October 4 2015: CLASSIC BONDAGE SEX VIDEO from 2004! One of the very early hardcore shoots from 11 years ago! Natasha Flade is bent over the dining room table with her legs tied apart and her hands bound in front of her. She's gagged with a huge packing gag. She's in heels and sundress. Isaac pounds her from behind!
September 28, 2015: CLASSIC BONDAGE SEX VIDEO from 2008! Natasha Flade is tied up seated in the hallway in her skirt, heels and hose. The robber likes her this way and forces his cock onto her pretty lips! She gives him a good blowjob in hopes he goes away. He cums into her mouth!

September 20, 2015:
A masked man creeps up on the sleeping Natasha Flade and handgags her. She awakens stunned and scared, and she's told to be quiet. He binds her wrists, opens her robe, gropes her tits and reaches between her legs and RIPS her panties off! He stuffs them in her mouth and ties them there, so she's panty-gagged. Natasha finds herself naked and bound spread on the sofa, the masked man plunging his cock inside her repeatedly.
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