May 18-19, 2015:
Natasha Flade is watching TV, flipping through the channels with her remote control, when a burglar with a gun sneaks up behind her and handgags her! He rummages through her purse, but finds only eyedrops and a quarter. Enraged, he tells her he's going to take HER instead since she doesn't have any money. He ties her wrists in front, then gags her. He pulls her arms up and over her head, then attaches them behind the sofa. Then he strips her panties off of her and ties her legs spread wide apart -- for easy access to the pussy of course. With Natasha all bound and gagged, the robber pulls up her dress and fondles her tits and crotch. Then he lets her know he plans to screw her!
The robber strips and then gets to business! We get to see Natasha screwed against her will from many different angles -- with lots of closeups, too!  Real penetration and an orgasm to boot!

May 11, 2015:
Natasha Flade is sleeping in her little nightshirt and nothing else when someone sneaks up behind ehr and handgags her! We cut to her tied with her bare feet spread and aloft and her arms tied down. She's seriously gagged with a large stuffer and a thin scarf. Her attacker is banging her like crazy, even hanging from the bed canopy and fucking her from on high!

May 4, 2015:
Natasha Flade is TOTALLY NUDE and SPREAD standing for the pleasure of her lover, foxy Chloe Night. She gets out the strawberry jam and places dollops of it in Natasha's private places for some delicious licking action. She totally coats Natasha's pussy with it and has the bound, gagged, naked Natasha moaning with pleasure!

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