8-9-18 Natasha Flade Tied Up, Gagged, Fucked by Stalker Chloe Night with Strapon! Natasha Flade was reading in her little nightie in bed, barefoot and looking sexy. In comes Chloe Night with a gun! She’s been stalking Natasha for quite some time now, and she finally just broke into her house to get what she’s always wanted. She makes Natasha strip off that nightie, all the while pointing that gun at her. Next Natasha is forced to take off her panties and give them to Chloe. She makes sure to tell Natasha how much she’s enjoying the show. Now poor Natasha is forced to kneel on the bed, naked, and place her slender wrists behind her back. Chloe ties them there securely. Next comes the thick cleave gag, inserted tightly between Natasha’s pretty lips. She’s dragged to the edge of the bed, and beach bare foot is tied to separate posts at the foot of the bed. Natasha is entirely at Chloe’s mercy now! She puts on a strap-on that has a huge rubber cock, and gets to working over Natasha from behind, tied up as she is on her knees. Chloe pauses to remove her own top and bra, so she can fuck her with her tits out and bouncing. More skin-to-skin! Helpless, bound and gagged Natasha takes a pretty hard fucking from Chloe, who’s living out her dream of having her as her gorgeous bondage fuck toy.
8-9-18 Natalie Minx Chloroformed & Tied Up on Blind Date for Bondage Blowjob & Facial! Natalie Minx is waiting for her blind date to meet her. She's looking date-hot in her tight black dress and high heels! She arrived first, apparently, because her date was behind that sofa with a mask and an rag full of chloroform! Natalie kicks and struggles but it's no use--she soon succumbs to the fumes. When she's totally out cold, her gets out some rope and begins tying her wrists, her elbows her knees and ankles. Nice views of her luscious ass--she's wearing thong panties! The masked date gets her huge titties out of her dress and fondles them. Natalie wakes up and is horrified to find herself all tied up! And groped! She's even more horrified when the assailant tells her she has to suck his cock if she ever wants to get free again! But seeing as she's tied up and at the intruder's mercy, she has no choice but to do what he says. So Natalie sucks his huge hard cock until he blows his wad -- all over her neck and chest with some spooge even getting onto her face! Great facial cumshot finale to this bondage blowjob video!

8-1-18 Daphne Paige  Handgagged at Gunpoint & Tied Spread for Gang Member's Revenge Bondage Sex! All hottie, Daphne Paige, was to take a little nap. She was peacefully slumbering in her see-through nightie, barefoot, in her bed, when an armed gang member, Nick Mandingo, sneaks in. Daphne’s boyfriend is his rival and he’s taking his revenge out on his girl. He’s going to fuck her to get back at his rival! Now he’s right in Daphne’s bedroom, looming over his helpless victim. How did this happen? She was just sleeping, unaware of any gang fights, when this armed intruder came in with a gun and handgagged her! Nick holds his gun to the poor girl’s head while he keeps his hand over her mouth and threatens her to comply or else. Daphne’s wrists are grabbed and hoisted up to be tied above her head to the headboard of the bed. Then he rips her panties right off while Daphne begs for him to stop. Her pleading is muffled from behind her gagging! But Nick pays her no heed and pulls Daphne’s left leg up and back, tying it to the headboard–giving him a clear entrance to her shaved pussy. “I won’t hurt you,” he says. But he lies! He grabs her bare feet and ropes her ankles, then ties one down to the foot of the bed, the other he hauls up high and attaches it next to her bound wrists on the headboard. Now poor Daphne’s legs are tied spread wide apart, her pussy vulnerable to this gang member’s evil intentions. Poor damsel Daphne is now tied spread wide open and helpless, and Nick Mandingo is ready to get down to business. He shucks his clothes to the floor, then gets into the bed next to his bound and gagged captive, and starts stroking and fingering her pussy and sucking on her nipples and tits. Then he climbs atop his helpless and terrified victim. Now all horned up, his big, hard cock is slammed into Daphne’s goods repeatedly. He’s just fucking her silly! Innocent Daphne is getting banged in this bondage sex video like she’s never been banged before! And all she wanted was to just finish that nap….
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