6-13-18 Chloe Night Tied Up & Tape Gagged in her Stockings for Bondage Sex & Cumshot !  Beautiful Chloe Night was reading at the dining room table in her sexy teddy and black stockings, as one does. In comes a menacing masked man with a gun and a backpack full of rope! He makes her stand up. He tells Chloe that he’s here for her valuables, and that he has to tie her up. She goes along and he ties her hands in front of her. Next he’s ripping off a length of duct tape and plasters that sticky business over her lips. She’s tape gagged on the floor now! She’s scooted over and her bound wrists are tethered to a table leg. Her feet (in those stockings) are roped together, flowed by her thighs, as Chloe protests through that tape gag. The intruder gets the idea to place a couple more strips of tape over her tape gag, so she’s triple tape gagged! He hoists her wriggling feet in the air and attaches them to a dining room table leg. Robbery? There’s not much of value in Chloe’s casa. So, the masked dude removes his clothes and Chloe’s panties for some loving. All they tying her up was serious work, and he’s getting something out of this! So Chloe, tied up, gagged and per pussy exposed, now is getting a full-throttle fucking from her captor. She’s pounded and plowed in some seriously serious bondage sex. For the finale, he cums on her lovely alabaster skin. Cumshot!
6-6-18 Natalie Minx's Husband Gets her Tied Up & Gagged for Bondage Sex with Some Dude!  Buxom Natalie Minx was reading on the chaise in her mini skirt, a tight, low-cut skirt. She’s bare legged and barefoot. Her husband Isaac enters and asks her if she’s feeling amorous. She smiles and asks what he has in mind. Isaac says they should do something kinky—he would like to tie her up. She thinks that’s a great idea, and Isaac gets out some rope. He ties her hands in front of her, then gets out a really thick scarf for a thick cleave gag. She goes along with everything. Her hands are attached to the back of the chaise, so she’s laying back. Natalie’s panties are removed and her legs are bound spread out with her pussy visible from about 50 miles away. This girl is VERY on display. Once she’s naked and totally bound, gagged and helpless, Isaac sits next to her and says he has another surprise for her. He leaves and returns with a masked man. Isaac then goes on to explain that he say her at the bar the other night, freaking throwing herself all over this dude. So, she wants to fuck other guys. He brought in a guy to fuck her right here and now, and there’s nothing she can do about it. Natalie is not okay with this, but, she’s tied down to the chaise. The masked guy starts feeling her up and fondling her, even gets his face in her pussy for a little felatio! Soon, his pants are off and his huge, throbbing cock is inside of her. He bangs helpless Natalie as her husband enjoys watching. At the end the masked guy requests that Isaac leave her tied up so he can go again – this girl is a lot of fun. Isaac is totally cool with that!

5-31-18 Babysitter Natasha Flade Tied Up Barefoot & Boyfriend Gets Topless Bondage Blowjob!  Natasha Flade is in a recliner in her little top, shorts, she’s barefoot with her gorgeous soles on display. She’s flipping through a magazine, watching her boyfriend’s son. He approaches with his toy gun (In POV fashion) and Natasha asks, “Are you going to tie me up and hold me hostage?” It just turns out that yes, that’s exactly what is going to happen. She’s now completely and totally roped up to that recliner: Her wrists bound to the armrests and her bare feet tied, her soles right in our face, where we like them! “You don’t have to gag me, you have me all tied up now…” she pleads, but, there is a gag coming! It’s an OTM gag and Natasha plays along with her wide eyes and her pitiful mews behind that detective gag. She struggles and makes a wonderful damsel. Then it’s time for Isaac to take the boy off to his game. They boys leave her tied to that recliner, but it’s only five minutes before Isaac returns and he pulls out his dick and asks for a blowjob while she’s all tied up – that would be so hot! Being a little turned on by the situation, she’s game for it, and takes his cock into her mouth after he pulls the gag down. Isaac has always wanted this sort of thing, and now he’s got his thing right where he wants it – in tied-up Natasha’s mouth! It’s a bondage blowjob. He pulls her top down so her can see and play with her tits while she sucks him off. She’s even cool with him cumming in her mouth! From barefoot babysitter bondage to a consensual bondage blowjob, this bondage video clip has a lot of bondage action for the bondage enthusiast! Who could want more?
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