12-05-17 CLASSIC ANAL BONDAGE SEX VIDEO from 2010! This is part 2 to last week's EPIC ANAL BONDAGE SEX VIDEO.  Last week, Natalie Minx agreed to make some bondage sex porn in order to forestall a foreclosure on their mortgage. But once her boyfriend, Isaac W., had poor Natalie all  tied up spread and naked, he brings in some other guy and announces this dude, Jake, (a professional male porn model) is  actually going to be the one fucking Natalie for the videos! To make matters worse, Jake is going to fuck Natale up the ass!  Now Natalie, of course, is horrified by this change of events. She tries struggling, but it's no use as her boyfriend, Isaac W., has her tied and gagged nice and tight. Natalie's helpless to stop herself from the anal assault while her boyfriend stands by filming the whole thing! Now, in Part 2, Jake and Isaac decide the video isn't turning out well enough. The two conspire how to best get a hot-selling anal bondage sex video. They conclude  that Natalie needs to be tied differently, so Isaac reties Natalie with her ass up high in the air so Jake has better access to pound it like he wants to! He lubes her ass a bit with his fingers before climbing aboard to finish the shoot. We get to see Jake Natalie's ass good with his big, hard cock. He's obviously taking a lot of pleasure in this "work." Finally, he explodes for a great cumshot all over Natalie's naked ass! But is Natalie's woes over? Jake and Isaac discuss payment arrangements and more "work" for Jake -- and the helplessly bound and gagged Natalie Minx!   12 minutes!
11-28-17 CLASSIC BONDAGE SEX VIDEO from 2010! Big breasted brunette, Natalie Minx, and her boyfriend, Isaac W., are in big financial trouble. Their house will be foreclosed on in a month if they don’t come up with a plan soon. Isaac proposes a pretty radical plan to Natalie — produce a naked bondage video and sell it on the internet. Natalie has never done porn before, let alone naked bondage, but she really does want to keep the house, so she reluctantly agrees. The 6all brunette strips off all of her clothes, hesitatingly due to her reservations and shyness until she is standing before boyfriend Isaac in all her beautiful, naked glory. Isaac instructs Natalie to get up on the bed, face-down and bare ass-up. He then takes each limb and ties them with rope rather expertly to a bed post, until poor Natalie is tied spread eagle face down on the bed, completely nude and helpless. Suddenly, some strange, masked guy strolls right on in. Natalie doesn’t know this, but this stranger is there at Isaac’s request! What is going on?! Isaac introduces the masked man to Natalie as Jake, and informs his now naked bound and gagged girlfriend that Jake here will be fucking Natalie. And not only that, but he’s going to fuck her up the ass for a super anal bondage sex video! Poor tricked Natalie Minx is NOT up for this at all! She starts struggling and screaming, so Isaac shuts her up by gagging her – first with a bid wadded stuffer, then that’s kept in place with a thin scarf tied tightly round her head. Now Natalie is REALLY helpless, all tied up spread eagle and packing gagged to boot. She keeps on struggling as Jake calmly explains that he’s a male bondage model who does this sort of thing all the time. He lets her know that her asshole is in really good hands and that she and Isaac should make a killing off this video. Isaac gets the camera running while Jake gets his pants off. He finger fucks Natalie’s anus (to test it out first or so he says…) then lines up his huge, hard cock with Natalie’s naked and and spread ass cheeks. Turns out that Jake does indeed know what he’s doing: he gives Natalie some really hard anal fucking as he ass-fucks the helpless bound and gagged (and humiliated and tricked) Natalie. Meanwhile, her boyfriend, Isaac, stands by, watching and filming the whole thing! Natalie is screaming and struggling and she’s in shock at her horrible bondage sex situation. How could Isaac do this to her? She just hopes that’s it’s over soon, but is it?! Part 2 next week and find out if Natalie gets set free or if Jake (or even more strangers!) are going to ass fuck her, too! 16 minutes!

11-22-17 CLASSIC BONDAGE BLOWJOB VIDEO from 2010! Natasha Flade is forced into a hogtied blowjob in this 9+ minutes classic bondage blowjob video. Natasha had just gotten home from a party, so she's still wearing a sexy, black, cocktail dress with fancy thigh-high stockings and black high heels.  But her husband, Isaac W., is pissed off at her as he heard she was hitting on other men while at the party. Natasha pleads and begs and tries to tell her husband that it's just not true, but he doesn't listen. Instead, she ends up hogtied on the dining room table and Isaac starts removing her dress. Natasha tries to scream out, but gets handgagged in return and is forced to endure her husband's groping hands on her tits and ass while handgagged.  Now she's topless and Isaac's cock is nice and hard, so he unzips his pants and forces it into his hogtied wife. "Suck this!" he yells at her and poor, helpless Natasha has no choice but to give Isaac's hard dick a thorough blowjob.  She sucks it pretty good, too, so well he shoots his load right into her mouth! To add more humilitation, he clasps his hand over her mouth so Natasha has no choice but to swallow his cum! Then he just laughs at her whining and leaves her there -- hogtied topless in her fancy stockings and and heels. It's not a good night for housewife Natasha Flade, but it's a great day for her husband, who finally got to take revenge for his wife's cheating ways!
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