CLASSIC BONDAGE SEX VIDEO from 2008! Natasha Flade is having a mover help with her big house move. It's six o'clock and time for him to leave, but Natasha is suddenly pitching a hissy and refusing to pay since not all the work is done. The contractor tries to plead his case, but Natasha's being a class-A biotch! He forces her down to the chair and whips out some rope, tying her hands behind that chairback as she flails and screams. We cut to Natasha thoroughly bound to that chair. Now the mover is telling her that she needs to cuck his cock to make everything better. So, out comes the cock and into Natasha's mouth it goes! She's forced from her chairtied position to give good head. The mover moves her top down and plays with her tits as his dick is being lip-massaged. He cums in ehr mouth and immediatly handgags her to make her swallow his load! He takes a long scarf and gags her with it before leaving! She struggles in humiliation as her leaves her like that.
9-18-16 CLASSIC BONDAGE SEX VIDEO from 2009! Natasha Flade is at a party at a friend's house. She sneaks off to a bedroom alone for a bit of peace from the loud music and because she's a snoop. She's looking through some personal things on the dresser when another party-goer, Isaac, enters the room. He has the idea that she slipped in her for a little action, and when he makes his moves on her, she resists and tells him he has the totally wrong idea. He persists, and then uses force and handgags her, ties her hands in front, cleave-gags her. How he has a tied-up and gagged little party girl in her dres and heels, all helpless. So he yanks down the front of her dress, gropes her tits, then drags her down to the floor where her attaches her bound wrists to a leg of that heavy dresser. Off come Natasha's panties then off come Isac's clothes and in comes his hard cock! What a party! Isaac has more fun that he had ever imagined when he got the invite!

9-12-16 CLASSIC BONDAGE SEX VIDEO from 2009! Natasha Flade has just gotten home from the office. She is wearing a turtleneck sweater, tights and miniskirt. She hangs her coat in the closet and takes off her shoes. Suddenly, an intruder jumps up behind her with a smelly rag full of chloroform! He holds the cloth firmly to Natasha's face as she struggles to get free from him. The drug knocks her out and she falls limp in the abductor's arms. The clip cuts to Natasha bound at the wrists and gagged and being carried into a messy garage. The abductor lays his helpless victim on the floor and starts to strip her. Then he gropes her now naked body. Natasha begins to wake up. She realizes she is tied up and starts to scream. The abductor quickly puts his hand over her mouth. While she is handgagged, the kidnapper warns her to be quiet. Then he shoves his hard cock inside of her and fucks her until he cums while Natasha cries and moans, helpless to stop him.
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