1-16-17 CLASSIC BONDAGE SEX VIDEO from 2010! Natasha Flade is a bondage model, and she's doing her last set with this new photographer she has never worked with. She's in her little top and panties and is told to get atop a dining room table and lay down on her belly. She's tied spread out in an "X" as her and Isaac converse. When she's pinned down to the four corners of the table, Natasha asks about the gag. "I'm going to gag you with my cock!" Isaac says and unzips his fly and presents his member. Natasha screams and Isaac handgags her and threatens to make her day miserable if she does not give him a blowjob. Helpless and left with no options, Natasha sucks Isaac off.
1-8-17 CLASSIC BONDAGE SEX VIDEO from 2010! Natasha Flade is carried in by Isaac W., already bound with her hands behind her and her pretty mouth gagged with a thick cleave gag. She's sat on a chair and her ankles are tied. Isaac gets a phone call and is told to wait with his captive. Isaac, not wanting to be bored, plays with his captive's tits, and Natasha is not liking this intrusion. This action is getting Isaac all horny. He stands her up and strips her naked. Then we cut to her tied bent over the dining room pable with her legs tied apart and Isaac plunging his dick inside of helpless Natasha. What better way to spend your time with your tied up and gagged captive!

1-2-17 CLASSIC BONDAGE SEX VIDEO from 2010! Natasha Flade has Isaac W. over to run an insurance scam. Isaac is an ex-con, but a friend of a friend recommended him for this job. So Isaac and Natasha are chatting about how this is going to go down, as Natasha is looking quite smashing in her skirt, high heels and pantyhose. Natasha tells him he has to tie her up, mess up her place, and she'll claim the losses on insurance. Her valuables have already been placed in storage, so it's an easy money grab. Isaac gets to work, tying her hands behind her, then at the ankles. He hauls her bound hands high up behind her in the strappado position and Natasha starts complaining. He comes back around, handgags her and pulls her tits out. Isaac really doesn't want a paltry cut from this job -- he wants a blowjob! After all, he'd spend that money on hookers anyway, and he has this beauty all ready to go, so why not? He forces her to kiss him, gropes her tits, then sticks his dick into her mouth for a great blowjob! Does he let her go at the end? FIND OUT!
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