April 13 , 2014:
Epic 20 minute video from 2007! Natasha's husband, Bob, isn't home right now, but his friend, Larry, is visiting. Larry gets a phone call from Bob saying he won't be home for a couple hours. Larry gets an idea to play a trick on Bob: he asks Natasha to let him tie her up, so Bob thinks Natasha is the victim of a robbery. Natasha agrees and lets Larry tie her up and gag her. All the tying and gagging is on-screen, of course! Once Larry gets Natasha bound and gagged, he shows her Bob's real message -- that he isn't coming back until the next day! The whole thing has been a trick to get Natasha trussed up and helpless! Larry starts to fondle and molest Natasha. He strips her naked and plays with her ass and tits. The clip cuts to Natasha totally naked except for her heels. Larry has retied her and starts to fuck her hard from behind. Then he flips her over and fucks her with her heels high up in the air by his shoulders. There is 9 minutes of hardcore action on this clip!

NEW DVD! The first since our return!
April 6 , 2014:
Natasha Flade came home from the club, in a hot red dress and stockings. Now enters Star, angrilly telling Natasha that she stole the man she had her eye on in the club. Natasha denies such shenanagans, saying she's home alone. Star is having none of that: She grabs Natasha, wrestles her to the end of the sofa and binds her hands behind her. Natasha is then gagged with a thick cleave. Star continues to berate the gagged Natasha as she ties her feet apart to the legs of the sofa. Natasha's retorts are muffled by the gag. Now Star strips down and re-enters the room sporting a large strap-on. Natasha is horrified. Star pulls down Natasha's pantyhose and rams that rubber cock into Natasha's pussy, all the while telling Natasha that she must like being rammed by strange cocks. After some serious fucking with Natasha screaming and bucking the whole way, Star finally finishes, with some choice last words for her captive.

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