11-16-17 CLASSIC BONDAGE SEX VIDEO from 2010! Chloe Night is asking boyfriend Isaac W. what he would like to do for his birthday. She even shows off ehr stockings and panties hinting that he can have whatever he wants -- it's his special day. Isaac, of course, wants to tie up beautiful Chloe. She's excited about the game and lays down on the floor as instructed. He ropes each wrist spread out to the bedposts as she giggles with delight and anticipation. Isaac slips off those cute black panties and throws them aside. He raises each leg and ties them spread to the top of the bedposts, her high heels now suspended in the air. Chloe opens her mouth to accept the thin cleave gag. And now, she's all tied-up, helpless and very available. In walks a stranger. Chloe is embarrassed to be walked in like this, but Isaac obviously knows him. He introduces Sergio, and Isaac goes on to explain that Chloe has racked up their credit card considerably, and Sergio has agreed to pay the balance...to fuck her. Chloe is suddenly in a panic. Isaac leaves Sergio to take care of business. Sergio fingers Chloe's pussy before stripping down and thrusting his throbbing cock inside the helpless Chloe! He rocks her world and gets his money's worth -- and Chloe learns a valuable financial lesson. Sergio cums on her belly for the finale and announces that that was money well spent!
11-09-17 CLASSIC BONDAGE SEX VIDEO from 2010! EPIC 16 minute bondage-sex flick! Natasha Flade is in a skirt, open toe high heels and thigh high stockings (pantyhose!). A robber had her tied Natasha to the bedpost, sitting on the floor. Natasha’s gagged with a scarf between her pretty lips. Chloe’s mad as a hornet and she aims to get what she wants from helpless Natasha — the money she owes her. Chloe finds it hilarious that Natasha is all tied up and gagged -- she's helpless and Chloe certainly intends to get something out of her! Chloe ropes up Natasha hammock-style and hikes her panties out of the way, and goes on about Natasha's beautiful pussy that she's going to take out her anger on. Chloe has a HUGE red strap-on with her and she shoves it up against Natasha’s face while she reveals her plans to fuck her with that monster sized fake cock! Chloe also mentions she might sell tickets to her guy friends -- a profitable bondage gang-bang! Natasha gets fucked hard with the strap-on by Chloe, who then leaves the helpless damsel all tied up and gagged on the floor with no way to escape!

11-03-17 CLASSIC BONDAGE SEX VIDEO from 2010! Sergio visits redhead Acidalia Sabine, sorta hurt that she spent the weekend with another dude. He goes on that they have been dating for a month and they haven't had sex yet. Acidalia says that taking her time with such things is important to her, but Sergio isn't buying it. He pulls out some rope from his pocket and begins tying Acidalia's hands crossed behind her back. At first Acidalia goes along with it, but then she realizes that Sergio's not being funny -- he means business! Once her wrists are secure, he cleave-gags that complaining mouth of hers. She's bent over the dining room table, her legs spread. Each ankle is individually bound to separate table legs. Poor Acidalia is now perfectly secure for Sergio's pleasure! He lifts her skirt and dips his fingers inti that sweet pussy. Sergio shucks his clothes and dives into Acidalia and fucks her hard! He rocks her world! You fear the table is going to break as he thrusts his cock into her so hard! He cums on her ass at the end -- great cumshot!
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