9-14-17 CLASSIC BONDAGE SEX VIDEO from 2010! Natalie Minx (with the really big tits!) has been carjacked and thrown into her own trunk, tied-up and cleave-gagged! The masked gunman drives her back to her own house, extracts her from the car and carries her through the garage, into the house, down the hall and plops her on the floor in the bedroom. Natalie is in her dress, dark pantyhose and high heels. Her hands are unbound and then she’s forced to her back on the floor, where her wrists are then tied apart to the bedposts. Her legs are hauled up high and spread to the bedposts, too. Now fully helpless and exposed, her masked captor pulls down the top of her dress and fondles her gorgeous, huge boobs. Now he gets some scissors and cuts a hole in her pantyhose. With great access, his large, throbbing cock is thrust into Natalie’s pussy, and he really gets into the bondage sex here. He even blows his load all over her black dress in a fab cumshot!
9-7-17 CLASSIC BONDAGE SEX VIDEO from 2009! Natasha Flade and Isaac W. were sitting on the sofa and Isaac brings up the idea of having a little sexy time. Natasha, looking good in her nightshirt and bare feet, declines. Isaac, sick of being turned down, whips out some rope and ties his wife's hands behind her back! She's forcibly sat on the coffee table where her feet are bound to separate legs, spread. Isaac unbuttons Natasha's shirt to fondle and suck on her tits before standing up and presenting his hard, throbbing cock for her to suck. With a promise of being let go, she opens her lips to accept his dick. Isaac gets the blowjob he was looking for and cums in her mouth at the end! Outtakes included!

8-30-17 CLASSIC BONDAGE SEX VIDEO from 2010! Natasha Flade and Loren Chance are chatting in bed. Loren knows Natasha's new boyfriend. Loren says he is shy about approaching Natasha about adding some bondage to their sex life and asked her to ask Natasha for him. So, Natasha is curious, and Loren says she can introduce her to bondage to help her ease into the situation with her boyfriend, so it doesn't seem scary when he whips out the ropes. Natasha allows Loren to tie her up spread out on the bed and allows the sofa, cloth cleave-gag, too. Once Loren has Natasha all roped down and helpless, she reveals that it was all a big lie! Loren gropes Natasha's tits, gets scissors and cuts her panties off, then gets a huge strap-on! Loren fucks Natasha and loves every minute of it! Her little ruse worked!
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