4-18-18 Natasha Flade in High Heels Bound Strappado for Bondage Blowjob ! Natasha Flade is led into a house with her hands tied up behind her back. She’s in a red top, long black skirt and red high heels. She’s led by Isaac W. to the stairwell, where he strictly tied her elbows. She releases a big yelp of surprise and pain when he hikes her hands up high behind her so she’s in a restrictive strappado position. Isaac moves his attention to her ankles, so those are tightly bound next. Then her thighs over her long skirt and tethered to the bannister. This damsel isn’t going anywhere! He pulls out her tits so she’s topless and fondles her, giving her a tight handgag at the same time. As he’s involved with her bare breasts he informs her that he’s going to stick his dick in her mouth. He unzips, and does just that, forcing her to suck him off in this fabulous bondage blowjob video! She manage, under duress, to bring him to orgasm and he cums in her mouth! Now it’s revealed that he videotaped the whole thing to send to her husband so he’d hurry up with the ransom!
4-11-18 Chloe Night Skips Work Then Forced into Bondage Sex to Keep Job! Chloe Night was at home on the sofa, chatting with a friend in her black dress, dark stockings and high heels. She called off work and is conspiring with her girlfriend to head out to a festival. While still on the phone her boss Sergio strolls in. She hangs up and he explains that he was concerned she was deathly sick because she called off on such an important work day. He had overheard parts of the conversation about her skipping out to have fun, so he fires her on the spot. Chloe begs for her job back, promises to never do this again, and soon she’s saying, “Isn’t there anything, ANYTHING at all that I can do to get my job back?” Well, of course there is. Sergio tells her to allow him to touch her, which he does, lightly fondling her tits through her dress and bra. She’s not happy with the way things are going, and then he brings up that a little bit of bondage may hasten her rehiring. She submits reluctantly and crosses her wrists behind her and he ropes them there. Next he ties her thighs above the knee and then her ankles. Now she’s pretty darn tied up and Sergio goes about pulling up her dress and peeling back her bra cups and fondling her tits. Now she’s had enough and demands that he stop and then begins to call for help. It’s gag time! Sergio plugs her mouth hole with a knotted cleave gag fashioned from a scarf. With her silenced, he stands her up and gropes her tits, ass and pussy at will. Now he’s too horned up to do anything else but set her kneeling on the sofa and stick his cock inside of her. This wayward and rebellious employee is getting some serious bondage sex pounding from her angry boss. But this is relieving his stress and she’s getting her job back, so she should be happy and thankful!

4-5-18 Waitress Natasha Flade Caught Stealing Must Submit to Bondage Sex to Save Job! Natasha Flade is in the living room in her skirt, pantyhose and high heels when her boss comes in, angry. He has security tapes of her stealing from the till at work! At first Natasha tries to plead innocence, then she takes another approach: she'll do anything to get her job back! The boss agrees, but says he's kinky and she has to agree to some bondage sex. Isaac has her stand and cross her hands behind her. He roped them tightly. He says he has to gag her, and orders her to "open wide." She's gagged with a knotted cleave gag. He walks her to the end of the sofa and spreads her legs out to tie each ankle individually to the couch legs. Now quite helpless, he bends her gently over the sofa arm and hikes her skirt up and her pantyhose down. He strips down and crams his rod into her waiting socket and pumps her hard for some great bondage sex. He's really glad he caught her stealing! After he cums on her back, he notifies Natasha that she is still fired and, in fact, he's going to rob her right now and see how she likes being stolen from.
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