6-20-17 CLASSIC BONDAGE SEX VIDEO from 2010! Pretty blonde Acidalia has her trust fund manager over for a meeting at her dining room table. She's in her cute little sundress and barefoot. Manager Sergio is going over her inherited monies, and mentions that all these years he's never taken a fee for managing all of this. But instead of biting into her money, he would pefer a "personal arrangement." When she asks him what he means, exactly, he goes behind her and pulls her hands behind the chair back and tells her he's going to tie her up and she's going to suck his cock. Understandably, she's a little nervous about this, and a little reluctant. But she doesn't resist that much as asks, "Why do I have to be tied-up?" He replies that he likes to tie up girls. Her hands are crossed and bound; her bare feet are tied together. Sergio unzips and whips out his throbbing member, and with really no choice at this point, Acidalia opens her mouth and accepts it. Not just accepts it, she's giving some real nice head to Sergio. We are treated to close-ups of her bondage, her body and the blowjob action. Sergio cums into her mouth at the end! Nice "personal arrangement!"
6-13-17 CLASSIC BONDAGE SEX VIDEO from 2010! Natasha Flade is in the bedroom in her bathrobe, barefoot puttering around like beautiful girls do. Suddenly an intruder is behind her! He grabs her and handgags her! Natasha is forced to put her hands in front to be bound. Once her hands are tied, a bandanna cleave gag is forced between her lips. Poor Natasha is then placed on her back on the floor and her bound hands are attached to a leg of the nightstand. The intruder opens her robe to expose her tits and panties, and those panties are stripped off and thrown aside. Natasha's legs are tied spread: one to a dresser leg and the other to a bed post. Now spread and helpless, the intruder gets atop of her for a ride! And he confesses that he didn't come for her jewelry -- he came for the bondage sex! So he keeps thrusting and groping Natasha until he cums! We get to see her struggle naked in her bondage once the intruder abandons her!

6-6-17 CLASSIC BONDAGE SEX VIDEO from 2010! Natasha Flade is late with rent! Her landlord Isaac comes over, unnanounced, and finds Natasha lounging in her denim booty shorts and barefoot. He announces that she never paid last month's rent and she's late with this month’s. Well, Isaac has an idea. He suggests that the two months of rent can be canceled if he lets him tie her up and she sucks his cock. Or, she can vacate the house. Natasha doesn't have any way to generate income presently, so she reluctantly accepts the deal. Isaac pulls out some rope and ties her hands behind her. Next, her bare feet are bound. Before he applies some chest ropes, he pulls up her top so her tits are out. Natasha protests, saying this wasn't part of the deal, but Isaac says that her boobs are definitely part of the bargain. Chest ropes restrain her further. After her thighs are tied, he has her kneel before him and Isaac pulls his hard dick out for her to get to work on. She gives Isaac a blowjob while all tied up like that, until he cums in her mouth. Rent paid!
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