12-5-18 Housewife Natasha Flade Punished w/Bondage Sex in Pantyhose and High Heels for Blowing Money Natasha Flade spent $500 on male strippers at a bachelorette party -- and it looks like she's about to head out to the club again! Furious, Isaac confronts her, finding her in the bedroom in her skirt, stockings (pantyhose) and high heels. He listens to her totally lame arguments, then absolutely loses his shit. He grabs some rope and binds her wrists together in front. He gets her cleave gagged with a bandanna, then lays her on the floor and attaches her wrists to a leg of the dresser! He says that THIS will keep her at home tonight! He’s not finished with his outrage yet! He wife’s behavior merits some rather stern measures. One of her ankles is attached with more rope to the leg of the bed, now she’s spread out and pretty helpless on the floor. Her top comes off and Isaac fondles and gropes those beautiful naked tits of Natasha’s. Her panties are ripped off, so now she’s totally exposed and nude! So, one night she had her fun, and now Isaac is going to have a night of fun—staying IN! Wife Natasha gets the full bondage sex treatment, really fucked hard! Will she run up the charge card again on frivolous nights out? We hope so!

11-28-18 Chloe Night Duped by Personal Trainer into Being Tied Up, Gagged for Bondage Sex!! Chloe Night hired a new personal trainer. Sergio comes over, saying she’s ready for his secret, patented exercise techniques. It’s bondage! She’s a little suspicious and reluctant, but, you know, he’s the professional. He has her lie down on the bench, and spread out her hands to the supports. He ties them there, explaining how this will burn soooo many more calories per minute than the usual methods. Next, Sergio binds her feet and knees, then tethers her ankles to the bar so her sneakers are in the air. Now he gets her to burning those calories by pulling up her sweats and panties, fondling her ass and fingering her pussy. She screams and squirms. He handgags Chloe to continue his business. He decides he needs both hands, so Chloe gets cleave gagged. Now, for the real burn! Sergio drops his clothes and gives the resistant (but entirely helpless) Chloe the cock! He fucks his client hard in this bondage sex clip! Cloe feels a little used, but seriously, it was a true workout! Sergio cums on Chloe’s ass, a nice cumshot ending to a workout that got them both really hot and sweaty

11-23-18 Natasha Flade Chairtied, Groped & Topless for Bondage Blowjob! Isaac W, has Natasha Flade chairtied! She’s in shorts and a little top, barefoot, and it’s not looking good for our favorite damsel! She starts to scream when Isaac gropes her tits, so she gets handgagged. He keeps his hand over her mouth as he fondles her through her top, and then pulls that shirt up so she’s topless! Now her boobs are licked and sucked, while Natasha is still handgagged. Isaac whips out his cock and rubs it on her tits for a little titty fuck action. Now sufficiently horned up, Isaac needs to stick his hard cock into Natasha’s mouth. He promises to let her go if she does a good job on his dick. She opens up and starts sucking him off in a great chairtied bondage blowjob. Isaac cums in her mouth. Will he release her now? Or cum back for another round?

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