2-19-17 CLASSIC BONDAGE SEX VIDEO from 2010! Natasha Flade is visting her best friend and her husband who live out-of-state. She's sleeing in the guest bedroom in her nightie when her friend's husband, Isaac, slips in wearing his robe. He wakes her, and says he noticed she was flirting with him over dinner and he's here to fulfil her desires. Natasha tells him that is complete nonsense and to leave her alone. Isaac persists, and when Natasha gets loud he gets on top of her, handgags her and gets threatening. Now seeing that she won't be as cooperative as he had hoped, Isaac pulls out some rope. He ties her hands in front of her and attaches them to the headboard. Then he gags her with his thick robe sash! Each of her legs is tied apart to the footboard posts. Her bare feet are on display now! Now that Natasha is tightly and perfectly secured and gagged, Isaac drops the robe and angles his hard dick into her pussy. Isaac has his way with his wife's bestie -- something he has always dreamed about!
2-13-17 CLASSIC BONDAGE SEX VIDEO from 2010! This bondage sex video begins with Natasha Flade already bound to a chair, her wrists tied behind her and hauled up to the star railing, strappado-style. Natasha is in a little skirt, a tiny top and wedge heels. Her beautiful legs are bare. Isaac stands over her, pulling out his dick and demanding a blowjob. Natasha is whines, but she parts those lovely lips to accept the cock. She sucks Isaac's member since she has no choice in the matter. He pulls down her top so he can fondle her tits while he's getting head, getting him extra hard. Natasha gives his cock good lovin', and Isaac shoots his load into her mouth. But the video does not end there! Isaac puts his satisfied schlong away and grabs a knotted bandanna and cleave-gags Natasha with it! She's left alone for the rest of the video, struggling in her bondage!

2-6-17 CLASSIC BONDAGE SEX VIDEO from 2010! Natasha Flade hired a guy to put her new bedroom furniture together. She's in her cute yellow sundress and matching high heels. Natasha began complaining, thinking he's taking too long, and then she threatens to not pay. The guy gets mad at this bitch bitching at him constantly and he jumps her -- on the brand new bed! He ropes her hands in front of her, stuffs her mouth with a huge white cloth and wraps it in tightly with an ace bandage. She's seriously gagged! Natasha's panties are stripped from her. He ties her feet together and hoists them to dangle suspended from the top of the new bed's canopy. And now, he wants to see how well this new bed is for fucking. The contractor strips down and thrusts his throbbing cock inside helpless Natasha! He may not be getting paid, but he made sure that he got laid!
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