9-13-18 Husband Takes Advantage of Burglar-Bound & Gagged Natasha Flade! Someone got Natasha Flade all tied up and gagged on her bedroom floor! She’s in a red dress, black stockings and high heels. She’s been packing gagged with a white cloth that’s held in with a thin scarf. Her hands are bound to the leg of the dresser, her thighs and ankles are bound and she’s struggling like mad! After some fierce wriggles in her bondage, her husband returns home. He sees her there all bound and gagged on the floor and his eyes light up. “Wow! I love it, baby! You had someone tie you up for me!” Natasha tries to tell him that this isn’t the work of some friend to surprise her bondage-pervy hubby, but the work of a robber. But that gag is too good! He thinks her desperate, incoherent gagtalk is all part of the act, so he starts taking advantage of his tied-up wife. He pulls off her panties and starts fondling and kissing her beautiful ass. He strips down and slips inside of her! He loves fucking his wife in bondage. He can’t believe how cool his wife is for setting up this bondage sex escapade just for him! When he finishes and removes her gag, she finally is able to tell him what really happened! Outtake at the end!
9-13-18 Masked Burglar Intruder Forces Natalie Minx to Strip for Doggy-Style Bondage Sex! Busty Natalie Minx was sitting on her sofa all comfy reading a book when a masked intruder with a gun and a backpack full of rope rolls on in!  He orders her to stand up. He’s admiring her buxom figure, then her tells her to drop the dress. No choice, Natalie submits to this forced stripping, now standing before this stranger in only her panties, her huge tits swinging free and beautiful. He stands behind her and tells her to open her mouth and he stuffs a knotted scarf in there, she’s tightly cleave-gagged. He forces the topless and gagged Natalie to sit on the sofa as he binds her wrists and elbows. She’s then bent over on the couch, kneeling on the floor. He binds her bare feet. Nice closeups of her bare soles here! After she’s all tied up, he pulls down those panties and fingers her pussy! Now, out comes the intruder’s huge, hard cock! Helpless Natalie is plowed doggy-style! He’s holding to her round ass cheeks and giving it to the poor bound and gagged damsel. For the finale, he cums on her ass! Great cumshot!

0-6-18 Masked Burglar finds Chloe Night, Gets her Tied-up & Cleave-Gagged for Bondage Sex! A masked intruder comes in on Chloe Night as she was relaxing in the bed in her cute little nightie! The masked dude says he didn’t know anyone was home, he just wanted to burglarize the joint and leave. But now he’s happened upon this hottie in the nightie. Well, at least he came prepared for this scenario! He pulls a rope from his backpack and ties her wrists in front of her. She pleads for him to just GTFO, but he’s all like no way. He cleave-gags her with a handy scarf, lays her back on the bed and attaches her bound wrists to the headboard. Now he ties her bare feet together, hoists them up high and tethers them to the headboard, too. Chloe’s bare ass is revealed – she’s wearing no panties! The masked man takes advantage and fondles her buns and fingers her pussy. Now that he’s had a taste, he may as well go all-in! He strips down and gets on and in Chloe, fucking her hard and rough. She’s helpless and in an odd position with her legs and feet in the air. The robber gets his fill of the booty, cums, and leaves her tied up like that on the bed. Great bondage sex with Chloe Night tied-up in rope bondage, cleave-gagged, barefoot!
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