress and starts licking her pussy. At first Natasha exclaims, "Hey, what are you doing down there?" and cries out "Stop that!" Obviously, this isn't going to work at this rate, so Isacc thinks she'd best be gagged, too. He takes a long, black scarf and shoves it between her teeth, tying it round her head. The knot is tied and now Natasha is spread eagle and cleave gagged, too! NOW Isaac can really get his tongue to work on Natasha's shaved and exposed pussy. Natasha tries struggling against the pleasure that she feels, but she can't control herself and is forced to orgasm while bound and gagged, her final cries not being ones of "stop" but ones of pleasure, muffled through the cleave gag, as she cums against her will!

14 September 2017
Natalie Minx Carjacked, Carried, Spread and Fucked in Bondage Sex

CLASSIC BONDAGE SEX VIDEO from 2010! Natalie Minx (with the really big tits!) has been carjacked and thrown into her own trunk, tied-up and cleave-gagged! The masked gunman drives her back to her own house, extracts her from the car and carries her through the garage, into the house, down the hall and plops her on the floor in the bedroom. Natalie is in her dress, dark pantyhose and high heels. Her hands are unbound and then she’s forced to her back on the floor, where her wrists are then tied apart to the bedposts. Her legs are hauled up high and spread to the bedposts, too. Now fully helpless and exposed, her masked captor pulls down the top of her dress and fondles her gorgeous, huge boobs. Now he gets some scissors and cuts a hole in her pantyhose. With great access, his large, throbbing cock is thrust into Natalie’s pussy, and he really gets into the bondage sex here. He even blows his load all over her black dress in a fab cumshot!

7 September 2017
Natasha Flade Denies Isaac, but then She's Tied-Up & Forced to Give Head

CLASSIC BONDAGE SEX VIDEO from 2009! Natasha Flade and Isaac W. were sitting on the sofa and Isaac brings up the idea of having a little sexy time. Natasha, looking good in her nightshirt and bare feet, declines. Isaac, sick of being turned down, whips out some rope and ties his wife's hands behind her back! She's forcibly sat on the coffee table where her feet are bound to separate legs, spread. Isaac unbuttons Natasha's shirt to fondle and suck on her tits before standing up and presenting his hard, throbbing cock for her to suck. With a promise of being let go, she opens her lips to accept his dick. Isaac gets the blowjob he was looking for and cums in her mouth at the end! Outtakes included!

30 August 2017
Loren Chance Deceives Natasha Flade into Strap-On Bondage Sex!

CLASSIC BONDAGE SEX VIDEO from 2010!Natasha Flade and Loren Chance are chatting in bed. Loren knows Natasha's new boyfriend. Loren says he is shy about approaching Natasha about adding some bondage to their sex life and asked her to ask Natasha for him. So, Natasha is curious, and Loren says she can introduce her to bondage to help her ease into the situation with her boyfriend, so it doesn't seem scary when he whips out the ropes. Natasha allows Loren to tie her up spread out on the bed and allows the sofa, cloth cleave-gag, too. Once Loren has Natasha all roped down and helpless, she reveals that it was all a big lie! Loren gropes Natasha's tits, gets scissors and cuts her panties off, then gets a huge strap-on! Loren fucks Natasha and loves every minute of it! Her little ruse worked!

23 August 2017
Chloe Night Tricked Into Bondage Sex Wearing Stockings!

CLASSIC BONDAGE SEX VIDEO from 2010! Chloe Night comes over to friend Sergio's place. They are talking about his new girlfriend who likes bondage. Sergio would like some advice and really, some practice before he tries to satisfy this new girl. Chloe is happy to help out Sergio, so she lets him bind her hands behind her back and then gag her with a knotted cleave-gag. Chloe is still cool with everything when he bends her over and binds her stocking feet spread to opposite posts. Now, the truth comes out. Sergio says he could not think of any other way to get Chloe all tied up and gagged, so this was all a big ruse. There's not any new, kinky girlfriend. He lifts up Chloe's skirt and fingers her pussy as she mmmphs in protest beneath her gag. Sergio then strips himself down and plows Chloe, saying that he's had this fantasy of her forever! Cumshot at the end as Sergio throws his spunk all over her ass!

16 August 2017
Natasha Flade Smothered, Knocked Out for Dildo Sex!

CLASSIC BONDAGE SEX VIDEO from 2010! Natasha Flade returns home from work in her skirt and high heels -- but someone is waiting for her! Isaac has broken into her house and now grabs and handgags her! This is not the usual handgag -- he has her nose pinched as well as his hand over her mouth. He smothers her and waits until she falls unconscious until he releases his grip. She finally goes limp, and he drags her by her hands down the hall to the bedroom. While she's still being a sleepy girl, he binds her wrists behind her. She wakes up and he forces a balled-up bandanna into her mouth. It's tied into place for a nice, secure packing gag. She's pushed back onto the bed and her jegs are spread and bound apart. Her panties are cut off from her with scissors and tossed aside. Isaac finds a big dildo in Natasha's nightstand and begins to fuck her with it! Excellent closeups of the dildo penetration and Natasha's horrified gagged face!

9 August 2017
Natasha Flade Forced Oral & Force Fucked at Gunpoint!

CLASSIC BONDAGE SEX VIDEO from 2005! Isaac W. creeps in on the sleeping angel Natasha Flade with a gun! She slumbers peacefully in her little nightie, barefoot and beautiful. He pounces upon the bed and handgags her and orders her to be quiet and obey. He handcuffs her hands to the headboard. Natasha's panties are striped off of her, then cloths is stuffed into her complaining mouth for a nice packing gag! Now silent, her left ankle is secured down on the bed to cut down on her kicking and Isaac gropes her tits then goes down on Natasha for a taste of her pussy! Next, Isaac strips down and takes Natasha from the side, giving the poor lass some forced sex and deep dicking!

3 August 2017
POV Forced Blowjob from Teacher Natasha Flade!

CLASSIC BONDAGE SEX VIDEO from 2010! You're creeping into the house of your son's teacher, Ms. Natasha Flade in this POV (point of view) video! You peek in her bedroom door to see her reading a book, her back to you. You slip in and grab her in a tight handgag! You tell her that you are incensed that she would spank your son! Only YOU can do that! You're pissed, and here to take revenge! This teacher of your son's is a real hottie, and she's dressed in her little tank top, shorts, and her pretty feet are bare. You get her chairtied -- wrists behind the chair back, ankles and thighs tied, her lap roped to the chair seat. You pull her top up, fondle her tits and handgag her when she complains. Now for the real revenge! You whip out your cock and demand a blowjob! She's in no position to argue, so she takes your throbbing member into her mouth. This teacher gives decent head and you cum into her mouth! After your orgasm, you decide to gag her with a knotted bandanna -- a great cleave gag, and watcher her wriggle some!

26 July 2017
Natasha Flade Carried in for a Fuckin'

CLASSIC BONDAGE SEX VIDEO from 2010! Natasha Flade is carried into the bedroom in her nightie, hands bound behind her bare feet bound and a really thick cleave gag in her mouth. She's plopped upon the bed, turned over onto her belly and her captor Isaac unties her ankle bonds. With her feet loose, he discards her panties, and sets to work taking spreading her legs and tying each ankle separately to the bedposts. We are treated to nice angles of her bare soles! Once his struggling captive Natasha is secure, Isaac strips himself down and climbs into bed with her. He slides his cock into Natasha from behind, and there's not a damn thing she can do about it! He thrusts and rides her until he cums. Then he leaves her there with her beautiful naked ass in the air!

19 July 2017
Blonde & Barefoot & Acidalia Banged in Bondage on a Weight Bench

CLASSIC BONDAGE SEX VIDEO from 2010! Blonde cutie Acidalia Sabine was working out when two masked men come in with a gun! They lay her down on the bench and rope her hands behind it. She's tightly cleave-gagged. Her leg is hoisted up to be bound to the heavy weight bar, and same with the other so now she's spread out with her legs in the air! And incidentally, her gorgeous bare feet are now on display! The two flip a coin to see who gets to fuck her first. Sergio wins, so he begins stripping down. He slips his cock in her and begging the banging of the helpless, bound and gagged damsel. He cums on her belly at the end!

11 July 2017
Barefoot & OTM Gagged Natasha Flade Forced to Give Bondage Blowjob

CLASSIC BONDAGE SEX VIDEO from 2010! Natasha Flade is tied up and gagged atop a dining room table. She's barefoot, in a camisole and panties, packing in her mouth and an OTM gag atop that. She's wriggling around and mmphing through that gag. Nice close-ups of her ass and bare feet and gagged face. Soon, her captor appears. He teases her, gets her topless, handgags her, orders to give him head. Natasha has no choice. She takes his hard, throbbing member into her mouth and gets to work, going on the promise that she'll be released if she does a good job. Natasha works her mouth magic and then her captor orgasms! Now she's got a mouthful of his cum, and instead of letting her go her stuffs that packing right back into her mouth! She's tightly gagged and she's left like this!

5 July 2017
Masked Intruder & Natalie Minx! Hanfgagged, Tied Up, Double Gagged with Bondage Sex

CLASSIC BONDAGE SEX VIDEO from 2010! Natalie Minx comes home from shopping in her dress, barefoot. She doesn't see the masked gunman hiding behind the armoire! When she sits herself on the chaise he comes out, giving her a firm handgag while placing his gun to her head! She is forced to cross her hands behind her back and her wrists are tied tightly. The masked man gets out his gun and places it at her head for some more intimidating scary shit, then poor Natalie gets gagged with a 2-layer cloth gag. She's hauls up by an arm and forced to kneel on the floor. Her skirt is hiked up and her panties hauled off. The intruder pulls out his huge dick and sticks it into Natalie. She's fucked there on the floor! Great gooey cumshot at the end! This dude's load is HUGE and splatters all over her ass!

27 June 2017
The Landlord is Back -- Now for Ballgagged Bondage Sex!

CLASSIC BONDAGE SEX VIDEO from 2010! Natasha Flade, the lazy tenant that doesn't even look for a real job, is relaxing on her chaise in her nightie and barefoot when her landlord enters. She knows the deal -- a bondage blowjob in exchange for the rent. So she puts out her hands to be tied. Once her wrists are tied, her legs are spread and tied. Next comes the kicker -- the landlord stuffs a large ballgag into her mouth. How is she going to suck his cock like this? Well, different situation today! He sucks on her tits and gropes them. Next, the landlord wants his cock in her pussy, and tied and gagged the way she is, she can't do a damn thing about it! So, in goes the landlord's hard dick, and he's enjoying himself quite a bit! He finishes off and tells her he'll see her about next month's rent, right on schedule!

20 June 2017
Trust Fund Manager Gets Client Acidalia Chairtied for a Bondage Blowjob

CLASSIC BONDAGE BLOWJOB VIDEO from 2010! Pretty blonde Acidalia has her trust fund manager over for a meeting at her dining room table. She's in her cute little sundress and barefoot. Manager Sergio is going over her inherited monies, and mentions that all these years he's never taken a fee for managing all of this. But instead of biting into her money, he would pefer a "personal arrangement." When she asks him what he means, exactly, he goes behind her and pulls her hands behind the chair back and tells her he's going to tie her up and she's going to suck his cock. Understandably, she's a little nervous about this, and a little reluctant. But she doesn't resist that much as asks, "Why do I have to be tied-up?" He replies that he likes to tie up girls. Her hands are crossed and bound; her bare feet are tied together. Sergio unzips and whips out his throbbing member, and with really no choice at this point, Acidalia opens her mouth and accepts it. Not just accepts it, she's giving some real nice head to Sergio. We are treated to close-ups of her bondage, her body and the blowjob action. Sergio cums into her mouth at the end! Nice "personal arrangement!"

13 June 2017
Robber Ties Up Natasha Flade, Then Gags, Strips & Fucks Her!
CLASSIC BONDAGE SEX VIDEO from 2010! Natasha Flade is in the bedroom in her bathrobe, barefoot puttering around like beautiful girls do. Suddenly an intruder is behind her! He grabs her and handgags her! Natasha is forced to put her hands in front to be bound. Once her hands are tied, a bandanna cleave gag is forced between her lips. Poor Natasha is then placed on her back on the floor and her bound hands are attached to a leg of the nightstand. The intruder opens her robe to expose her tits and panties, and those panties are stripped off and thrown aside. Natasha's legs are tied spread: one to a dresser leg and the other to a bed post. Now spread and helpless, the intruder gets atop of her for a ride! And he confesses that he didn't come for her jewelry -- he came for the bondage sex! So he keeps thrusting and groping Natasha until he cums! We get to see her struggle naked in her bondage once the intruder abandons her!
6 June 2017
Landlord Forces Natasha Flade to Give Him a Bondage Blowjob for Rent!
CLASSIC BONDAGE SEX VIDEO from 2010! Natasha Flade is late with rent! Her landlord Isaac comes over, unnanounced, and finds Natasha lounging in her denim booty shorts and barefoot. He announces that she never paid last month's rent and she's late with this month’s. Well, Isaac has an idea. He suggests that the two months of rent can be canceled if he lets him tie her up and she sucks his cock. Or, she can vacate the house. Natasha doesn't have any way to generate income presently, so she reluctantly accepts the deal. Isaac pulls out some rope and ties her hands behind her. Next, her bare feet are bound. Before he applies some chest ropes, he pulls up her top so her tits are out. Natasha protests, saying this wasn't part of the deal, but Isaac says that her boobs are definitely part of the bargain. Chest ropes restrain her further. After her thighs are tied, he has her kneel before him and Isaac pulls his hard dick out for her to get to work on. She gives Isaac a blowjob while all tied up like that, until he cums in her mouth. Rent paid!
29 May 2017
Blonde Justine Adams Forced to Self-Gag & Strip; Fucked Ass-Up
CLASSIC BONDAGE SEX VIDEO from 2010! Blonde hottie Justine Adams is in her bedroom, fluffing her pillows in her see-through nightie, barefoot, and just doing her sexy girl things before going to bed. In comes a masked intruder with a gun! Justine is frightened and puts her hands up! He gives her a knotted bandanna and orders her to gag herself with it. She immediately does what he says, placing the knot in her mouth and tying it behind her head. Justine is then ordered to strip. Reluctantly, she peels off her nightie, then strips off her panties. She stands before the intruder naked and cleave-gagged. Now she's forced on the bed and the intruder begins tying her up. The movie cuts to her bound spread-eagle, belly-down and ass-up. She struggles and we are treated to views of her naked body in bondage -- and her pretty bare soles, too! The intruder returns -- now also naked -- and thrusts his cock inside of her and rides -- just as he always dreamed as he stalked this pretty blonde. He fucks and gropes her! A very hot scene with a very hot damsel!
23 May 2017
She Wanted a Date, She Got Bondage Sex
CLASSIC BONDAGE SEX VIDEO from 2010! Natasha confessed to Isaac that she's had a crush on him for a long time. Isaac gets excited at this news, and wants to fuck right here and now. He even tells Natasha he likes it a little rough! Natasha does her best to slow things down -- she didn't mean she wanted to have sex RIGHT NOW -- she just likes him! Isaac pins her down on the bed. She still resists, so he handgags her and tells her he has to tie her up. Her eyes widen. What has she gotten herself into? Isaac pulls out rope and binds her hands in front of her. He finds a small rag, balls it up and stuffs it into her mouth and ties it into place for a great, effective packing gag. Isaac pulls down her dress top and fondles her breasts. Natasha is lifted and carried onto the bed, where her hands are attached to the top of the bed canopy. Her panties are shucked down and tossed aside. Her feet (in white high heels!) are bound then hoisted up to be tied to the top of the bed. Now he has his little woman all bound and gagged. Isaac tosses his own clothes and crams his hard cock inside helpless Natasha! He rides her, gropes her and handgags her until he cums!
15 May 2017
Hitchhiker Acidalia Sabine Kidnapped, Tied Up, Ballgagged, & Fucked!
CLASSIC BONDAGE SEX VIDEO from 2010! Sergio and Isaac W. Have blonde cutie Acidalia Sabine tied up with her hands in front, a big green ballgag in her mouth and they are carrying her into the dining room. She's in a skirt, little top and she's barefoot. They set her down on the floor, Isaac holding her hands down and Sergio getting more rope and binding one of her bare feet to the lef of the table. Once secure, Sergio takes her top down and fondles her breasts and sucks on her nipples. Next, he unzips his pants to get naked and plunge his cock into her as Isaac continues to hold her down. Sergio rams her hard in signature thundercock style until he explodes! He shoots his goo all over her helpless belly in a great cumshot! Outtake included at the end!
8 May 2017
Natasha Flade Is Tied-Up Spread & Fucked in Her Stockings!
CLASSIC BONDAGE SEX VIDEO from 2010! Isaac W. is finishing up binding Natasha Flade's wrists to the headboard of the bed. She's already packing gagged with a large folded cloth and a bandanna. She's wearing a hot pink bra and panties set and stockings. After securing her hands, Isaac removes her panties and casts them aside. He then goes about tying her ankles apart to opposite posts of the footboard. Now she's totally helpless and spread. And dreading what's going to happen next! Isaac gropes his helples captive first, before getting naked and hopping atop her. He fucks bound and gagged Natasha and we get all the good angles. When he's ready, he cums on her belly! Another great cumshot finale!
2 May 2017
Natasha Flade Is Tied-up, Stripped, Bent Over For Doggy Style Bondage Sex
CLASSIC BONDAGE SEX VIDEO from 2010! Isaac W. shows up at Natasha Flade's house angry as she was reading in her dress and high heels. Natasha and Isaac were dating for a little bit, then she decided to friendzone him. Now, two weeks later she's with another guy. Isaac has stormed in unnanounced to say that this is all bullshit, that she didn't even fuck him but she's fucking this new guy! Natasha explains that there just wasn't any chemistry. This sends Isaac into a rage. He forces Natasha down on the bed, crosses her hands behind her and ties them tightly. Grabbing a thick scarf, he makes a cleave gag for Natasha and now she's seriously gagged! Natasha is now moved to the foot of the bed and bent over, her dress is hiked up and her panties are forcibly removed. Isaac takes each ankle and separately binds them with more rope to the posts at the foot of the bed. With Natasha now spread, ass-up and naked from the waist down, Isaac finally gets what he has alwasys wanted -- sex with Natasha! He pounds the bound and gagged Natasha doggy-style until he he cums all over her bare ass! Great cumshot finale!
25 April 2017
Natasha Flade Barefoot, Hogtied, Titty-fucked with a Cumshot Finale!
CLASSIC BONDAGE SEX VIDEO from 2010! Isaac W. went to have a look at his valuable baseball card collection, and he discovers that it's gone. He goes to ask wife Natasha Flade if she moved it, and she says she did. Not only did she move it, she sold it! She said they were short on bills, and she wanted to sell off some stuff. When Isaac hears about how much she sold his whole collection for -- $30 -- he goes completely nuts! Isaac grabs some rope and then grabs Natasha and crosses her hands behind her back and begins to tie her up! Natasha protests, and for her efforts she gets cleave-gagged -- double wrapped, so it's really thick! She's forced to the floor where her feet are tied up and then she's hogtied with her bare feet helplessly wriggling in the air -- great shots of her soles! With his wife hogtied, now comes the second part of his revenge for the loss of his baseball card collection. He strips off her top and then pulls down her jeans and her panties so she's completely nude and hogtied. He gropes her ass and tits, handgags her, sucks on her nipples as she struggles and resists. For the crowning humiliation, Isaac pulls out his dick and rubs it on her face and tits, titty fucking her while she's hogtied and gagged. Isaac then cums all over her tits! Cumshot!
18 April 2017
Natasha Flade Ballgagged & Fucked w/ Strap-On by Lesbian! Forced Orgasm!
CLASSIC BONDAGE SEX VIDEO from 2010! Natasha Flade has arrived for her date with Dan, whom she met on the internet. Natasha is wearing a mini-skirt and high heels with no pantyhose. Unfortunately, Dan turns out to be a lesbian (Daphne Paige) who's tricked Natasha into coming over. Natasha is disgusted and tries to leave but Daphne grabs her and wrestles her down, with a long handgagging and wrestling scene. Natasha ends up naked (except for her high heels) and tied with her ass up on the chaise. Daphne appears with a huge strap-on! She forces a ball gag into Natasha's pretty mouth and starts to fuck her from behind! Natasha is horrified at first and moans and cries, but eventually pleasure overtakes her and in the end, she succumbs to a forced orgasm.
10 April 2017
Natasha Flade Bent Over & Tapegagged for Bondage Sex!
CLASSIC BONDAGE SEX VIDEO from 2010! Natasha Flade was followed home by stalker Isaac W.! He finds her in the bedroom and he grabs her and puts a gun to her face. He orders her to put out her hands together and her starts tying her up! He bends her over the bed and ropes her bound hands to the headboard. With her relatively secure, he tapes her pretty mouth with a few strips of duct tape. Natasha looks smashing tape-gagged! Isaac pulls up her dress and takes her panties off. He binds one foot to the bottom of a bedpost, the other higher up -- she's very accessible in this position! He gropes her thighs and naked ass. Soon, off come his pants and in goes his dick into Natasha! It's a great standing fuck for him, and Natasha is tied-up and gagged so she has to take it! All day if he wished! He pounds her pussy, doing some groping, laughing and hand-gagging as he plows along. At last he cums with grunting and a shout. He leaves poor, helpless Natasha alone, but promises to pay her another visit!
3 April 2017
Natasha Flade Tattles on Isaac, Ends up with His Dick in Her Mouth
CLASSIC BONDAGE SEX VIDEO from 2010! Isaac W. pays a visit to Natasha Flade, his wife's friend. Isaac confronts Natasha because she told his wife that he is cheating on her. Isaac does not want to lose his wife, and Natasha is really fucking things up. Natasha is unrepentant, saying that her friend has every right to know. Well, Isaac kinds knew this is the way it was going to be, that's why there is rope in his pocket. He grabs Natasha and forces her hands behind her and ties them tightly. Natasha isn't taking all this lightly as she resists, but Isaac is a lot bigger than her. "What are you going to do once you have me all tied up?" cries Natasha. Isaac just cryptically replies that she will see. Once she's bound at the knees and ankles, Isaac pulls out his cock for a blowjob. Since he might be losing his wife, he may as well go out with a bang and get his dick sucked by her hot friend Natasha, who screwed everything up. Left with no alternative, Natasha accepts Isaac's dick and gets to work getting him off hoping he'd keep his promise of releasing her when she was through. Isaac gets out Natasha's tits and gropes them a lot during the blowjob, getting him hot enough to explode in her mouth. But he doesn't let her go! He stuffs her blabbering mouth with cloth for a great packing gag and abandons her there to struggle alone!
27 March 2017
Robber Comes for Natasha Flade's Jewels, Gets Bondage Sex Instead!
CLASSIC BONDAGE SEX VIDEO from 2010! Natasha Flade was reading in bed in her little nightie, barefoot, as if nothing out-of-the-ordinary was about to happen. Just then a man burst into the room with a gun and grabs Natasha by the arm! He hauls her up on her knees and crosses her slender wrists behind her back and ties them there. She's cleave-gagged and blind-folded. Her top is dropped and her tits are groped. He bends her over to slide down her pink panties. Now she's helpless and open for business! Out comes his hard cock, and into Natasha it goes! This robber who came in for jewlery is now getting a much better deal. He reaches climax and throws his goo all over Natasha's bare ass. That was a great day to be a home invader!
21 March 2017
Cop Takes Advantage of Small-Time Dealer Natasha Flade
CLASSIC BONDAGE SEX VIDEO from 2010! Natasha Flade is carried into a bedroom, already bound hand & foot and packing gagged. She's placed on the bed, and her captor begins to strip her and methodically tie her spread-eagle for his pleasure. Officer W. has her captive, a cop who busted her for trying to sell drugs to him. Natasha isn't fighting much in the hopes that the cop will get his jollies and not arrest her. So, once he has Natasha naked and spread, he hops on for a ride. Natasha's hot, naked body all tied up is quite the orgasm-inducer for the cop, and when he cums,he shoot his load on her belly. Now that he got what he wanted, will he let her go? Outtake included!
13 March 2017
Two Guys Do Justine Adams
CLASSIC BONDAGE SEX VIDEO from 2010! Blonde Justine Adams crossed the wrong dudes! Darren and Isaac W. surprise beautiful Justine in her bedroom, demanding what they are owed. She denies any shady madness in her methods, but both guys are here and are not leaving until they get what they came for! They jump atop Justine and tie her wrists apart high up on the bedposts. Next her ankles are tied high, too, placing her in a very vulnerable position! Isaac stuffs Justine's mouth with a balled-up bandanna and ties it in place with a scarf. She's packing gagged & cleave gagged! Next the guys debate who is going to fuck her fist. They settle the issue with a single round of rock-paper-scissors, while the horrified, bound and gagged Justine looks on! Darren wins, and strips down and climbs aboard the helpless captive. Darren fucks her hard as Isaac searches her house for anything of value. After Darren cums, Isaac enters, stripping off his shirt to get his sloppy seconds! Justine is in attired in a skirt and high heels for this video.
6 March 2017
Ditched Date Follows Acidalia Home!
CLASSIC BONDAGE SEX VIDEO from 2010! Blonde cutie Acidalia Sabine had a date with Sergio. She wasn't feeling it, so when he went to the restroom, she bolted out the door. Sergio, stunned and humiliated, quickly found out where she lived and arrived in her house a little later after she did. Now she's the stunned one, as Sergio strolls into her bedroom with a gun! Acidalia tries to talk her way out of this mess, but Sergio is having none of this shit. He orders her to take off her skirt and panties. She complies, and then he has her cross her hands behind her and ties them there, tightly. She's still being a little mouthy, so Acidalia gets a knotted cleave-gag. She's forced onto the bed kneeling, ass-up, and Sergio binds her ankles spread to the footboard posts. With his date now helpless and gagged, Sergio gropes her ass and pussy before dropping his pants and shoving his engorged cock inside her. He pounds poor Acidalia until her cums inside her and leave his date there, still tied-up, gagged, her naked ass in the air. Now she was the one who got humiliated.
27 February 2017
Wife Natasha Flade Won't Put Out Until Tied & Gagged
CLASSIC BONDAGE SEX VIDEO from 2010! Isaac W. approaches his wife Natasha Flade, saying that she promised that tonight they would have sex. Natasha, in her little sexy nightie and barefoot, has no recollection of this. She says she's tired and is getting ready to go to sleep. Isaac persists, saying that they have not had sex in a long time. Too long. Natasha is adamant about going to bed sans any sex action. Isaac loses his shit and forces his wife to the floor. He ropes her wrists spread to the legs of the dresser. He strips Natasha's purple panties off and gags her with a scarf. Now with his hot wife all tied up on the floor, Isaac gets what he wants -- sex! Finally!
19 February 2017
Natasha Flade's Best Friend's Husband Comes in For Bondage Sex
CLASSIC BONDAGE SEX VIDEO from 2010! Natasha Flade is visting her best friend and her husband who live out-of-state. She's sleeing in the guest bedroom in her nightie when her friend's husband, Isaac, slips in wearing his robe. He wakes her, and says he noticed she was flirting with him over dinner and he's here to fulfil her desires. Natasha tells him that is complete nonsense and to leave her alone. Isaac persists, and when Natasha gets loud he gets on top of her, handgags her and gets threatening. Now seeing that she won't be as cooperative as he had hoped, Isaac pulls out some rope. He ties her hands in front of her and attaches them to the headboard. Then he gags her with his thick robe sash! Each of her legs is tied apart to the footboard posts. Her bare feet are on display now! Now that Natasha is tightly and perfectly secured and gagged, Isaac drops the robe and angles his hard dick into her pussy. Isaac has his way with his wife's bestie -- something he has always dreamed about!
6 February 2017
Natasha Flade Forced to Give Blowjob from Seated Strappado!
CLASSIC BONDAGE SEX VIDEO from 2010! This bondage sex video begins with Natasha Flade already bound to a chair, her wrists tied behind her and hauled up to the star railing, strappado-style. Natasha is in a little skirt, a tiny top and wedge heels. Her beautiful legs are bare. Isaac stands over her, pulling out his dick and demanding a blowjob. Natasha is whines, but she parts those lovely lips to accept the cock. She sucks Isaac's member since she has no choice in the matter. He pulls down her top so he can fondle her tits while he's getting head, getting him extra hard. Natasha gives his cock good lovin', and Isaac shoots his load into her mouth. But the video does not end there! Isaac puts his satisfied schlong away and grabs a knotted bandanna and cleave-gags Natasha with it! She's left alone for the rest of the video, struggling in her bondage!
6 February 2017
Natasha Flade Tied Up & Fucked by Contractor
CLASSIC BONDAGE SEX VIDEO from 2010! Natasha Flade hired a guy to put her new bedroom furniture together. She's in her cute yellow sundress and matching high heels. Natasha began complaining, thinking he's taking too long, and then she threatens to not pay. The guy gets mad at this bitch bitching at him constantly and he jumps her -- on the brand new bed! He ropes her hands in front of her, stuffs her mouth with a huge white cloth and wraps it in tightly with an ace bandage. She's seriously gagged! Natasha's panties are stripped from her. He ties her feet together and hoists them to dangle suspended from the top of the new bed's canopy. And now, he wants to see how well this new bed is for fucking. The contractor strips down and thrusts his throbbing cock inside helpless Natasha! He may not be getting paid, but he made sure that he got laid!
29 January 2017
Natasha Flade Spread on Sofa & Fucked
CLASSIC BONDAGE SEX VIDEO from 2010! Natasha Flade has been tied to the sofa spread-eagle. She's in stockings and heels, and she's stuffer-gagged. Her dress has been hiked up and her pussy is there for all of us to see. The top of her dress has been pulled down and her tits are exposed. She struggles for a bit, and then her captor comes in. He fondles and teases her, sucks on her titties, and says he is going to "fuck her right through the sofa." He disrobes and plunges his throbbing cock into the helpless Natasha. We see this action from all angles. The grande finale is the cumshot on Natasha's dress!
24 January 2017
Natasha Flade Kidnapped for Ransom and Fucked
CLASSIC BONDAGE SEX VIDEO from 2010! Natasha Flade has been kidnapped! She's brought into a house with her hands tied in front and she's been cleave-gagged. She walked up a flight of stairs and is sat on a coffee table as he captor makes a call. Upon discovering that the ransom might not be paid, Isaac W. unbuttons Natasha's top and plays with her boobs as a prelude to setting up a camera on a tripod and tied her bent over the table, legs spread. Off go Natasha's panties, in goes Isaac's cock! He's fucking Natasha on video to show her husband if he doesn't pay, she'll be continually fucked! Betcha he pays the ransom pretty quickly now!


16 January 2017
Taking Advantage of Bondage Model Natasha Flade

CLASSIC BONDAGE SEX VIDEO from 2010! Natasha Flade is a bondage model, and she's doing her last set with this new photographer she has never worked with. She's in her xxxx and panties and is told to get atop a dining room table and lay down on her belly. She's tied spread out in an "X" as her and Isaac converse. When she's pinned down to the four corners of the table, Natasha asks about the gag. "I'm going to gag you with my cock!" Isaac says and unzips his fly and presents his member. Natasha screams and Isaac handgags her and threatens to make her day miserable if she does not give him a blowjob. Helpless and left with no options, Natasha sucks Isaac off.

8 January 2017
Natasha Flade Fucked While Waiting for the Money

CLASSIC BONDAGE SEX VIDEO from 2010! Natasha Flade is carried in by Isaac W., already bound with her hands behind her and her pretty mouth gagged with a thick cleave gag. She's sat on a chair and her ankles are tied. Isaac gets a phone call and is told to wait with his captive. Isaac, not wanting to be bored, plays with his captive's tits, and Natasha is not liking this intrusion. This action is getting Isaac all horny. He stands her up and strips her naked. Then we cut to her tied bent over the dining room pable with her legs tied apart and Isaac plunging his dick inside of helpless Natasha. What better way to spend your time with your tied up and gagged captive!

2 January 2017
Natasha Flade and the Insurance Scam and the Forced Blowjob

CLASSIC BONDAGE SEX VIDEO from 2010! Natasha Flade has Isaac W. over to run an insurance scam. Isaac is an ex-con, but a friend of a friend recommended him for this job. So Isaac and Natasha are chatting about how this is going to go down, as Natasha is looking quite smashing in her skirt, high heels and pantyhose. Natasha tells him he has to tie her up, mess up her place, and she'll claim the losses on insurance. Her valuables have already been placed in storage, so it's an easy money grab. Isaac gets to work, tying her hands behind her, then at the ankles. He hauls her bound hands high up behind her in the strappado position and Natasha starts complaining. He comes back around, handgags her and pulls her tits out. Isaac really doesn't want a paltry cut from this job -- he wants a blowjob! After all, he'd spend that money on hookers anyway, and he has this beauty all ready to go, so why not? He forces her to kiss him, gropes her tits, then sticks his dick into her mouth for a great blowjob! Does he let her go at the end? FIND OUT!

26 December 2016
Wife Natasha Tries a Little Bondage Sex

CLASSIC BONDAGE SEX VIDEO from 2009! Isaac and his wife Natasha Flade were all cuddly on the sofa when Natasha notices there's robe by the pillow. When she asks about it Isaac reminds her that she agreed to try out a little bondage. He pulls out the rope and Natasha holds her hands together to be tied. She's cool with it and she's looking hot in her little nightie. After he has her hands bound in front of her he reaches for a thick scarf gag and promptly cleave-gags her with it. Now Natasha is having second thoughts. This is a little too intense for her. But Isaac has been fantasizing about this scenario for too long to stop now. And after all, he already has her hands ties and protesting mouth gagged, right? So he forces her to the floor, attaches her hands to the leg of the sofa, removes her panties and then ties her bare feet together. Now he deems her ready, and assures her that she will enjoy all this once he gets going. She is still resisting and pleading as he spears her with his hard, throbbing cock. Her bare feet are hoisted up and are on prominent display as she's fucked really hard by an especially excited Isaac, who just tied up his wife for the first time!

19 December 2016
After the Divorce, Sergio Returns for Chloe

CLASSIC BONDAGE SEX VIDEO from 2009! Chloe Night was making the bed in her robe when her ex-husband Sergio drops in unannounced. Things quickly take a turn for the worse and she orders him to leave, but Sergio has no intention of leaving. He pins her to the bed and crosses her hands behind her back and ropes them tightly. He gags her cursing mouth with a knotted cleave gag, then forces her to bend over as he fishes his cock out. One more last ride for the ex-husband! He fucks her bent over like that and then cums on her back!

12 December 2016
Fucking Natasha While Waiting for the Ransom

CLASSIC BONDAGE SEX VIDEO from 2009! Natasha Flade is bound and tape-gagged in her skirt and top, a victim of a kidnapping. The gangster ordered to watch her as the ransom is retrieved, Isaac, is bored. Since it's already been three hours and nothing going on, he decides to have a little fun. He strips her, fondles her tits and bare ass, bends her over the sofa and fucks the shit out of her. Which was a far more productive use of his time.

5 December 2016
Making Robber Natasha Give You a Blowjob!

CLASSIC BONDAGE SEX VIDEO from 2009! Natasha Flade robbing Isaac's place wearing her black skirt, pantyhose and boots, thinking he wasn't home. But he comes in on her. She just wants to get out of there and begs him to not call the cops -- she's just really down on her luck. Isaac says he's gonna call the cops right now -- unless she lets him tie her up. She acquiesces to his kinky request. Once he has her bound at the wrists, knees and ankles, he announces he has one more request: a really fine blowjob. What can poor Natasha do? She's all tied up and now there's a hard cock in her face. She sucks him off ... but does Isaac keep his promise to let her go?

27 November 2016
Natasha Double Penetrated by Chloe & Isaac!

CLASSIC BONDAGE SEX VIDEO from 2009! Natasha Flade was relaxing at home in her bed in her high heels and white slacks and pink blouse when Chloe barges in with a gun! She accuses Natasha of getting her fired and fucking the boss. She ties Natasha's hands in front of her, opens her blouse and pulls out those perfect tits. She cleave-gags Natasha and ties her up bent over, pulls down her pants and panties and puts on a strap-on! She's fucking her frustrations on poor Natasha when the boss comes in on all this! He wants a piece of this sweet action, so he ungags Natasha and sticks his cock in her mouth! It's double-penetration time for poor, helpless Natasha! A bondage sex scene for the ages!

20 November 2016
Natalie Minx Tied and Drilled for Being a Lazy Wife

CLASSIC BONDAGE SEX VIDEO from 2009! Natalie Minx, in her skirt and heels, was gazing at her beautiful nails when a masked intruder comes in and starts tying her hands in front of her. She thinks it's a joke of some sort until she gets cleave-gagged with a thick scarf. She's placed on the floor and her hands are tethered to a sofa leg. Her ankle is attached to a leg of the chaise. He opens up her top and fondles her tits through her bra, then peels back that bra and he all over her enormous and gorgeous breasts. Off go her panties! The intruder gets his cock out and throws her leg in the air and drills her hard and long, as she's helpless there on the floor. She finds out her husband set this up because she's a lazy bitch!

13 November 2016
Natasha Gives a Bondage Blowjob for Late Rent

CLASSIC BONDAGE SEX VIDEO from 2009! Natasha Flade is cleaning the house when her landlord walks in demanding the rent money. Natasha explains she lost her job -- again. The landlord isn't happy and asks why she's still in her pajammas at noon -- no wonder why she doesn't have a job! He tells her she has to evict herfrom her apartment -- unless she agrees to a "little exchange." Natasha is sat on a chair and the landlord ties her to it, first her wrists and then her bare feet. Her ankles are attached to the chair legs. Then the landlord whips out his cock; he wants a blowjob! Natasha is aghast but she has no choice if she wants to keep her apartment. She reluctantly gives the landlord head until he cums in her mouth. He also pulls up her shirt and plays with her titties while he fucks her mouth with his hard cock. But afterwards, he doesn't let her go as promised! He had such a good time he's going to keep her there for some more bondage blowjob action later! But first he stuffs a gag in her mouth so the neighbors can't hear her screaming!

6 November 2016
Natasha Bound & Fucked Hard on the Floor!

CLASSIC BONDAGE SEX VIDEO from 2007! Pure bondage and fucking! This clip starts with Isaac alreadt atop the bound and gagged Natasha Flade. She is on her back on the floor, her hands bound to the coffee table. Her mouth has been stuffed with cloth and it's tied in place by rope bound around her head. Her bare leg is forced into the air so Isaac has excellent penetration and we have a great view of all the hardcore acrion. Her tits are fondled and she's plowed until Isaac finishes inside her!

30 October 2016
Wife Natasha Did Porn and Now She Pays with Blowjob!

CLASSIC BONDAGE SEX VIDEO from 2009! Isaac W. comes home fuming to his wife Natasha Flade, who is seated in her skirt, dark pantyhose and high heels. He found out that she did a porn flick. He can't believe this! he doesn't get any love at home, and here she is dishing out the goods onscreen and his buddies have been whacking off to her! so now, godammit, she's going to give HIM a blowjob! Natasha refuses, so Isaac whips out some rope and starts tying her to the chair. Once she's all secure, he then whips out his throbbing hard cock and orders he to give it to him like in the flick she did. Having no other alternative, Natasha begins to polish Isaac's knob until he has a screaming ordasm in her mouth. There's blowjobs and then there's bondage blowjobs. From Natasha Flade.

23 October 2016
Natasha Gets Revenge Fucked

CLASSIC BONDAGE SEX VIDEO from 2009! Isaac W. comes in on Natasha Flade who is in the middle of a painting project. She's in a dew rag, denim shorts and shirt. Isaac has a gun to her head and a hand over her mouth. When she promises to cooperate he removes the handgag and begins to tie her up, hands in front. He tells her that a deal went bad with her boyfriend Sergei and he never made up for it, so he's here to fuck her as revenge. He cleavegags her with her dew rag, literally rips her shirt off to grope her exposed tits. She's thrown on the bed and her skirt and panties are pulled off. He legs are tied spread: one high to the headboard and the other low to the footboard. Isaa climbs on top for his splendid revenge fuck. Sergei will not be happy when he comes home to find his girl like this.

16 October 2016
Blindfolded & Hogtied Natasha Gives Head
CLASSIC BONDAGE SEX VIDEO from 2009! Isaac W. carries in Natasha Flade, bound hand and foot, blindfolded and wearing skirt and pantyhose. He places her on the bed, flips her over and hogties her as she pleads with him. Her tits are pulled out and groped as he handgags her. Isaac hauls out his hard cock and orders Natasha to suck it. Natasha does as directed, pleasing her captor with her lips and tongue. After Isaac finishes, he cleave gags her and gropes her tits some more.
8 October 2016
Truck Driver's Wife Natasha Doesn't Want Sex
CLASSIC BONDAGE SEX VIDEO from 2009! Isaac is a long-haul truck driver and comes home after days on the road to his wife Natasha Flade. He is road-weary and in the mood for some lovin. Natasha, on the other hand, is in no mood for lovin' at all. She tells him he stinks and needs to take a shower. Isaac shall not be rebuffed this time, so he pulls some rope from a pocket and ties her hands in front of her as she resists and screams for him to stop. He gets a huge wad of white cloth and crams it into his ice-cold wife's mouth and wraps an ace bandage around her face numerous times for a very effective gag. Natasha is thrown onto her back on the bed and her bound hands are connected to the head board. Isaac strips his helpless, struggling wife naked and gropes her parts. We cut to her legs tied high to the headboard, her high heels in the air, and Isaac plunges his throbbing cock inside of her until he cums. Just what he needed after that long haul!
2 October 2016
Natasha's Post-Divorce Thievery Leads to a Forced Blowjob!!
CLASSIC BONDAGE SEX VIDEO from 2008! Natasha Flade sneaks into her ex-husband's house after work, in a dres, pantyhose and heels. She wants to steal back a some of the stuff he kept that is rightfully hers. As she places things into a bag, Isaac comes in on her, catching her red-handed. Isaac gets mad, then picks her up and throws her atop the dining room table. There she's hogtied tightly. In order for him to not call the cops on her, she now will perform orally on his cock. Like she has any say in the matter at this point. So, Isaac gets a really nice blowjob from his hogtied ex-wife!
25 September 2016
Natasha Flade Pisses off the Mover!
CLASSIC BONDAGE SEX VIDEO from 2008! Natasha Flade is having a mover help with her big house move. It's six o'clock and time for him to leave, but Natasha is suddenly pitching a hissy and refusing to pay since not all the work is done. The contractor tries to plead his case, but Natasha's being a class-A biotch! He forces her down to the chair and whips out some rope, tying her hands behind that chairback as she flails and screams. We cut to Natasha thoroughly bound to that chair. Now the mover is telling her that she needs to cuck his cock to make everything better. So, out comes the cock and into Natasha's mouth it goes! She's forced from her chairtied position to give good head. The mover moves her top down and plays with her tits as his dick is being lip-massaged. He cums in ehr mouth and immediatly handgags her to make her swallow his load! He takes a long scarf and gags her with it before leaving! She struggles in humiliation as her leaves her like that.
18 September 2016
Natasha Tied-Up & Fucked at a Party!
CLASSIC BONDAGE SEX VIDEO from 2009! Natasha Flade is at a party at a friend's house. She sneaks off to a bedroom alone for a bit of peace from the loud music and because she's a snoop. She's looking through some personal things on the dresser when another party-goer, Isaac, enters the room. He has the idea that she slipped in her for a little action, and when he makes his moves on her, she resists and tells him he has the totally wrong idea. He persists, and then uses force and handgags her, ties her hands in front, cleave-gags her. How he has a tied-up and gagged little party girl in her dres and heels, all helpless. So he yanks down the front of her dress, gropes her tits, then drags her down to the floor where her attaches her bound wrists to a leg of that heavy dresser. Off come Natasha's panties then off come Isac's clothes and in comes his hard cock! What a party! Isaac has more fun that he had ever imagined when he got the invite!
12 September 2016
Natasha Flade Chloroformed & Fucked Arriving Home from Office
CLASSIC BONDAGE SEX VIDEO from 2009! Natasha Flade has just gotten home from the office. She is wearing a turtleneck sweater, tights and miniskirt. She hangs her coat in the closet and takes off her shoes. Suddenly, an intruder jumps up behind her with a smelly rag full of chloroform! He holds the cloth firmly to Natasha's face as she struggles to get free from him. The drug knocks her out and she falls limp in the abductor's arms. The clip cuts to Natasha bound at the wrists and gagged and being carried into a messy garage. The abductor lays his helpless victim on the floor and starts to strip her. Then he gropes her now naked body. Natasha begins to wake up. She realizes she is tied up and starts to scream. The abductor quickly puts his hand over her mouth. While she is handgagged, the kidnapper warns her to be quiet. Then he shoves his hard cock inside of her and fucks her until he cums while Natasha cries and moans, helpless to stop him.
4 September 2016
That Will Shut Up Natasha!
CLASSIC BONDAGE SEX VIDEO from 2009! Natasha Flade is drawing a bath when her ex-husband  barges in, mad as hell. He grabs her and accuses her of telling lies to his new girlfriend. Natasha tries to deny it, but her ex isn't having any of that. He grabs her and ties her wrists behind her back, then forces her to the edge of the tub. He then attaches her arms up high and tight strappado style. Natasha is annoyed, but thinks he is just being a nutjob. She abuses him verbally and he loses it, telling her he's going to shut her up with his hard cock! Natasha is forced to suck him off if she has any hope of ever getting free!
28 August 2016
Converting the Lesbian
CLASSIC BONDAGE SEX VIDEO from 2009! Natasha Flade is on the sofa sleeping in her silk nightie, barefoot,  when her neighbor comes barging in. He's in love with her BUT -- she's a lesbian. He's here to convert her to men. Of course, Natasha is offended and outraged. She refuses any of his craziness, so he has to handgag her, then force her to sit on the coffee table while he ties her up. All the tying is on-screen. He then tells her that once she tastes a nice hard cock in her mouth, she'll quit being a lesbian for good! He unzips his pants, shoves his cock in her mouth and makes her blow him or else he won't let her go!
Natasha's Lost Wager
CLASSIC BONDAGE SEX VIDEO from 2009! Natasha lost a bet with Isaac, and he's taking it seriously -- she has to have sex with him now. So she stands up and strips down to nothing but her heels. When Isaac starts to cash in and feel her up, she begins to have second thoughts. She tries to welsh and Isaac first grabs her around the neck in a choke, and then handgags her as she starts to scream. He stuffs her mouth and wraps it in place with a long bandage. She's then tied down and spread out on the chaise. NOW Isaac gets his reward as he fucks the helpless and naked Natasha until he cums!
14 August 2016
Chloe IS the Christmas Bonus!
CLASSIC BONDAGE SEX VIDEO from 2009! Everyone has left the Christmas party that Chloe hosted. Just her and Sergio are left on the sofa, still drunk and waiting to sober up a bit. Sergio begins to hit on Chloe aggressively, but Chloe is getting angry and keeps pushing his hands off of her. Suddenly things escalate and Sergio pulls rope out of his pocket and ties Chloe's hands together. Chloe is a little too drunk to give sufficient resistance, but she was making plenty of noise, so she's cleave-gagged with a thick, knotted scarf. She's thrown to the floor, one of her boots is tethered to a sofa leg and her panties are pulled off and thrown off into a corner. Now Sergio strips down, positions Chloe so she has one of her boots in the air and slides himself inside of her for a very merry Christmas ride!
8 August 2016
The Contractor Gets Paid in Bondage Sex
CLASSIC BONDAGE SEX VIDEO from 2008! Natasha Flade has a contractor over to provide an estimate on refinishing her dining room table in time for the big Thanksgiving dinner she has planned. He says that there's no way he can meet that deadline ... unless she has sex with him. At first she wants to throw him out of the house. But he was recommended as the best and she really wants to make a good impression on her family. She relents, and then he gets out some rope, "Why do you want to tie me up?" she asks. "It's what I like and also I want to make sure you don't change your mind." So, Natasha is tied bent over the table. She's in a short dress, pantyhose and heels. He spreads her legs out to tie them to separate legs of the table. Natasha's mouth is stuffed with cloth for a gag. He removes some his own clothing and puts his cock in the now helpless Natasha. We get all sorts of angles of the fucking, until finally the contractor explodes inside her!
1 August 2016
Chloe Drunk, Passed Out, & Taped Up
CLASSIC BONDAGE SEX VIDEO from 2009! Chloe Night went home from the bar with a man she barely knew. The two did shots together until Chloe passed out. Her date tries to strip her and have his way with her, feeling her up and groping all her special parts. Chloe manages to give some resistance, so her date decides to duct tape her ankles to her wrists. When Chloe makes some protests, she ends up cleave-gagged , too! Poor Chloe is drunk as hell, all taped up, and getting fucked hard. Afterwards, he has one for the road, then leaves Chloe bound and gagged on the bed!
24 July 2016
Natasha Hogtied & Fucked
CLASSIC BONDAGE SEX VIDEO from 2009! Natasha Flade has been kidnapped. Her captor has her roped into a barefoot hogtie on a mattress and she's gagged with a stuffer and cleave. Natasha squirms about helplessly, trying frantically to get loose. But it's no use -- the abductor returns! Natasha screams through her gag as he comes towards her. He pushes her onto her stomach and unties the connector rope, then bends her over the edge of the mattress. Natasha's panties are pulled down and her abductor starts to fuck her from behind, never removing his sunglasses! When he's done, he re-hogties her.
17 July 2016
Natasha's Lies & Chloe's Strap-On!
CLASSIC BONDAGE SEX VIDEO from 2009! When Chloe hears that Natasha has ben spreading rumors about her being a lesbian, she is WAY pissed. She marches into Natasha's bedroom and pulls out a gun! Natasha is FIRST ballgagged, THEN bound to the bed and her panties yanked off of her. Her ankles are bound and attached to the headboard and then Chloe really gives it to her with the strap-on! Natasha is barefoot, wearing a nightie, topless and fully naked for this video
3 July 2016
Natasha's Too Noisy so She Gets Bound & Fucked
CLASSIC BONDAGE SEX VIDEO from 2006! Natasha Flade is working out on the treadmill late at night. Her husband, Isaac, is pissed off because he can't sleep. He asks her to stop, but Natasha indignantly refuses! Angry, Isaac grabs Natasha, handgags her hard and pulls her right off the treadmill and onto the weightbench. Next we see her she's been stripped of her shoes and her bare feet are tied spread to barbell. She's cleave-gagged and fucked, barefoot the entire time with her soles right by her husband's face. Isaac pulls up her top and bra on-screen as he fucks her and plays with her exposed titties! He fucks her good and hard to teach her a lesson, claiming that THIS is a workout that will get her in shape for sure as she frantically struggles and gagtalks protests to no avail!
26 June 2016
Natasha Bent Over the Sofa
CLASSIC BONDAGE SEX VIDEO from 2006! This one is short and just pure bondage sex! Natasha Flade is in a dress and heels and bent over a sofa arm. Her tits are out and her mouth is packed with stuffing. Her legs are tied spread and her ass is naked and Isaac is plowing her.
19 June 2016
Natasha Subdued & Fucked with Party Pills!
CLASSIC BONDAGE SEX VIDEO from 2009! Natasha is getting ready to party with this dude and some party pills, but he has slipped her something that makes her all weak and drowsy. She doesn't totally fall unconscious, but she's too slow and weak to do anything, so Isaac does EVERYTHING! He slips her clothes off, fondles her and ropes her into a half ball tie with her hands in front. He props her up with her legs in the air and plows that helpless, free pussy. When she gets a little too noisy, he handgags her. He does this a lot in the video. After he shoots his load in her, he forces more pills into Natasha's mouth to make sure she stays intoxicated!
12 June 2016
Natasha Never Put Out But Now Does!
CLASSIC BONDAGE SEX VIDEO from 2009! Natasha Flade and her date have just gotten back to Natasha's house. Natasha tells him she has to get up early for work and she's going to bed -- alone. Her date gets angry, grabs and handgags Natasha and tells her he's tired of taking her out for all these weeks and not getting any! He demands a blowjob and he knows she's not going to give him one willingly, so he has to tie her up! He handgags her, ties her wrists together her back, then forces her to her knees on the floor. Natasha's bound wrists are then hoisted up and tied strappado style to the railing above her. Next, her ankles are bound together, too. Natasha begs him to promise that he'll let her go if she gives him a blowjob. Reluctantly, she sucks his cock until while he undoes her top and plays with her tits. Finally, he explodes in her mouth. But will he let Natasha go or make her give him another blowjob later on??
5 June 2016
CLASSIC BONDAGE SEX VIDEO from 2009! Blonde Chloe Night was sashaying around the house doing a little dusting in her dress and heels, as sexy women customarily do. She's set upon by an intruder with a gun who handgags her and guides her over to the sofa where he binds her wrists behind her. He pulls the top of her dress down and fondles her tits as he handgags her again. Chloe is cleave-gagged, her dress pulled up and her panties pulled off. She's frogtied and her naked ass is groped. At last Sergio whips out his hard cock and gives Chloe the hardest fucking of her life. When he climaxes, he throws his spunk on her ass! Chloe is naked and barefoot for most of this video.
29 May 2016
Natasha Nails the Job Interview
CLASSIC BONDAGE SEX VIDEO from 2009! Natasha is wearing a sexy office outfit for the job interview -- red silk blouse, miniskirt, cuban stockings and heels. She tells the boss she'll do anything to get the job, so when he pulls out some rope and tells her the job is hers if she agrees to some bondage play, Natasha eagerly agrees.She allows her hadns to be tied in front of her, her blouse opened and her breasts fondled through the lacy bra. Her ankles are tied, keeping her red high heels together. She is stood up, her legs are tied and then her pretty lips are parted by cleave gag. After some more groping of her tits and ass, she's laid down on the floor and secured to a sofa leg. Natasha starts to change her mind when the boss undress and pulls out his cock. Ad when he raises her leg and slams that cock home, she really gets upset! But what can she do now that's she's bound and gagged? NOTHING! The boss handgags Natasha over her gag, repeatedly forces himself in her! Explicit hardcore forced bondage sex!
22 May 2016
Chloe Night Fucked Beneath the Table
CLASSIC BONDAGE SEX VIDEO from 2009! Chloe Night is eating breakfast when a masked man comes in and holds her up and handgags her. He makes her strip at gunpoint, handgagging her the whole time! He ties her wrists and gags her while she is standing there nude. The masked man then forces Chloe to the floor where she ends up tied to the table and spread WIDE, legs high in the air. Little does Chloe know, but her boyfriend is in deep shit with a rival gang and Chloe is going to befucked by the rival gang to get back at her boyfriend! The masked man takes poor Chloe by force, telling her this is a warning to her boyfriend.
15 May 2016
Natasha Fucked Over a Chair in the Kitchen!
CLASSIC BONDAGE SEX VIDEO from 2009! Natasha Flade was in the kitchen cooking when an intruder comes up behind her and handgags her! He then gags her with a dinner napkin, tying it in place with rope. Then Natasha is forced to bend over a chair and her kicking, stocking clad ankles are tied to the chair legs. Natasha is now spread wide -- and the intruder starts to fuck her from behind.
8 May 2016
Fucked on a Ransom Tape!
CLASSIC BONDAGE SEX VIDEO from 2007! Someone is creeping up behind Natasha Flade! She's handgagged, her hands bound in front of her and a bandanna is stuffed into her mouth and a long scarf is wrapped over that several times! He then forces poor Natasha to the flor, strips off her skirt and panties and ropes one leg out to another piece of furniture. He gets out a camra. He's going to make a ransom tape! He says with him fucking her in the video, the money will surely come a lot faster! So, he shucks off his clothes, and with the camera running, he slips Natasha his cock and fucks her until he comes, truly enjoying his job!
1 May 2016
Natasha Flade Tricked into Blowjob by Husband's Hoax!
CLASSIC BONDAGE SEX VIDEO from 2009! Natasha Flade has been chair-tied by a robber in her jeans, tight top, over the mouth gag and bare feet. Her husband finds her and rushes to help her, but then he suddenly stops. It seems Natasha hasn't been putting out, so he demands a blowjob before he'll let her go! Natasha can't believe he is doing this seeing as she's just been tied up and robbed, but she reluctantly agrees -- after all, she's tied to a chair and helpless, so what can she do? She gives her husband a blowjob while chair tied. After he cums, he tells her the robbery was all hoax to get her tied up for a forced blowjob! Needless to say, Natasha is not happy with the hoax! 10+ min!
24 April 2016
Naked Hardcore with Ballgagged Natasha Flade!
This scene from 2007 is taken from the movie "Diamonds." Isaac W. has the naked Natasha Flade right where he wants her: tied on the bed, arms and legs apart, naked and with a large ballgag in her mouth! Isn't that how we all would like her? So he drops his robe and climbs into bed with her. He nails her pussy for all he's worth, riding her helpess body the rest of the video unti he explodes inside her!
18 April 2016
Model Tricked into Forced Bondage Sex!
This is Chloe Night's very first bondage shoot. Isaac is explaining everything to her as he ties her to the bed and then gags her with a huge wad of stuffing. But then he leaves -- and returns with another guy! He literally hands the bound & gagged Chloe over to Sergio for his birthday gift! Sergio thanks Isaac, then starts to molest and finger fuck the poor Chloe -- sucking on her tits and licking her pussy! He's really enjoying his tied up and gagged birthday present! Chloe is frantic when she realizes she's been duped and this is nothing like she had signed up for. Chloe flies into a panic when she sees that she's not just being molested but she's going to get FUCKED. Sergio strips down and climbs atop Chloe for some very satisfying birthday sex, riding her HARD. When he's done, Isaac returns and says he'll take the sloppy seconds and strats to strip down also....
10 April 2016
Dragged Into the Woods
Natasha Flade is severely gagged with stuffing and an ace bandage, her hands and feet are bound. The attacker is dragging her through the woods until he comes to a tree. He unties her wrists and reties them in front of her, threatening her to be quiet. Natasha mews and makes little sobs. She's tossed under the tree. The clip cuts to Natasha on her knees, with her hands tied to the branch above her head. Natasha's pants and panties are yanked down, exposing her sweet goods. She's then fucked hard from behind. Her breasts are exposed while he has his way with her. After he cums, he dresses up and leaves her there, tied in a hard position alone in the woods.
3 April 2016
What Was in That Cigarette?
Natasha Flade is at a party and decides to take a break from all the action by heading to a bedroom. There she encounters Isaac, who offers her a smoke. She soon feels dizzy and passes out. Isaac pulls some rope from his pockets and ties her hand behind her. She begins to stir but she's still to drugged to resist much, but she gets a handghag and a cleave gag anyway. Isaac arranges her skirt and panties and unzips his fly for a little easy action. He gives it to her hard, and there's people outside the door! Natasha is in a dress, stockings and heels for this video.
27 March 2016
Natasha Flade Drugged & Tricked into Bondage Blowjob!
Natasha Flade enlists the help of a stranger when her car breaks down, but he spikes her drink while she calls a repair service that the stranger recommends. She falls unconscious and he starts tying her up. Natasha awakens to find herself bound and being stripped! The man tells her she has to give him head if she wants to be set free! But after he cums in her mouth, he gags her and calls the "repair serivce" himself. Turns out it's really his friend and now HE'S coming over to get a blowjob, too! Natasha gets handgagged, gagged and fondled, too! An epic 15 minute video!
20 March 2016
CLASSIC BONDAGE SEX VIDEO: Basement Post-tied Blowjob
CLASSIC BONDAGE SEX VIDEO from 2004! One of the earliest bondage sex videos! Natasha Flade is tied kneeling and naked to a post in an old, musty basement. Isaac comes in and sticks his dick right in her mouth and makes her suck it for the duration! He cums in her mouth then whips out a large bandanna and cleave-gags her. Not quite finshed with his nude bound & gagged captive, he gropes and sucks her tits!
13 March 2016
CLASSIC BONDAGE SEX VIDEO: Natasha and the Casting Call!
CLASSIC BONDAGE SEX VIDEO from 2007! Natasha Flade is auditioning for a role in movie. She knows a lot is on the line and the director has just told her that he didn't like any of the other actresses. He tells her the role requires her to say her lines with "passion, yet restraint." After a few bad attempts, the director tells Natasha he has a technique that will help her get it right. He ties her wrists and asks her to try again. Still not satisfied with her delivery, the director proceeds to tie Natasha's ankles. Natasha tries the line again, but the director is still not happy. He has one more technique that is guaranteed to land her the role: give him a blowjob! Natasha is helped to her knees as the director unzips his fly. Natasha wants the role badly and is more than willing to comply! Natasha eagerly sucks the director's large cock. She asks him if this is why the other girls didn't get the part and assures him she is willing to do whatever it takes -- maybe she can get the lead role!  The director enjoys his blowjob from the bound Natasha. After he cums in her mouth, he gags her and plays with her tits for a minute, telling her he has a new movie that he is sure she would be perfect for as the main star!
6 March 2016
CLASSIC BONDAGE SEX VIDEO: Natasha Stands Up Isaac on a Date
CLASSIC BONDAGE SEX VIDEO from 2009! Isaac W. had a date with Natasha Flade, but she stood him up! After waiting at the bar for an hour, he just goes on over to her house! There he finds her, all dressed up in her dress, pantyhose and red high heels! She feels badly for standing him up, and Isaac proposes a way she can make it up to him -- by letting him tie her up! She reluctantly goes along. He frogties her on the floor, cleave-gags her with a bandanna, then he starts pulling up her dress and pulling down her panties! She's not exactly cool with this, but he doesn't care. He strips naked himself and plunges his cock into her for a great bondage fucking. Turns out that was a fantastic date after all!
29 February 2016
CLASSIC BONDAGE SEX VIDEO from 2008! Chloe Night was relaxing on the sofa barefoot in her nightie when a stranger saunters in with a gun! He orders to hold her hands out and begins tying them. He explains that he's been stalking her for a long time and that he's her biggest fan. And when Chloe begins to protest a little too much, Sergio wraps a double gag intio her mouth. She ends up being tied spread on the sofa. Sergio feels her tender parts before stripping down himself and climbing atop his favorite star naked and rock-hard. In goes his throbbing cock into her sweet, helpless pussy -- a dream come true for Sergio. He fucks her hard until he shoots his load all over her belly.
20 February 2016
CLASSIC BONDAGE SEX VIDEO from 2004! Natasha Flade is tied up strappado in a garage! She's in her long skirt, pantyhose and high heels. She's also tightly bound at the elbows. Isaac comes in and forces her pretty lips to his cock and orders her to get sucking. And suck him off she does.
14 February 2016
CLASSIC BONDAGE SEX VIDEO: Spread on the Mattress
CLASSIC BONDAGE SEX VIDEO from 2006! This one is from 10 years ago! And what a little treasure it is. Like last week, this one is just the bondage sex. Natasha Flade is tied spread down to a mattress on the floor. She's in stockings and heels and her top is open and she's nippin' out! Her hands are tied apart to a weighted barbell and Isaac climbs aboard his helpless captive, who is screaming through her cleave gag. He fucks the helpless damsel raw in this five minute video!
7 February 2016
CLASSIC BONDAGE SEX VIDEO from 2009! Just the bondage sex, please. That's what we got in this one. The video starts off with Natasha Flade tied up naked under the dinner table with her arms apart and her bare feet together and suspended straight up in the air! Her mouth is packing-gagged. Isaac is there to slip his cock in her. He works that helpless pussy, pausing to grope and suck on her tits! Great bondage sex!
31 January 2016
CLASSIC BONDAGE SEX VIDEO: Workout Leads to Bondage Sex
CLASSIC BONDAGE SEX VIDEO from 2009! Natasha Flade is working out with her personal trainer, when he's gets pretty damn personal! He throws her down on the weight bench and ropes her hands together under it. He unzips her hoodie, opens her bra and gropes her tits wheile giving her and handgag! We cutto the action here, with Natasha's legs tied aprt and up to the ends of the barbell. Isaac is now only in his workout gloves and shoes and a serious hardon. He plunges his cock into Natasha's unwilling pussy and rides her until he finishes! Great shots of Natasha's packing gag and bare feet!
24 January 2016
CLASSIC BONDAGE SEX VIDEO: Landlord Gets a Bondage Blowjob
CLASSIC BONDAGE SEX VIDEO from 2009! Natasha Flade is tied up on the floor in her nightie, barefoot. She's bound to an iron by her landlord. Natasha has agreed to this predicament because she hasn't been able to pay rent. They converse and her slips her top down and her plays with her titties. He finally talks her into a blowjob. He chucks his shirt, unxips his pants and pops his cock into ehr mouth. Nice way for her to make rent!
18 January 2016
CLASSIC BONDAGE SEX VIDEO: Bound & Fingerbanged in the Bathroom!
CLASSIC BONDAGE SEX VIDEO from 2005! Natasha is tied next to the bathtub, her hands above her attached to the towel rack and her legs immobilized in a frogtie. She's in boots and pantyhose and skirt. She's gagged with a large packing that fills her mouth.Isaac is there, finishing cutting a hole in her pantyhose so he can access her pussy. But first he pulls up her top and peels down her bra cups to grope those tits. Next his fingers tease her pussy, and then enter. First one finger, then two!
10 January 2016
CLASSIC BONDAGE SEX VIDEO: Busted for Dealing! Forced Blowjob with Cop's Cock!
CLASSIC BONDAGE SEX VIDEO from 2009! Natasha Flade is a dealer selling some Mary Jane to Isaac W. He reveals that this is a bust and he's a cop! He cuffs her and sits her down in a chair. She pleads for pity -- she can't go to jail. Well, Officer W has an idea. He'll let her go in exchange for a blowjob. Natasha reluctantly agrees and she quickly finds a cop's cock in her mouth. So give gives him head until he cums, and then he reveals that he's not done with her yet! He handgags her while he gets a nice large wad of cloth from his pocket and stuff that into her mouth and ties it in. He ropes her up really well and then carries her out the door!
3 January 2016
CLASSIC BONDAGE SEX VIDEO from 2009! Natasha Flade is showing off the guest bedroom redecorating to her husband, Isaac W. He is not happy, her spending all this money without asking. And furthermore, he complains that he never gets laid. Thinking about all she spends and his lack of sexual attention, he just loses it and whips out some rope and starts tying her hands behind her back. He grabs a thick scarf and wraps it into her mouth twice to make a great cleave gag. Her nightshirt is unbuttoned and he gropes her tits as she squirms and moans through that gag. At last she's bent over on the bed with her ass in the air and Isaac thrusts his dick into her. Ah, the satisfaction of getting some tail after the long draught. The satisfaction of getting something HE wants for once. Sometimes, you just have to tie up and gag your wife to get what you want!

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