2-21-18 Stalker Ex Gets Chloe Night in her Socks for Bondage Sex ! Chloe Night was on the sofa, chatting on the phone with a friend. She’s worried that her ex might be stalking her. Chloe is a little nervous and looks smashing in her little top, shorts and white socks. In the background in the hall, you see a creepy dude creeping back there. When Chloe hangs up the phone, Sergio makes his presence known. Chloe tries to talk him into leaving, but he’s here to stay. He pulls out a gun, makes Chloe keep her hands in the air. He makes her turn around and gags her with a tight cleave gag—all the while she keeps her hands up. Sergio ties her hands in front of her, moves her legs in alignment with the leg of the coffee table, spread, and ties each ankle separately. Great close-ups for the fans with a white sock fetish. Sergio then pulls her top up—what glorious tits she has! He then pulls hands forward, bending her over and stretching her out and connecting them to a far end table leg. Sergio then whips out his cock, shucks his pants and gets down to the bondage sex business of winning Chloe back. He fucks her in true thundercock fashion and cums inside of her.
2-15-18 Wife Natasha Flade Gets Chairtied for Bondage Blowjob After Wrecking Car! This video opens with Isaac W. tying his wife Natasha Flade to a chair in her sweater, jeans and boots. Isaac stands and demands a blowjob, and this punishment is for wrecking the car…AGAIN. “Are you going to let me go after?”
                “Yes, after I cum.”
                “You’re going to cum in my mouth?” she loudly exclaims.
                Isaac says it’s only fair. He takes her by the back of her head and pushes her face to his already throbbing cock. Natasha is thoroughly chairtied, so what can she do? She accepts that dick into her mouth and gets to work,. Hoping that he will cum soon and untie her. As she’s working over Isaac’s woody, he pulls up her sweater top, pulls up her black bra and fondles her tits as the blowjob continues uninterrupted. All the angles: close-ups of Natasha’s face sucking the cock, her bound leather boots, will keep you riveted until Isaac indeed does cum in her mouth! Will he keep his promise and untie her? Find out!

2-8-18 Secretary Natasha Flade Gets "Hard" Reprimand from Boss for Being Late Again! Secretary Natasha Flade is caught sneaking in late from lunch once again! She is wearing a red hot suit and sexy red high heels and thigh highs stockings. Her boss, Isaac W., comes in, seriously annoyed at how late she is AGAIN! Natasha gives some lame excuse about the traffic, but Isaac has had it! He grabs Natasha and drags her to the side of the desk, where he proceeds to get her tied bent over to it, her ass sticking up invitingly. Then he laughs while he pulls her panties down and strokes her naked ass. When Natasha protests and tells him he's not "normal," her boss retorts that his secretary needs to show him more respect, and he's tired of her lip. So he takes a thick, black scarf and wraps it twice between her pretty lips, tying it tightly round her head. With helpless Natasha all tied up in her thigh high stockings and hot red suit, her heels tied spread wide apart, and her pouty mouth cleave gagged, the boss has his opportunity to demand the respect he deserves. He starts fucking poor Natasha from behind -- right over the desk! He's really getting into it, too, even grabbing onto the ends of her gag and sometimes her bound wrists. He's taking out all his frustrations on his lazy secretary in this opportunity. When Natasha starts crying and whining, Isaac informs her it's either doggystyle bondage sex or lose your job! Helpless Natasha has no choice but to endure this domination by her employer and hope for the best when he's through. But does Natasha get to keep her job or is it just a farce her boss invented to fuck her? Buy the video and find out!
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