12-5-16 CLASSIC BONDAGE SEX VIDEO from 2009! Natasha Flade robbing Isaac's place wearing her black skirt, pantyhose and boots, thinking he wasn't home. But he comes in on her. She just wants to get out of there and begs him to not call the cops -- she's just really down on her luck. Isaac says he's gonna call the cops right now -- unless she lets him tie her up. She acquiesces to his kinky request. Once he has her bound at the wrists, knees and ankles, he announces he has one more request: a really fine blowjob. What can poor Natasha do? She's all tied up and now there's a hard cock in her face. She sucks him off ... but does Isaac keep his promise to let her go?
11-27-16 CLASSIC BONDAGE SEX VIDEO from 2009! Natasha Flade was relaxing at home in her bed in her high heels and white slacks and pink blouse when Chloe barges in with a gun! She accuses Natasha of getting her fired and fucking the boss. She ties Natasha's hands in front of her, opens her blouse and pulls out those perfect tits. She cleave-gags Natasha and ties her up bent over, pulls down her pants and panties and puts on a strap-on! She's fucking her frustrations on poor Natasha when the boss comes in on all this! He wants a piece of this sweet action, so he ungags Natasha and sticks his cock in her mouth! It's double-penetration time for poor, helpless Natasha! A bondage sex scene for the ages!

11-20-16 CLASSIC BONDAGE SEX VIDEO from 2009! Natalie Minx, in her skirt and heels, was gazing at her beautiful nails when a masked intruder comes in and starts tying her hands in front of her. She thinks it's a joke of some sort until she gets cleave-gagged with a thick scarf. She's placed on the floor and her hands are tethered to a sofa leg. Her ankle is attached to a leg of the chaise. He opens up her top and fondles her tits through her bra, then peels back that bra and he all over her enormous and gorgeous breasts. Off go her panties! The intruder gets his cock out and throws her leg in the air and drills her hard and long, as she's helpless there on the floor. She finds out her husband set this up because she's a lazy bitch!
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