3-15-18 Natalie Minx Tied Up, Cleave Gagged and Pantyhose Ripped for Bondage Sex! Busty Natalie Minx came home after a long day of work in her short skirt, pantyhose and high heels and collapsed on her sofa. Before she can even begin to unwind a masked intruder enters with a gun. He orders her to put her hands together in front of her and starts tying her up! He’s here to steal account information, which she has access to at work. She denies having any such access at her house. He says he’s going to make this tough on her if she refuses to comply. He lays her down on the floor and attaches her hands to the sofa leg. She’s cleave-gagged. He lifts her top and bra and fondles her huge tits. The intruder binds her pantyhose legs above the knee and at the ankles. Poor Natalie just wanted to relax – and now all this happens! He lifts up her bound legs and rips a hole right at her pussy. Now it dawns on Natalie what this guy’s intentions are! She’s helpless and horrified as he begins to fuck her! She’s unable to do anything but beg and mew through her gag as she’s forcefully taken on her living room floor! Then he cums on her tits! Fab cumshot to end the video!
3-7-18 Natasha Flade Roped Strappado on Weight Bench for Bondage Blowjob! Natasha Flade is walked into the garage, her hands tied behind her and a thick cleave gag in her mouth. She’s sat roughly onto the weight bench. Her captor, Isaac W., pulls her bound wrists up behind her and ropes them to the bar, placing her into a seated strappado position. Her feet are next as they are tied together. He pulls down the top of Natasha’s dress, gropes her tits and sucks on her nipples. But then he says he’s taking the gag off, which gives Natasha some hope she may be released. But then he whips his dick out and demands a bondage blowjob before she’s let go. So now she has this throbbing cock in her mouth instead of a gag. She’s not happy with things, but what can she do? She’s tied up in a garage and at his mercy. So Natasha sucks that dick. She wants to be untied, so she sucks that dick as best she can. And soon she gets results as he cums in her mouth! Does he let her go after she serviced him with a proper orgasm? You’ll have to see the video to find out!

2-28-18 Smoking Natasha Flade in Stockings Tied Up, Packing Gagged for Bondage Sex ! Natasha Flade is sneaking a smoke in the master bedroom, looking all hot in her red dress, stockings and high heels. She hears Isaac coming and begins waving away the airborne evidence. But it’s too late. He can smell it and immediately accuses her of smoking in the house. She denies it, but he even sees the cigarette. Isaac has had enough of his wife’s unhealthy and air-polluting habit. He grabs her and gets rope around her wrists. “How’s tying me up going to solve anything?” asks Natasha. Isaac replies that it will keep her away from the smokes. Once her hands are bound in front of her, he gets out a huge white wad of cloth and stuffs it in her unwilling mouth. Next comes the bandage that he wraps around and around her head to keep that stuffing in place. It’s a very effective packing gag and wrap gag! Isaac has other motives for tying up his wife that readily become apparent. He pulls up her dress and begins to fondle her bare breasts while she wriggles about standing. He holds those bound wrists tightly, though, and goes about the groping business. The video cuts to Natasha more thoroughly tied up on the floor, her wrists attached to a bed leg and one leg tied up high to a bed post. Isaac is naked and has his hard cock out, ready to go. Why not? Natasha keep flagrantly disregarding his wishes on all the house rules AND on giving him the pussy, and now he has her in a position where she must obey his every whim. So, he thrusts himself inside her, and she’s totally and helplessly bound and gagged! Her gagged cries are seriously muted by that 2-layer gag! Isaac fucks his wife silly in this great bondage sex video!
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