1-10-18 Robber Came for the Money, But Only Took the Pussy! Redhead Acidalia Sabine was chillin' at home reading a book at the dining room table in her skirt and high heels, when a masked man comes in with a gun, ordering her to put her hands up! He asks where her purse is, where the money is, and this damsel is coming up empty. The intruder says, "Well, you got something else I want. I'll bet your pussy is as pretty as your face." Now he's on a new mission. He forces Acidalia to the floor, ropes her arms apart to the legs of the table. He has grown tired of her complaining and pleading, so he stuffs her mouth with a cloth. On top of that he layers strip after strip of duct tape! This cute redhead with the angel's face is now packing gagged and tape gagged! He gets tying her ankles up high and spread to the top of the table legs -- her high heels are on display as well as her beautiful holes. The masked intruder strips down and fills one of those holes with his ready and hard cock -- and fucks her hard in this strict bondage sex position. She's pounded, groped and taunted! When at last he chucks his seed, he gets off of her. But will he return for another round?
1-4-18 Natalie Minx in High Heels, Stockings, Red Dress and Forced Bondage Sex! Natalie Minx just came home from an upscale party in her hot red dress, stockings and her high heels. She was about to take off her earrings when a masked guy with a gun enters! He moves her to the bed, sits her down and begins to tie her hands in front with rope. Natalie keeps being all scared and complainy so he stuffs her mouth with a wad of cloth and ties it into place for a colorful packing gag. He hauls her down to the floor, ropes a leg to the bedpost and ties her hands to a leg of the dresser. Natalie is now ready for the forced bondage sex. The masked dude pulls up her dress to find out she's not even wearing any panties! That makes things a little easier! He strips down and gets his huge cock inside the helpless Natalie. He bands her a couple of different ways and angles while she's at his total mercy. And then, as planned, he leaves her there all tied-up and gagged!

12-27-17Lazy Housewife Natasha Flade Forced to Give a Bondage Blowjob! Isaac catches housewife Natasha Flade not doing any of her chores! In fact, she doing nothing but admiring her fingernails. When Isaac chastises her for this, she rolls her eyes. Okay, now Isaac has HAD it! "You wanna do nothing all day, fine! I'll help you!" We immediately cut to her standing there in her sweater, slacks and high heels -- bound and gagged! She's got a really thick cleave gag between her lips! He hikes her wrists up behind her to make her bondage into a perfect strappado position. Natasha is left there to complain into her gag. But Isaac's not done with his lazy, lippy wife yet. He comes back and demands a blowjob. He takes off Natasha's gag and she says, "I thought you wanted me to clean the house not suck your dick!" Isaac replies, "I SAID i wanted you do some work around here!" His dick is inserted into her mouth. Natasha is forced to give her husband a nice blowjob. Lesson learned? We hope not...
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